Thursday 29 April 2010

Get Inked-Up!

Before I found this site I was good friends with founding memeber of Hardcore Tattooed Gay Men and it's founder Johnny Kastelic of 13 Roses Tattoo Atlanta, whom is also the shop owner. Yet Johnny abandoned the site leaving loads of guys whom appreciated tattoo art and all gay men into body modification with a large void and in a lurch. What does a guy do. Well fear Not cause Anoki of Inked-Up has filled that gap with a site that is both a large community of men and a place to reconnect with like minded people. It features Solid Tattoo Artists and nice guys Stevie Moon in Florida, and Dave Davenport of Marginalized Tattoo. Although I never physically met these men. I have a great amount of respect for these guys and what they do, as we are a small number of men whom just happen to be gay, tattooing in a large pool dominated by men whom can tend to be part of the boys club. No, that's not a new happening gay bar either.

It do you some good to get some photo's up and make a profile it's quick, fast and easy and most importantly FREE!

Here is what you can find. Enjoy!

Tattoo Artist Stevie Moon In Fort Lauderdale below and his work

Marcus, whom I have had the good pleasure of tattooing and came across him here on the site.

A member's Tribal profile picture

Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Dave Davenport below and his work

Frank Shutte Ford, an exboyfriend I used to date in Los Angeles whom I came across on the site.

A Member's tattoo work

Buddy Noel whom I have known on the scene here in London for years now.

And then there is new work by me..

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Tim said...

Awesome work!