Saturday, 29 November 2008

Blog it long, blog it clean, blog it good like afro sheen!

Here is my decree.  Normally most people whom I know of blog about their mundane bullshit droll lives rather than on things that are truly interesting.  I could fucking care less about reading about how some dip gets bent out of shape by being cut off on the road by some hot guy!  Fuck that!  Is that all they can truly contribute to, bitching about their supposed ideal self in hopes that someone thinks that is important.  Me.  No the case.  So here's the deal.  I will give my opinion  on things that matter to me.  Sex, Art, Tattoos, Culture and Books.  I plan to critique porn, other artist work.  Writers and other free thinkers whom I feel should be heard and maybe spread the word onto whom ever wants to know.  What this blogging doesn't need is some asshole's droll, banging on  about crap that really doesn't matter to most people in the first place.   So here are my Rules!
1.) Try to observe things that are culturally interesting!  
2.) Critique works of other artists, both good and bad.
     May piss off a few "artists", but who fucking cares as my work has been slagged off by a few.
3.) Not bore you or me with bullshit!
4.) Piss off a few uppity gay guys whom think their sanctimonious posing is for the good of              everyone else.
5.) Review things that I think most off bent readers would find cool.  Porn. Style Guru,Music,          Book, even places of interest.

So there you have it.  My creedo indeedo!  As I am always working and still cooking up some hair brained scheme I have my work cut out for me.  So I need to put up or shut the fuck up!  

Henry Hate
     Sexual Terrorist.