Friday, 21 October 2011

The perfect Halloween Costume for tattooed People!

If you ever wanted to see what Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy aka Tranny Caca's only real street cred, you should check out his video. When I worked as a makeup artist The stuff was like spackle for builders and worked amazingly well. Drag queens swear by it. I am not trying to hock the product, but I thought the video was pretty cool. I do not care for the music though. I am starting to believe that our very own rob here has created something of his own 'Blue Steel' look. Enjoy.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Touching Base

Alot has gone on in the last couple of weeks and haveen been busy with all sorts of things. First I have been keeping my nose to the grind stone. and decided to seperate myslef forom a certain individual who is a rather half empty moaning Myrtle and emotional vortex. In truth I am very happy they are gone. A tattoo artist quit without giving a proper reason for them leaving other than they are not happy. Ok. Bye. Concerts and plays and trying to catch up on sleep and Bren's birthday was last week and had a rather successful soire. So it's not as if I have been ignoring anything I have been just keeping busy. At the moment Bren is also tending to our cat whom was hit by a car. So there are many plates to spin.

I am gearing up for a trip to Melbourne Australia to visit some friends and go to a wedding which hopefuly should be fun and then starts the holiday season. As this year has been a busy and very hard one, I am glad I have gone through it. Thrusday we went to see Margaret Cho do a few numbers from her stint at the Finge in Edinburgh Fest and the Album Cho dependent. She has a knack for having gay comics open for her that are NOT FUNNY! She was witty brash and in and I enjoyed myself. I am happy that she is able to broaden her fan spectrem from the show Drop Dead Diva. Yet I do feel she has treaded on this familiar ground time and time again. and she made the mistake of thinking gay marriage in the UK is not acceptable.

I laughed and enjoyed the show but i was starting to think there is only so far one can laugh at pussy and gay jokes where she then starts to parody her own mother by the double standard of accepted racism. I don't think it's right that she states racism but then falls on to the cheap stunt of stereotypifying her own mother. Honestly she hasn't covered any new ground from her repetoire and it sounds like a bashing, yet I I would love for her to really push the envelope than play it safe to to the gays. At the time she was quit a breath of fresh air and still think she is on it when she is sharp and witty. Other times I think she relies on the standard for the label gay audience.

She revealed that she got knocked up from one of the members of Siouxsie and The Banshees, and had to get an abortion which was an eye opener. If she

Maybe it's age speaking but that type of humour i loose interest in quit quickly. And she should find a really funny gay comic.