Wednesday, 23 December 2009

To Review!

I will be the first to say that I have had a few knocks this year. Curve balls thrown in from the left at the first inning, that is this year 2009. An annus horrriblis A week long hospital visit. A certain tabloid and two dim witted fuckers thinking this would stop me and my shop. Strangers coming up to me. My partners mother's passing, while bureaucracy left me tied to the English land side. The developing of Repetitive Hand Strain, TMJ STress and many sessions with an acupuncturist and message therapist, made my body feel like on old chesterfield sofa low on stuffing. The dismissal of two employees and frequent visits to hospitals to visit sick friends, either kicked out of rehab or run over by utility trucks. The breakdown of a friendship, that was a really close friend at one point. My mother having a stroke and slightly altering her memory, this was heart breaking for me. To hear her voice, frail collected and happy but thinking she is 21 and I am just a baby. The big finnish was some moron thinking he was vengeance himself and showing up after a year claiming all kinds of nonsense. It was like being harrassed by Courtney Love, only more annoying at 2:00am by text message.

Despite all these things I am oddly optimistic, and looking forward to the closing of 2009, would I change any of it? Not one bit. Put it this way this year has been anything but boring. Still I have a smile on my face, and have learned a lot through this year about myself and the world I live in. There have been some really great things that have happened as well, yet I have learned to roll with it, and carry on. Rather than whinge and moan I simply went on with whatever I was doing. So I took pictures of things that brought me joy during this year and made me feel quite happy. Because of this I thought I would share them with you. For one i will never play or be the victim. I find it more comforting to still be aware of your surroundings and simply enjoy the life you have good and bad. I am at a place in my life that I have what I truly want, and I know some are not. Even though I am thankful and that feels pretty fucking good.

David and Alessandro at the Brighton Tattoo Convention setting up.

Snow storm in London fucking two extra days off fucking rad! London virtually closed down.

Joleene playing in the snow! It really is the small things that make life worth living.

Segan and I drunk at the basement of Trish's in Soho.

Pooch and I asleep.

Cesar over at Our Viv of Westwood, really digging this tattoo I did on him

Chips In Brighton at 3:00am

Artwork all over the streets of Brighton on a short break.

Making Momma Pretty! Yeah Baby!

Ok I think it's pretty cool to let your nephew or kid brother or sister dress you for an afternoon, but trying to palm it off as Shoreditch/Hoxton style is fucking stupid, I mean come on?

See what I mean?


Love walking through China Town to my favorite bakery.

Whats Up, Big Perm, I mean Big Worm? Classic!

Bartender at Resistance Gallery when I was showing some masks.

Never afraid of a little tit action!

My former apprentice David, at London Tattoo Convention

Future Client!

I totally love these tiles although I don't know why they have them in Hyde Park, but the make me adraid to sit on the toilet. They trying to tell me something?

Fuck Yeah The Jesus Lizard at ATP!

In Pigalle, Paris oui!

Me and the gals at The Brickies.

Yeah I know it's the fucking Eiffel Tower not mother fucking Watts Tower as my friend said.

Saw this poster in Paris and liked the mouth for some odd reason.

Seeing the Michael Clark Company at the barbican.

I call this shot Tippi Hedren

London really is the fashion capitol of the world at times.

Drunk girls in Paris.

Bren's birthday cake for me on my 41st birthday, he rules.

I like taking study photo's of clients sometimes they make really cool portraits.

He makes it all go away, in our hotel room in Paris.

The Tate Modern and a recreation of Keith Haring's Pop Shop!

Shopping At POW for their Fiesta Resistance Show.

Joleene in the morning!

riding the circle line

Lesbian Chic

Came across this walking the dog.

Watching Devo, and have to say they impressed me!


Doncaster Tattoo Convention Prick Booth!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Why Do They Do This?

I never saw the film Factory Girl as I was a rabid Andy Warhol buff and kneeled at the church that is Edie Sedgwick. When Lou Reed said it was basically a piece of shit I had to concur. Why argue with Lou Reed, made sense to me. So I find myself at the road of uncertainty with the new Runaways bio flick. Ok, one: todays kids don't listen to The Runaways or know who Cherie Currie is. Secondly: I have a problem with Dakota Fanning, as most films I have seen her in shown on cable suck Rhinoceros dicks. Sacrilege. I love Joan Jett but make with the rug munch and lets get the show on the road. I love the Runaways and seeing that Lita Ford, Jackie Fox, nor Mikki Steel the original line up were not involved, and the bassist in the film is a fictionalised version, that is it for me. To be fair I love most of Floria Sigismondi's video and photographic work, but I am still unsure.

I would say watch The Mayor Of Sunset Strip to get a better idea and read Cherie Currie's book Neon Angel. Michael Steel didn't really want to be part of the slutty jail bait ideology, so she split. I would only be interested how they make Kim Fowley look, as there are tall tales in many a tome about this man. So in ode to this great band I will play my favourite song Dead End Justice. If you want to know what is going on with Cherie Currie, well she made Foxes opposite Jodie Foster and morphed into a Chainsaw Chick .

Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Real Tranny Lady Caca

I howled with laughter when I saw this and thought this should have been the official video for tranny lady caca gaga. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Get into the spirit of things and watch these movies. All though I really don't believe in Jesus I found this film three years ago and loved it. I can't wait for the third instalment of the Zeitgeist film.


I haven't written to you in a long, long, long, long time. Well, I have been busy as I am sure you have too. That's cool but, I thought that I would write to you and see how things were with you and maybe then ask for something. I hope you and Mrs. Clause are good and your rocking the casbah like you know you should from time to time. Watch those processed foods, it will be the death of you. Yes, I know that you receive a barrage of letters for people asking you for stuff. I have tried to be good and yes there are those days when I am just plain naughty and pretty damn good at it too. But I am not asking for anything material or even remotely expensive. You see cause I forget about you and the world we live in my daily pursuits. So please forgive me. I am still not sure you exist, like the Easter Bunny, Latoya Jackson's face or even Lindsay Lohan's sobriety. So I thought I would give this a try and see if it sticks.

I don't want anything that I haven't got already or can get myself. But there seems to be a shift in the world and hope that it can be a good one. I know you can't end wars, or stop world famine or bullshit music shows that create people like Madame Lambert. But I hope you can do this for me, or help assist me a little more. So I am going to sound like a dimwit and here it goes:

Dear Santa:

My Name is Henry Hate, yes that's my name don't wear it out. I am writing to you to see if you can help me. I would like to ask for a few things. I don't want a shiny new bike, cause I have one. So you can tell your elves to rest on that one. I would like on of my partners Christmas wishes to come true. See he is a lovely man and much better at being good than me. I love him very much and hope that you kept his letters when he was a kid. He works hard and does an awful lot and because he has given me all I wanted, I hope that you can help this come true. Just one thing on his list from when he was a kid. Maybe, just for a day like peace in the world. You get the juist don't you?

Me: I am good. Well I would like my TMJ and earache to go away and a goodnight's sleep for a year. To wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed would be a nice change. I would like the ability to listen more to my partner, cause my ADD sucks. I multi task like a motherfucker, and sometimes he gets brushed off in a way he doesn't deserve and I feel bad about that sometimes. But that is going to take some control and action on my part, and I am working on it. I know you wont save the planet cause it's not the planets fault for the way it is at the moment. Maybe London will be come a tropical Isle which would be cool and I could roll with that, but that's anyones guess. Mostly I just want some time off with my partner and a good day and hopefully my dog will pass out like she does every year from eating to much christmas scraps. That would make Joleene very happy. She is a good dog, and I love her just as much as I love Bren. So the things I am asking for don't really cost any money or major time on your part. But the wish for Bren would mean the world to me, cause I know it would make him happy. Yes I know I was all me, me,me ,me in my last letter to you. But I am no longer that snotty little brat of years gone by. I have a man from Ireland and a dog from a a rescue home that rescued me. So that's really all I want is something that is going to make them happy. Well I have to go now, but I hape you rest well and don't go crazy on the egg nog. I once made an ass out of my self after molesting the punch bowl at a friends Christmas Company do and the egg nog was to blame. But you seem like the kinda guy whom could hold his own liquor. Anyways. Thanks for listening and mucho props. Can I say one more thing, this Naughty or Nice Stuff is so over rated, give those kids an break they have to be good at something. But maybe you already know that. Take care


Oh and Before I forget Merry Christmas.

Tattoo Of The Moment!

Here is a little diddy I did yesterday on a Sean a cool kid from Ireland. I love this stuff and it sits nicely on his chest without being overbearing. This is based on Jan from Frances Your Meat Is Mine whom is a favorite tattoo artist of mine Hope you like.

James is a cool client that I have had the privilege of tattooing before and doing a sleeve a few years back. We are working on a side panel on his torso, and he wanted it old school and was pretty happy with whatever I came up with. I like James cause he's cool, reserved and great to talk to. A killer client. Here is the work in Prog rock.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Buying Art!

I am a patron of the arts. I and my partner are memebrs of The Tate Modern. Fucking smell me. When it comes to choosing art I try and pick stuff I like and know will increase in value. One Factor is where the hell am I going to place it. Recently I made a trip down to POW for the annual show Fiesta Resistance before Christmas. So armeed with my Dreadit card I made way to East London. Running through the works I gazed, scoped and studied what I liked and what I thought was in my mind shit. Being the art snob in some sense I was armed and dangerous . I bought two pieces: the first New York artist Bast's "Mickey Revoluiton In Gold" in which I had to quit literally poke a japanese guy in the fucking eye to get my stake. Shit! Don't crowd my ass when I am shopping for art. It becomes a blood sport to me and I am likely to cut a bitch if you get in my way. You have been warned.

and London's own Penny "Cops And Robbins" which I thought was really cool. As the last time I made a trip to Santa's Ghetto I purchased Paul Insect's Sid from his dead rebels series. That was a great investment. What i love about this place is that virtually anyone can but art regardless of their economic standing through Arts Council England. Yet I bought this with my own hard earned cash. A wealthy couple were in the gallery arguing over ther purchase of a Paul Insect piece that was going for £10,000. A little more out of my league at the moment. Make sure you love the piece, and if your investing make sure it's a low registred number in the editions. Make sure it's water marked and signed, otherwise your may dind your stuck with a lemon or a forgery. Recently a couple were found guilty of forging Banksy works. At the same time I do love knowing that what I buy can only increase in value over time. Bren Is a fan of Paul Insect so I may suprise him with the Pinochio piece. please let them be there. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

To The Hippies And The Cheap Seats In The Back Row!

Everyday leaving Liverpool Street Station I am always besieged by a plethora of do-gooders, armed with a clip board asking me for money on certain causes. As In theror and on paper it sounds wonderful, but practicality is anouther thing. Sure I give when I think it will make a difference. For instance I bought a homeless an dinner once and spoke with him about his life. That was kool. and gave him another f, to eat something later or spend it on whatever. He actually showed gratitude. Cause I spoke to him like any other person. regardless of my hot head temperment I care. Yet I do not bebelieve such thing like saving the planet and abolishing world poverty will make any difference. Why? Because "Man" has mandated certain aspects of the industrial age that is much harder to undue, and afraid that it's to late. Corporations and Progress are the the devils bitches. In order to have true equality in life across the board we would have to regovern, rethink and restructure. I hate to say it but people don't like change. When change comes along, people panic.

There is enough chaos in the world and yes, i creat a bit myself. Still. There are people whom just don't believe in fairness and equality. It wasn't till I went to Holland and saw how people lived that I understood the common good of community. So I dug this up up only further make my point. don't get me wrong, I recycle and try to do my part, But giving money to a organization that will only suck up my contribution in administration costs and wages, doesn't change my mind one bit. If you want to make a difference smile at some one at least during the day. I actually think the human race is abit shit, and kinda sucks. That doesn't mean I don't believe there is any good in the world, there is. I see it in my partner and my dog on a daily basis. As long as there are fucking shitbags whom believe, "he whom has the most gold makes the laws" may be true to some degree, yet I also believe that they also stand the chance of being beheaded like in the good old days. You remember when Mob mentality didn't mean raping and pillaging a community but fucking the shit out of The King and his Castle. If only this was still in effect now, I have a gut feeleing that the lynching/beheadeing of George W. Bush and Dick Chenney would make recorde sales on cable pay per view. Profit can have an ugly agenda when in the hands of someone who seeks it out for a different reason. Thats why I think this man George Carlin was a genius.

Friday, 4 December 2009

It's Not Just Noise.

Thinking about my post yesterday when I hear Sunday By Sonic Youth, I was explaining the magic that are Sonic Youth to my Partner while making out with him, we had been seeing each other for about 2 1/2 months but in the middle of the white noise three magic words were spoken. So seeing how Sunday it seems fitting, I always love this song more. Meeting Kim and telling her that that song was quit special to me, she found that interesting. The comedy is when I play Nirvana's cover by SY Moist Vagina, Bren's migraine kicks in and it's hands to head. He agree's with Juno it's just noise, but to me it so much more.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Well Said And Couldn't Have Said It Better.

Jeniffer Lopez, Britany Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Donald Trump Angelina Jolie take note. On November 20th 2008 I became the legal partner to on Brendan Bernard Aloysios McCann over on King's Road Brydon Room Chelsea Old Town Hall, where many a rock star had their ceremony. After 7 years together I am still madly deeply truly in love with him, although I might annoy the shit out of him from time to time. I know hand over heart he does love me for me. My heart and love is his forever. Although he jokes about me being the wife, Pooch is my second wife. And it's a shame that governments in America still find the word marriage a sacred trust. It wasn't till I saw this speech spoken by NY Senator Diane Savino that she made a clear concise point, that hit the nail on the head. Home girl should get a bigger office. I believe it's not just people whom pledge their love so often that they forget the words for better or worse. Most mean till something better comes along, or till I Quit This Bitch! Good relationships are hard and difficult, bad relationships are easy to get. Simply look at the divorce rate. That being said I have my parents to thank, because they are still together and I know witnessing first hand, their relationship in close quarters. Good and bad through the years there is actual love. So when honest with my partner as scary as it seems sometimes I know I will be honest with him always. Yet, I vow to make him laugh and try my dammedest to make him happy. For the most part any way. So to celebrate our one year together as a betrothed couple we went to Paris to celebrate. In the seven years me and my partner have been together there have been alot of laughter, tears and hope for the future. I love the man with all my heart. Above is my favorite photo taken on the day we got hitched taken In Holland Park 3 hours before. So if your reading this Bren, I love you still, always and forever. Perhaps one day America will catch up with the rest of the free thinking civilised world.