Sunday, 6 December 2009

Buying Art!

I am a patron of the arts. I and my partner are memebrs of The Tate Modern. Fucking smell me. When it comes to choosing art I try and pick stuff I like and know will increase in value. One Factor is where the hell am I going to place it. Recently I made a trip down to POW for the annual show Fiesta Resistance before Christmas. So armeed with my Dreadit card I made way to East London. Running through the works I gazed, scoped and studied what I liked and what I thought was in my mind shit. Being the art snob in some sense I was armed and dangerous . I bought two pieces: the first New York artist Bast's "Mickey Revoluiton In Gold" in which I had to quit literally poke a japanese guy in the fucking eye to get my stake. Shit! Don't crowd my ass when I am shopping for art. It becomes a blood sport to me and I am likely to cut a bitch if you get in my way. You have been warned.

and London's own Penny "Cops And Robbins" which I thought was really cool. As the last time I made a trip to Santa's Ghetto I purchased Paul Insect's Sid from his dead rebels series. That was a great investment. What i love about this place is that virtually anyone can but art regardless of their economic standing through Arts Council England. Yet I bought this with my own hard earned cash. A wealthy couple were in the gallery arguing over ther purchase of a Paul Insect piece that was going for £10,000. A little more out of my league at the moment. Make sure you love the piece, and if your investing make sure it's a low registred number in the editions. Make sure it's water marked and signed, otherwise your may dind your stuck with a lemon or a forgery. Recently a couple were found guilty of forging Banksy works. At the same time I do love knowing that what I buy can only increase in value over time. Bren Is a fan of Paul Insect so I may suprise him with the Pinochio piece. please let them be there. Fingers crossed.

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