Friday, 30 April 2010

Love This Woman!

What happens when you take the amazing Polly Jean Harvey's "Maniac" and on fantastical Jean Genet's Un Chant D'Amour filmed in 1950. Pure genius that what. If you would like to see Jean Genet's film in it's actual entirety simply click here.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell... The Fuck !

When I was in the military and served time in the U.S. Army, I was just a young buck and whip smart whipper snapper. Cocky as hell and really naive, as most kids that age are. I was served plenty of cock meat sandwiches served with a big bowl of dicks and balls, both of the enlisted and officer variety. Now this was a dish that was served up cold, hot, steaming, at any time of day as long as I was a willing and some time reluctant participant. Second servings were always a pleasure, but this was a dish never actually served at the local mess hall during chow time. FYI, Officers were always really shit in bed, to damn rigid. Grunts (enlisted) were just better in bed, and if I may say so HOTTER. WORD!

So looking at this video doesn't surprise me that a bunch of guys gathered to pay homage to Tranny Caca while holed up in Afghanistan. When you tend to be holed up with the same sex for long durations of time, it is proven that most men will partner up with their buddy. If memory serves me correct in my experience this normally meant about a case of beer served with the token, "I'm so drunk" comment as they lay in the bunk next to you. Shaken not stirred and a big fat boner at full mast. Do I have fond memories of my time in the Army? Absofuckinglutely! But I always preferred Marines over Army grunts, hurt so good and NASTY! Ahh memories, takes me back. I used to have a fuck buddy whom was kicked out of the military, when he stupidly decided to blow his straight roommate while passed out drunk. The guy came to when he awoke to suddenly a 6'3 Arkansas soldier chomping on his huge dick to the point of climax! My buddy swallowed. When I asked him about the incident, his only reply was in his husky southern drawl,"SWEET". Touche! When looking at this video this can go down as scientific fact that most straight white males don't have the best rythme. Come to think of it neither does that brother featured as rapping Beyonce, what the fuck?

Get Inked-Up!

Before I found this site I was good friends with founding memeber of Hardcore Tattooed Gay Men and it's founder Johnny Kastelic of 13 Roses Tattoo Atlanta, whom is also the shop owner. Yet Johnny abandoned the site leaving loads of guys whom appreciated tattoo art and all gay men into body modification with a large void and in a lurch. What does a guy do. Well fear Not cause Anoki of Inked-Up has filled that gap with a site that is both a large community of men and a place to reconnect with like minded people. It features Solid Tattoo Artists and nice guys Stevie Moon in Florida, and Dave Davenport of Marginalized Tattoo. Although I never physically met these men. I have a great amount of respect for these guys and what they do, as we are a small number of men whom just happen to be gay, tattooing in a large pool dominated by men whom can tend to be part of the boys club. No, that's not a new happening gay bar either.

It do you some good to get some photo's up and make a profile it's quick, fast and easy and most importantly FREE!

Here is what you can find. Enjoy!

Tattoo Artist Stevie Moon In Fort Lauderdale below and his work

Marcus, whom I have had the good pleasure of tattooing and came across him here on the site.

A member's Tribal profile picture

Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Dave Davenport below and his work

Frank Shutte Ford, an exboyfriend I used to date in Los Angeles whom I came across on the site.

A Member's tattoo work

Buddy Noel whom I have known on the scene here in London for years now.

And then there is new work by me..

This One Goes Out To The Ginger's In The Back Row!

OK, I am not a big fan of M.I.A.'s music and I sort of get it and all but it leaves me a little limp and when I saw this I had virtually stepped off the plane and back in my home of London town. So I was pretty impressed by this little diddy, cause it had bite. Secondly it had red heads. Triple letter score. When I saw this video I thought it was clever in that there is a huge brouhaha over the new Arizona Immigration State law SB1070 Meaning that police don't need to consider certain aspects of a suspect as long as they (the Po po) have probable cause, or reasonable suspicion to stop a suspect and ask them for proper valid identification and documentation. Since when did Arizona turn into a Orwellian Utopian Nightmare. Fuck me! Being that this law is pretty favourable with the majority of Arizona voter, despite the fact that the difference between the Lower and Upper Class's is staggering. Arizona holds the 11th highest poverty in the U.S. which also affects the early settling Native Americans as well. Yet with M.I.A.'s politcal stand points I can respect it and understand her viewpoint in what she was try to say. Yet you will have to judge for your self.

So with this little opus that M.I.A. has put out has been shrouded in a bit of controversy in regards to the volume of violence on display in this video. Some claim it oversteps lines. What I find strange is that there seemed to be a prejudice against the red haired three fold in this video, when ironically the red hair gene pool is under threat and being phased out to extinction. I wish it wasn't so as I find most of them really really sexy for some odd reason. I even dated a few myself. So this goes out to my Ginger guys.. Keep your head up and be proud!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Can Yo Ever Really Go Home?

They say that home is where the heart is, and I grew up a snot nosed dyed in the wool brat in southern California. Orange County to be exact. Moved to Hollywood in my youth and then left. Sure I have travelled a fair amount, but at 42 my mother was struck with a stroke and all was not well. So it had been 12 years in passing since I went to actually return to the family home. I wasn't raised in that house so it was a bit foreign to me. I have always had issues with my family as I left when I was old enough to get the fuck out. I returned as a man and their were a few bumps, my parents were much older and I couldn't speak to them like i did when I was younger, otherwise it would appear as if I am just bullying old people. Yet if you want to know if I love my family? Yes I do very much so. I used to wish that I could put them up for adoption, or have myself run away and join the circus. Become a vagrant, waif and stray living on the road and learning the hard knocks. Jesus, I think I read to much Bukowski and S. Thompson. Well things are different know, but I have had a few hard knocks.

Seeing my mom and dad cope was tough and allowed me to see them as just people. I wished that it was easier on them as they are trying to rectify my mothers current situation. So I did what any good son would do and try and help without the meddling and intrusion. I tried to listen and hear them out. Leaving was extremely hard as my mom's memory is not what it was. Fears were raised and having to contend with this without any briefing was tough. We are always dealt a bad hand and sometimes we just need to make due with what we have been dealt. Hearing old stories from my parents made me that much closer to them and being that I was older I could understand why they did what they did. More importantly I have their snide sense of humour which I am forever grateful for.

This trip was about reconnecting for me, with old friends and making some new ones. Talking with ex's and seeing them and just communicating and hearing what they have been up to was nice. Firends having babies, planning for babies, and me missing my baby and my partner Bren. Whom couldn't make this trip for work. LA is a different place to me know, I love to visit but would not want to live there anymore. I have loads of great and fun memories there and would never change them for the world. Home is where the heart is and my family and friends will always have a piece of my heart.

Boss Hogg

Being the boss is hard, and sometimes it completely sucks ass. I say this cause, I have to deal with other people. Hear me out, when left alone to my own devices I am able to run free and do things in the order I am capable of doing. No glitches, no set backs, no having to explain a simple task, and trying to figure out the complexities of someone else's train of thought. When your the boss you will never be the good guy, the friend, or even the person in the winners circle. Your alone, and trying to encourage people to do things is sometimes a chore, a task and an uphill battle. So I suppose that is why I have a extra hard exterior when it comes to business. Business is first and I am married to my shop/ although I am committed to my partner I am committed to my shop. I do bust my ass in every sense of the word and really try and make things fly.

Today I woke up thinking about work. They say that the average man thinks about sex once every 10 seconds, but a business owner thinks about money every 8 seconds. I lay out simple things to ensure structure and some form of order. Break the rules and you have the reasons for your dismissal. It's that easy nothing personal, it's simply business. I don't seek to be right or even sit in the winners circle, yet there are times where I think I should just down size work alone, step back pull away and cash in. Common sense in todays work force is really missing a main component. I swear I could rip my fucking hair out if I had any. So protection is needed amongst things I purchase, things I have acquired, and the things I hold dear. It's frustrating to see things destroyed, ruined and just recklessly cared for when I paid for them, and then asked to use my shit.

I never ask the staff to use their things, their books, thier inks, etc etc. I invested in my own items to make my work easier for me. ME! God forbid they do their own investing in their own. Today's tattooist has this sense of entitlement. Kinda like going to see a spoiled kid who hasn't paid their due's sweet 16 birthday party. No discipline or structure. It's a hard road out their and the more a tattooist works, he should always consider his tools. I ask, I bargain, complain, I bitch, I moan and ask and plea, still sometimes it just isn't enough for them to fucking do what they should be doing in general. Today, this shit stops. Enough, please. am I difficult to work with? Hell YES AT TIMES I FUCKING AM. Cause I can be no day at the beach. Hand over heart I have given in equal measure. I have been accused and called a "Cunt" a couple of times, there was one "Slave driver". A few "assholes" have been tagged to my lapel, and a "fucking dick", there was that one" twofaced himey hypocritcal bastard" in 2003 when one guy found out he was fired. Sure at times and I let it roll. I don;t take it personally only business, comes with the territory. On the flip of that coin, I have treated to staff on a day out to Thorpe Park, bought birthday cakes, pizza, cards and given christmas bonuses, and even flowers for staff as a way to show gratitude and more importantly my appreciation. I don't expect anything other than them to understand my point fairly. The guys are god guys, finding a balance is in communication. Yet i know where I stand. Am I a fan of todays tattooists? The truth is a resounding NO! They all tattoo the same and flock like fucking sheep. So when a new one shows up I don't hold my breath! That is the truth. I suppose I am a dinosaur sticking to his rusty guns. Today is another day another dollar, and an uphill struggle. BUt I can say this, I will always love a challenge.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Pussy Eating Tutorial For The Single Guy!

I have gone down a a few girls in my time and I have to say, although I played in the minors I never went pro. The chicks just never did it for me. Yet I know most women would rather have a guy go down on her than be porked like a christmas roast. IT's funny to see the great divide of men whom like to eat pussy and those whom would rather skip the trip to the sushi bar.

If you look at this guy can you imagine those date rape eyes leering at you over a perfectly trimmed or full bush. Rohyphinol eyes. But with a fucking beak the size of a pelican it's hard not to think that this dude would probably fuck you with his honking nose. I mean jesus some people get so hot for total nasal penetration.... Would I hit it? Well if it were like in a dank dark alley and like 3 am and it was last call. Desperate sex is always good for catholic guilt.

The Skies Dim Brighter For Malcom Mclaren

When I was young I discovered punk in 1980 and thanks to my cousin john whom was much, much older than me was a help in ushering in my new taste in music and taste in clothes. London seemed like a strange mystical place where styles was graced on the sidewalks and that at the time all my most cherished music came from England. The man behind the helm was one Malcolm Mclaren.
Like Andy Warhol his cerebral mind was to merge music, clothing and art. Partnered with our Dame Of Vivienne Westwood they took on the high streets and the seven seas declaring a revolution. Malcolm had his hand in many things and bands, He took it all on, with me like a duck to water I was a devoted disciple. Malcolm is no longer here but I am happy to say that his music and his intelligence were a gift to the world.
Regardless of his controversies his life was rich in history and vibrance. He will be missed, but his artistry and genius will forever be remembered. Along with Vivienne made a breeding ground hub for like minded kids whom were looking for something dangerous and fun. I was lucky enough to see Malcolm Mclaren in 1989 with Bootsy Collins at the Hollywood Palladium. So I hope you enjoy this small little collective in honour of him.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Out And About!

I know a few gay tattoo artists. Not many but a few, we are a small bunch compared to the fellow artists whom are mostly male and of course straight. When I took to tattooing I heard on name many times and was taken by the stories I had heard about a certain tattoo artist who to me was legendary. Cliff Raven was a gay man whom worked in tattooing and was extremely successful in doing so. Old School and his work was impressive, that it sparked me to go further. When I was younger I looked to influences of Touko Laaksonen aka Tom Of Finland in my early career that shaped me. Yet Cliff inspired me to become well, infamous. The guys whom trained me and schooled me in the art of tattooing were vital to my flourishing in my direction. Yet Cliff was someone I never met and had always heard of.

To hear folklore of certain tattoo artists was always entertaining and was certain to give good story. Yet Cliff was an enigma and mystical being that I desperately wanted to me and pick his brain. One guy whom knew Cliff and had several tattoos by him commented that he might like me, I liked that he used artist Rex to promote his tattoo shop and it was upon seeing this advertisement at the Tom Of Finland Foundation that I understood Cliff's branding and marketability. He was vital to the promotion and evolution of tattooing. Yet we would never meet. Cliff had semi retired ten years before I would pick up a tattoo machine myself. I have to hand it to Mr Raven along with the guys over at Funny Farm Tattoo. Bob, Jamie, Marc and Luis all encouraged me to simply be myself and be as good as I can be. Still I am nowhere near where I want to be with my work. Yet, I will get there. Wait and see.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Cycling My Agression

Traveling through London can be a pain on the tube, and traffic is so slow in the town that it moves at a snail pace some times. Yet armed with my Iphone I make way into the vast city and make the ritual that is my journey from Notting Hill to Shorditch, and a simple play list that makes my travel on my bike that much more enjoyable. Heres a sample that gets my ass moving to top speed.

Babes In Toyland: Bruise Violet

Nashville Pussy: Fried Chicken & Coffee

Supersuckers: Born With A Tail

Lucero- My Best Girl

The XX- Basic Space

A Artist Should Never Apologise

I find one thing that really grinds my ass, it's when someone does something that and then questions their actions and apologises for something the feel pressured into doing. This is not to be confused with making a mistake and claiming accountability for those actions. That my fair weathered friend is a whole different ball park. What with people screaming "oh won't someone think of the children"! People are still in a tizzy about the whole Badu clip and I am actually glad she has not regretted the action and made no apology for it. Despite that one ill tempered harpy, Ida Espinosa 32 is most likely suffering from toxic child bearing hips syndrome and a bad case of cankles. Ok people let us remember that Texas is the place where they vilified the Dixie Chicks and the breeding ground of one former shitty American President.

Being that this was originally based on Matt & Kim's Lessons Learned video from the Grand album. Badu gave credit where credit was due. Yet Matt & Kim's video got nothing like the shit storm in a tea cup that Erykah did. I like both songs and in place of Dealey Plaza, we find pretty much a different reaction to Matt & Kim when the Po Po come and piss on the parade. New Yorkers are so much more desensitised than shrill uptight Texans. Hell yeah I said it, some Texans are to uptight. I mean Texas has some cool people and the media has a story to tell and I am sure Ms, Badu has bigger shit to worry about than some silly $500 ticket. So get over it, why is it so bad to look at a naked person and tell your children that a nude body is bad, yet taking them to a public place where someone was slain is so much more acceptable for a vacation hot spot? This is would really like to know. I have fucked up and made some bad judgements in the past but they are mine, and mine alone. Yet when someone asks for a apology for my work, I tell them screw you. You ain't nailed to nothing and you don't have to look at it. It's not like I am standing out side with some pornographic images hoping to lure kids. That is just fucking dumb. Besides I think adults don;t give kids the credit they are due. They are far more clued up on things than most people give them credit for.

So there I said it. Get over it and move on live in the now. I have been naked in public places before and it was fucking great. Would I do it again. Hell yeah I would. And I would not apologise for it either.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Pictures Worth A 1000 Words: Part Duex

New Badu!

There are few artists whom I sit up and pay attention to when they come out with something new. While the plethora of pop shit that is out there is transfixing Ke¢ha and the wonders of auto tune fucking up each and every song, I hold out for real music artists. Thanks fucking god For Ms. Erykah Badu. She is just badass. New Amerykah Part 2: Return Of The Ankh, featuring the single Window Seat. Analogue steaming through my earphones and speakers at the shop and her deep praise for the vinyl sound of yesteryear. Returning with a video that both took balls to do and an homage to the Camelot years of Kennedy it seems fitting that with the current political climate of the U.S.. At the moment with the passing of the Health Care Reform Bill which makes a change in the right direction, but could be years away from any true and real significant change. Still. There are alot of things that the powers that be don't want to change and are ready to fight for fear that America is becoming to liberal from it's supposed traditional value. I know alot of people actually fear change, but thats how it must roll. So I can relate to saying I quit this bitch and left for England 12 years ago. Erykah shows us that when exposing ourselves as we really are, somethings can change in a split second. I tip my hat off to her, and the song is like an old soul record, fucking classic. Erykah is one of the few soul artists I have true high regard for, along with Marvin Gaye whom can actually make me cry when I hear his voice. Enjoy!