Thursday, 29 April 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell... The Fuck !

When I was in the military and served time in the U.S. Army, I was just a young buck and whip smart whipper snapper. Cocky as hell and really naive, as most kids that age are. I was served plenty of cock meat sandwiches served with a big bowl of dicks and balls, both of the enlisted and officer variety. Now this was a dish that was served up cold, hot, steaming, at any time of day as long as I was a willing and some time reluctant participant. Second servings were always a pleasure, but this was a dish never actually served at the local mess hall during chow time. FYI, Officers were always really shit in bed, to damn rigid. Grunts (enlisted) were just better in bed, and if I may say so HOTTER. WORD!

So looking at this video doesn't surprise me that a bunch of guys gathered to pay homage to Tranny Caca while holed up in Afghanistan. When you tend to be holed up with the same sex for long durations of time, it is proven that most men will partner up with their buddy. If memory serves me correct in my experience this normally meant about a case of beer served with the token, "I'm so drunk" comment as they lay in the bunk next to you. Shaken not stirred and a big fat boner at full mast. Do I have fond memories of my time in the Army? Absofuckinglutely! But I always preferred Marines over Army grunts, hurt so good and NASTY! Ahh memories, takes me back. I used to have a fuck buddy whom was kicked out of the military, when he stupidly decided to blow his straight roommate while passed out drunk. The guy came to when he awoke to suddenly a 6'3 Arkansas soldier chomping on his huge dick to the point of climax! My buddy swallowed. When I asked him about the incident, his only reply was in his husky southern drawl,"SWEET". Touche! When looking at this video this can go down as scientific fact that most straight white males don't have the best rythme. Come to think of it neither does that brother featured as rapping Beyonce, what the fuck?

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