Thursday, 29 April 2010

This One Goes Out To The Ginger's In The Back Row!

OK, I am not a big fan of M.I.A.'s music and I sort of get it and all but it leaves me a little limp and when I saw this I had virtually stepped off the plane and back in my home of London town. So I was pretty impressed by this little diddy, cause it had bite. Secondly it had red heads. Triple letter score. When I saw this video I thought it was clever in that there is a huge brouhaha over the new Arizona Immigration State law SB1070 Meaning that police don't need to consider certain aspects of a suspect as long as they (the Po po) have probable cause, or reasonable suspicion to stop a suspect and ask them for proper valid identification and documentation. Since when did Arizona turn into a Orwellian Utopian Nightmare. Fuck me! Being that this law is pretty favourable with the majority of Arizona voter, despite the fact that the difference between the Lower and Upper Class's is staggering. Arizona holds the 11th highest poverty in the U.S. which also affects the early settling Native Americans as well. Yet with M.I.A.'s politcal stand points I can respect it and understand her viewpoint in what she was try to say. Yet you will have to judge for your self.

So with this little opus that M.I.A. has put out has been shrouded in a bit of controversy in regards to the volume of violence on display in this video. Some claim it oversteps lines. What I find strange is that there seemed to be a prejudice against the red haired three fold in this video, when ironically the red hair gene pool is under threat and being phased out to extinction. I wish it wasn't so as I find most of them really really sexy for some odd reason. I even dated a few myself. So this goes out to my Ginger guys.. Keep your head up and be proud!

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