Monday, 5 April 2010

A Artist Should Never Apologise

I find one thing that really grinds my ass, it's when someone does something that and then questions their actions and apologises for something the feel pressured into doing. This is not to be confused with making a mistake and claiming accountability for those actions. That my fair weathered friend is a whole different ball park. What with people screaming "oh won't someone think of the children"! People are still in a tizzy about the whole Badu clip and I am actually glad she has not regretted the action and made no apology for it. Despite that one ill tempered harpy, Ida Espinosa 32 is most likely suffering from toxic child bearing hips syndrome and a bad case of cankles. Ok people let us remember that Texas is the place where they vilified the Dixie Chicks and the breeding ground of one former shitty American President.

Being that this was originally based on Matt & Kim's Lessons Learned video from the Grand album. Badu gave credit where credit was due. Yet Matt & Kim's video got nothing like the shit storm in a tea cup that Erykah did. I like both songs and in place of Dealey Plaza, we find pretty much a different reaction to Matt & Kim when the Po Po come and piss on the parade. New Yorkers are so much more desensitised than shrill uptight Texans. Hell yeah I said it, some Texans are to uptight. I mean Texas has some cool people and the media has a story to tell and I am sure Ms, Badu has bigger shit to worry about than some silly $500 ticket. So get over it, why is it so bad to look at a naked person and tell your children that a nude body is bad, yet taking them to a public place where someone was slain is so much more acceptable for a vacation hot spot? This is would really like to know. I have fucked up and made some bad judgements in the past but they are mine, and mine alone. Yet when someone asks for a apology for my work, I tell them screw you. You ain't nailed to nothing and you don't have to look at it. It's not like I am standing out side with some pornographic images hoping to lure kids. That is just fucking dumb. Besides I think adults don;t give kids the credit they are due. They are far more clued up on things than most people give them credit for.

So there I said it. Get over it and move on live in the now. I have been naked in public places before and it was fucking great. Would I do it again. Hell yeah I would. And I would not apologise for it either.

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