Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What Not To Do During A Tattoo!

Watching this, you have two morons one whos, just going through the bullshit attention seeking behavior and a tattoo artist whom is really not working with the customer. I will be the first to admit that when dealing with these people it is a test of wills that will only stunt your growth, shorten your life span and by all means get on your last gay nerve. Seriously it is a test of wills not to throttle the person, but the first thing to do it make them comfortable.

1.) Be honest and work with your client.
2.) tell them to have some form of sugar, or natural sweet protien and or carbs. Nuts and a soft drink work.
Women respond well to Chupa Chips Lollys and Chocolate.
3.) Alert your customer to breath and work with them in quich successions
, it does no good to hold them down.
4.) No Gum
5.) Prasie the client when they are doing well and let them have a break when needed.
After all they are paying for it. Let them know the clock is ticking and ain't nothing going on but the
mother fucking rent. So Chop Chop.
6.) If you customer has faith in you and your avenue of communication is good then your half way through this
battle. It takes two to tango, one to lead and the other to follow, and by all means remain professional.
Don't scar the bitch cause you hold a grudge cause she's acting like a blue ribbon cunt at the county fair.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Loy And Ford

Recently I was came into contact with a old boyfriend of mine whom I had a brief fling, flung, flew relationship with. In the salad days we had dreams to do stuff but money and connections were just a minor obstacle next to the giant that was ambition. So now my crazy ex german ex Frank is a much coveted clothing designer for the celebrity set. I remember Frank and Stephan working on the ideas of a collection in the late nineties when I met them. Frank was loud brash and very funny and extremely german, with a a cool dog named Officer. II tattooed alot on Frank, much to his insistence and my wanting to get the shit down.

Loy And Ford are a supreme force to reckon with creating sometime one of a kind clothing that goes against the grain of mass prodiced cack. Modern, contemporary and ultimately cool. The clothing is structured to German tailoring of the highest order. I can see Frank in the designs, as I can see Stephepn whom is the more grounded and quieter of the duo. Yet I tip my hat of to the german dudes and fucking good on them. Check out there blog and say hello.

Ready For My Close Up!

The lovely swan that is Pippa Brooks came up with a idea that is genius. Screen tests reminiscant of the bygone Warhol days. Asa teenager I was obssessed with the whole Warhol Factory and thought it was truly where I wanted to be. Combining music. art, style, sex, drugs and rock n roll, it had all the ingredients to make a 15 year old dizzy with excitement and a middle age woman cowar in fear. Pippa simply films to see what happens and with the digital age comes a shorter time span. Everyone used to be famous for 15 minutes, but as shit heads get stupider and more impatient things have changed. Now it's a simple 15 seconds where you can be famous. You might even say that Mr. Warhol himself is the true originater of the Old School YOU TUBE! Still Pippa has filmed the likes of musician Patrick Wolf, Mark Eley Of Eley Kishimoto, Pam Hogg, so asking me to be grouped with such an esteemed group was in instant no brainer.

You might want to swing by and see her goods on dispay at Mr. Goldstien

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My Sentiments, EXACTLY!

Get Your Manties In a Twist

I am given things of all sorts, gifts and props galore. At times it's good to be Henry Hate. The very delicious Honey Manko brought a little offering into the shop the other day and loved them when I saw them immediately. I will be having them in the shop. When I'd shown them to customers, both men & women twy too loved them. Guys went crazy for them. So if you get the chance swing by the shop and get your knickers int he twist. Price will be made available soon as we iron out how many i can get my hands on more. Manko is a renaissance firce of nature and a really cool chick. Her partner Jason Atomic and her often colaborate on work together often, check his work out too.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell...

I served as a soldier in the armed forces and i quickly never really took to authority. I mean I tried, but it was like fucking teflon, the shit would not stick. I was demoted once cause of some bullshit regulation, and they knew that I was just virtually elsewhere than on planet Super Soldier America. I had fun in the service, and was given a cetificate of honorable discharge when I left, however I came to found out that when the DADT law came into effect, my discharge was lowerd to a dishonorable discharge, when I served 2 years of America and it's bullshit policies in the armed forces. To me the words Military and Intelligence just don't go together. What the Army used me for was to make artwork for the mess halls of Fort Stewart. While my commanding sargeant, he would take the credit for the finished works and the bitch didn't have a artistic bone in his fucking body. He was a bigger kiss ass and cocksucker than I ever was, and the bitch is straight. So at the tender age of 19 it dawned on my that this just wasn't for me as I knew there was a bigger world and a better fish to catch than wearing the same outfit day in day out. So I chose to leave.

Although I don't believe in the standard practices of the military, i do believe my time served served me well and it was a definate character builder. My mom said I left a boy and came back an asshole. When she said that I was happy. Fot the U.S. government to thinnk there are no gays in the military is an understatement. I mean Under their DADT law, they would loose a large anoutn of soldiers, that would probably re-instate the Draft. Yet, I do believe that is every persons decision ultimately to make if they want to serve the country. After all, it is there American right, isn't it? How dare a country state that they don't mind you serving the country and placing your life at risk, and then deny you the basic rights that are granted to the next guy whom just happens to be straight. LIke I said I split, and it was my own choice, but I wasn't going to live in a place wher they promise the land of the free, cause it isn't. america thinks it is, but in reality it truly isn't.. Sure you can make anything of your self in the states, and it is by far a land of oppurtunity, yes. Yet if it were truly free, the country wouldn't have the issues it has now and it's views with gays. I have to say though, being in the service I did service many american soldiers.. Oh yeah, it always left a smile on my face cause that was when I felt I was truly serving my country.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

My Rib Piece!

I have been working on this tattoo of mine for a while now, 2 years to be exact. Nowhere finished. Ichi is very meticulous and his pace to get the results he wants shows, so I leave it to him and his artistry. He is in my shop for another 3 weeks before he takes off for Germany and tattoos there. I have one more session with him before he leaves. With my own busy schedule of clients I find it hard to squeeze an appointment in.

Check it out.

Pope This and Pope That!

As the pope Benedictine number 6539 is coming to Britain by invitation from what's her face the Queen and some other guy. And my partner has views on the matter! And to fucking right! There is a protest to show the Papal one what people think of those child fucking, and pompous self serving, sanctimonious, assholes. If you can watch this and then decide. Then tell me if you think that the apology he is to give on the behalf of the catholic church, when it's a day late and a dollar short, I do believe a Hookah Pah-Lease is in order. I was raised Catholic but I am not deeply religious and if there is a hell I am pretty sure they way I live would make me go to hell. So If I go to hell, I am gonna go with the fucking led off and a picnic basket. So bring it. I wanna make a "Death 2 The Honky Lips Church", Banksy got nothing on me.


I came across Ryan Sullivan, whom is a film maker whose made waves with his films with Treasure Island and his ability to tell a story about himself and his estranged brother in a haunting and striking way. It's not for everyones taste, yet what is so touching is his brutal honesty and his ability to put him and his brother out there in a medium that is often edited on a more biased effort. He steers clear of those trapings and tells the story through a series of montages and visuals backed with some excellent choices of music. I am pretty impressed, and it takes a bit to impress me.

Let me know what you think? Or better yet tell him what you think. JUst so you know, there is lots of Booty on display so you probably shouldn't be watching this at work, but then again why not.

The Death Of Silver Lake!

I used to live in Silver Lake from 91to the time I left in 98. I lived on Hyperion next to Cuffs, which is now some bullshit "trendy" bar. I lived on Griffith Park Blvd, Virgil, Gateway Ave and then Melbourne Ave , and Lyman Place in Los Feliz, basically all over the fucking place. It's now taken over by Boutique Coffee Houses, Designer Clothes Shops "Trendy" cafes and restaurants. There is that damn word again, Trendy. The last time I was their in April, I hated it. It was devoid of any real character and charm and taken over by greedy property developers and over priced poncey shops, that were in my were not very cool. Silver Lake in it's hey day was cheap apartments with leather bars in walking distance, Spaceland looked like a steak house, The Sunset Junction Festival in August and hidden gems peppered all over the place, owned by people whom didn't have very much money.

Now dory ass turds converge here and think it Trendy. The equation goes as follows, Trendy + Dork+ Expensive= Expensive Nerdy Ass Dork. Viewing this clip I thought, they don't look trendy, as the title is called Gay Hipster Fight.... Where's the hip? They should have called this Gay Dork Ass's Fight: Handbag's At The El Chavo Part 1, This Is My Purse Bitch! Watching Chispandix and some ChicaBooms gay lisp go at it makes for a quite funny fight. When I turn the volume off I can hear Beavis and Butthead or worse Science Fiction Theatre 2000 comment over this rumble of who tweezed the chola cha cha brow better. Come on, where's the blood, where's the gun and the serious bitch slap, to make some queens earrings fly into Sunset Blvd. This is amateur at best, nice try but no cigar, and YOUR NOT HIP!

Comparing Shoreditch to Silver Lake, Shoreditch is is tragically hip and trendy. Its chuck full of these hip trendy people, whom suffer from fashion herpes, making Shoreditch an inevitable catwalk during the day and night. Yes, some of them are lovely as people as I have come to know them when they come into my shop. I was young once, but I always did things my way regardless if people thought I was cool or not, some thought I was a dork my self. Fine by me hope I win the blue ribbon at the state fair. Now I would love to see a trendy Emo Shoreditch kid open a can of whoop ass on some Fashionista here in this neck of the woods, I think I would be riveted.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


I woke up today with this song in my head and the sun is shining and more bands should try and go more glam than that sensitive pony tail wearing guy bullshit, whiney music. I loved this song when used to dance to this at 1970's when I was a wee snaper.


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Met Her At The 7/11

A while ago My friend Jane Gazzo, whom I miss dearly decided to leave London and head back to Melbourne Australia, for a career move with Channel V, and while i know she is doing well, there is me who misses her lovely face. So as I was going through a photo album of pictures I remember Jane given me a demo of the Spazzy's ep Met Her at the 7/11 back in like 2003. It was a complete nod to the Ramones and really loved the band, and got a chance to meet the girls from the band in 2005 when they were here and I was given their album Aloha Go Bananas. Jane is a impressive rock and roll Dj whom has cultivated a great career for her self. And she was always turning me onto bands I might like, and give me stuff to play in the shop.http://clipvideohd.com/the-spazzys-my-boyfriend-s-back-32691 So, as Jane is no longer here is dreary ol London, she is in my heart in spirit. so this one goes out to my Jane and, Yes I will see her at the 7/11 sometime soon.

Oh and Jane, I loves you cause you'ze a New Yorkah Lady who makes much profit!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hate & Saatchi Online

Check it out!
I will be posting a few new pieces up from time to time as I am cultivating work as I go along for a one man show. Hope you dig this. I will be posting this arounf town in a city near you. So you have been warned and Bitch has done last her mind.
I wasn't sure if I should call this Dupe Le Cate or Sponge, what do you think? Not sure If I will make these into Screen prints cause the test pressing came out to crude, but I kinda like it. Not sure. Stay tuned.

Taylor Buck

Viva Vicky And The Vengents!

Back in the days of yore, and talking way fucking back here people, I was a kid. Yes, as hard to believe as it is, I was a wee plucky little kid growing up behind the Orange curtain. Growing up a came across a colourful chick. She was ballsy, brassy, and very funny, & the fucking mouth on that broad.. Shit, could compete with any fucking foul mouth sailor this side of the Atlantic. Anyhoo, I met Vicky Tafoya, when I was first in junior high school n the 6th grade and was able to call her a friend in high school.knowing her back then. I always had a place in my heart for the girl, still do. The bitch is bad.

I had the privilege to sing with her when I was younger, and we were both starting out in our careers. We had music and choir together and tried in a failing attempt to get a band together. I remember her having a unhealthy obsession with the Beatles and 60's psychedelia and all the music from that era. Because of her I still have a love for most of the music like Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Yardbirds, The Sonics and god I type, even the fucking Beatles with out her input I probably wouldn't have the same musical influences I have today. Ok , Vick There I said it. You are the queen of everything. She was on to something. Vick as I always called her, stood out against the rest of the school. Like the rest of us weirdoes in high school who didn't belong to the dippy popular clicks.

Vicky was their with her teased hair, double lashes layered up that would make any chola straight from Delhi green with envy and her mod rock clothes, and tight pencil skirts and a smile. Yet Vick was tough and sweet, yet the bitch would bust her teasing comb out on you if you gave her shit. Then there was the voice. Her voice was incredible and still is. She was opposite to me when it came to signing. Me, you couldn't shut me up for love nor money, and I hadn't really sucked a dick yet. Vicky was shy when it came to signing cause most would bombard her to sing with group pressure. Our Senior year the high school had a Talent show where we both entered a Star Search contest judged by people whom the school had hired for the event. Me and Vic went up against the Drama/Chamber Singers. Whom I always felt could eat a big bowl of dicks. We were both entered in the male and female best vocal contest. Well, we kicked ass, majorly against those snooty fucking thespian drama signers. Achieving this put a hit on our social heads to the closet homosexual whom at the time was the music director of the school. How dare two misfits beat his prize students. Well, In your face Mr Soto!

Although I hang up my music with my last garage/punk band The Dirty Switches virtually 8 years ago it was not a clean and easy break up. Yet it was nice to know that Vicky Tayfoya kept at her amazing talent and has racked up a impressive career none the less. Even Rodney Bingenheimer has given Vicky And The Vengents his seal of approval by playing her record on the cult and coveted show. She recently sent me her cd's in the mail and I have been playing it on heavy rotation on Itunes much to the enjoyment of my customers whom asked who the band is. So she's even won the hearts over of the trendy bohemian Shoreditch set. Those pesky shoreditch set are a tough crowd. A New Dawn is full of pop ditties and gritty riffs and hooks that are classic, sweet 3 minute overtures.

New music sucks and todays music acts suck more dick than I do. They are not musicians, they play a power chord into a computer and loop the shit. Vicky And The Vengeance belong to a time that is pure angst in a booze filled frenzy. Music that is reminiscent to bands whom play music and the thrill of a good riff and a good time. The band pay homage to the Ramones, The Shangr-la's, the Ventures and the classic tumes that came out of New York's Brill Building. Recently The band recieved a great review in Shindig Magazineand are cultivating a following that shows that people will always choose rock and roll over crap. Stand out tracks are The Day He Went Away
and That's Why I Cry. A New Dawn echoes music at its core, sharp and concise, I do think with a bigger budget and more reverb in the mixing of the guitars, or live recording of on a prehistoric Dat would capture their raw essence ala The Bellrays. Yet this is the musician in me talking, the group get a two thumbs up from me cause thier is actual talent in this heavy outfit. My Partner has started playing them in his shop aswell as I turned him on to The Detroit Cobra's and loves the cd. So there you have it folks a brew of Uk Fans waiting for Vicky and Vengents to make their way here. If you get a chance check out her other band The Redondos's and The Big Beat, for all you swing cats. Vicky and The Vengents are in esteemed company now if only I can get them on a double bill with The Priscilla's. That would be a fun show. So move your ass and buy the damn cd.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

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You can now see what the daily shinanigans are at the shop and see the work done on a daily basis. Join us. That's make up there and his second session, done by me,

Fashion Designers Have Lost Their Damn Minds.

Being that we are on the topic of sex. I noticed stories coming to the surface about two fashion designers whom sort of lost the plot abit. Marc Jacobs whom I think is alright is a highly coveted womans fashion designer in America, who's supposed to be the "cool" designer, but truth is I always found his clothes kinda sucked, and could be replicated in any charity shop/thift shop at a 9th of the price. So as he has transformed him self into a middle aged circuit boy, complete with tattoo's, he's one upped himself in the Hoe Stroll Stakes. His posters for Bang his new fragrance are him strewn in post coital, come get some stare. Seeing this poster I thought is this the same dork ass nerd whom used to design for Perry Ellis and was a long haired hippy, whom made boring ass clothes? Sure, he looks great, but the level of egotism has left me a little flat and unimpressed. Ever since he was hang with that street urchin, fame whore, hungry star fucking, rent. It's gone from bad to worse. So rumour is swirling that now that his gravy train has ended he needs to make rent a different way. By getting a job and foing WORK! Since being a 30 year old hoe, his hard to compete with a 20 year old hoe, when in fashion your last season or god fearing, vintage! Young rental hoe's are apparently huge this season. So the moron is said to be writing an opus and tell all book on his 6 weeks in the fast lane, warts and all on shopping and partying with the rich and famous. Snore,boo, yawn and boring, I'll pass. Dude is really trying to milk those 15 minutes. But Marc has transformed to this and since he's divorced his recent partner I think they call Lorenzo Fart-Tone.. Has a ring, don't it?

As the Butt Crowd fawn over this type of shit and eat it up. The one whom really has lost his damn mind is Calvin Klien, whom also makes boring ass clothes like Jocobs seems to suffer from Dickmatization. So my theroy is ever since Grandpa Klien is of the age of purchasing goods from the vast catalogue of downloadable porn. He might choose guys whom fit his current collection. In a word fucking BEIGE, people. Gramps Klien is sporting around a new piece 47 years his junior and looks all sorts of wrong. I am all for gold digging in the highest order, get what you can, shit! But Klien including his new piece to the Hamptons and all, while his Porn past has surfaced. So I gues the only thong that comes between Calvin Klien and his Calvin's is a 20 year old cock and balls. I am not against porn and am all for it, but I do think this dude runs the risk of suffering the same fate as Marc's same line of dudes. You have a shelf life. Right behind Marla Maples, and Donna Rice. The new Klien piece my have a certifiable hoe stroll but the rent is going on like a mother fucker, so as long as Daddy Klien pony up's. The young piece will gladly take it. I'm sure he's would be in for the long haul and take his wheel barrel to the reading of the will to stake his claim. Not only is Calvin double dosing the dickmatized button, but he is also dipping in the face fuck up department. I mean a face lift works for some and others, especially males suffer from a thing worse than Gay Face, it's Plastic Gay Face. Plastic Gay Face translates to boner buzz kill. Calvin may not only be a memebr, they bitch may also be the president.

The Ethecial Slut, My Ass, Hoe's Knows!

Last weekend I and my partner and the lil wee nib made our way to Brighton to escape the Notting Hill Carnival. While in Brighton I noticed a number of "Women Only" Boutiques or Erotique Emporiums opening all over The Lanes and Kemp Town, and I thought to my self that these are the kind of shops that produce ethical sex toys for the hippy, henna hair wearing, hemp cloth wearing, house wife or Lezbean. (yes I meant to type it that way. Sex Toys are no longer the old fleshy latex of yester year. No, like the digitl age sex has to adapt or die. I walked into a shop that shall be namesless and when I picked up on of their phallus shaped vibrators, I noticed it had a strange texture. Yet god forbid they shape it like a make dick! I asked what it was made of, and the snort comiing from the shop assistant/owner, in a tone that would rival any overweight sarcastic, bored comic book shop employee. "it's made of recylcled timber of rubber trees" Her tone was monotone and flat and almost a forced mumble scripted on auto play. So with me smiling at this pastry faced troll, I responded in kind, "you know you can act like a dick and sell dicks, but you will never physically own one!"

Shops like Organic Pleasures offer women "alternatives" to cheaply made and mass produced sex toys. Offering thngs of wood, medical grade sillicone and, glass, they offer a eco feel to the fare of sex. Yes Lubricants are made to be environmentally certified by the Soil Association. All sounds great but call me old fashioned, But recylced tree butt plugs, eco friendly lube and glass over priced dildo's with feathered plumes sold in elegant black boxes. I won't buy into the whole erotique boutique thing cause I am not a woman in need of a mink bejewelled butt plug. I am for the way forward to eco friendly sex. Shit, throw that bitch in the dirt while our add it. The Earth Angel Company make eco sex toys that you actually crank up, now I sit up and pay attention. Crank that bitch the 12. Earth Angel Sexy toys can be powerd by your computer, and fully recyclable materials.

If you want to be eco, heres a tip do it in a fucking park, there are loads and loads of sustainable materials to get your hoe stroll on with. Be creative. Pick a dank alley and let youor imagination go wild. I have a friend whom loves to have sex in skips, I don't judge but If ever I find my self eating at his house I must remember never to try his cole slaw. Her is a review on the crank butt plug, bitch says she like a hard plastic. I bet.

But I think these chicks at the end of the trailer got it right.