Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ms. Badu Vs. the Supposed Muslim Tattoo

I ahve said hand over heart that I am a fan of Erykah Badu. She is bad ass and her music is always a comfort to my ears and next to playing Fucked UP some of my hip hop clients like it. Recently iread a tibit that the country of Malaysia got their painties in a wad over the fact that Ms. Badu had body art of the word of Allah. I know some organized faith's tend to really kick up a fuss when dieties come into the role of tattoo or bady art. This epeisode forced Erykah to give a public appology and to cancel her concert to her Malaysian fans. I know that Malaysia is a predominately Muslim country. Really there has to be larger and more pressing issues at stake than throwing a hissy fit about a singer posing with the a sanskirt piece upon her body. I once tattooed a Buddha on to a womans thigh and I loved it cause it was really cool and she ran into some problems when she went on Holiday.
The issue was that the spiritual being was placed low on her body and was viewd as a sacrelige becasue the God was lower than her human head, Meaning she appeared more supurior than Buddha and that she was have to pay respect and asked to cover it up on the beach whe she was. I was surprised cause they sell those buddha things all over the place in small sizes and human heads are above them when viewing. It didn't make sense. Erykah Badu has used diffrent types of bady art in her appearance to further achieve a multi-cultural look and feel to accompany her music. The Texan born singer didn't meany any direspect intentionally, I believe. Still, the fact that something like a ltttle body mae up in a photo can cause such a storm in a tea cup is silly. Still miss Badu is a bad bicth in my book, and that is a good thing. She comes to London in June and can't wait to see her.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


We were supposed to go to Morocco for a small trip yet it turned out that some cunt whom worked for easy jet caused us to miss our flight and we were pissed. So on a whime we asked ourselves what we should do. Rather than sit home and sulk we hoped on a train and went to Edinburgh. This was my first time back in 10 years and my first trip with Bren. I had been a number of times and last went the summer before I met Bren and had the shop and spent a week up there contemplating what I should do. Funny is that I was now in a much different place in my life and I have a partner and a business. Before I just left my last tattoo shop and not really standing on any sold ground and was illegal with a expired visa.

I enjoyed my stay with Bren despite that fucking bitch causing us a headache. It's a very beautiful place and hope to return with the pooch in tow. Here a few snaps.


I have a fascination with witches. Brujas. Mystical beings that were both revered and loathed to some degrees. My family has a history of bruja's in their family tree. In fact my dad used to call my grandmother a Bruja. His labeling was more libelous than anything. I have been busy working on different piece and this is just one of them. I hope you like it. Prints will be available to the general public in limited numbers so be sure to pop in the shop and grab one before the sell out.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tattooed Artist

Banks Violette is someone whose work is quit serene and impressive in the volumes it can speak when you look at it. Sidebar, I'm knda feeling him as well in the hot sense. He works in a load of different mediums such as salt which to me was very impressive, casting everything from motorcycles to musical instaments and their amps and acoustic boards.