Friday, 5 August 2011


I will be the first to admit that I make my own rules and I am no day at the beach. I have been called many things from asshole. slave drver, Prick, whore., Meanie, Satan.. Mr Hat, Hank- to which I hat. Sadistic Mother fucker and they have all been said in the theat of deep anger all aimed at me. Sometimes deservedly so when I was younger, drunk, high, or stupid and slutty and at other times I have been all of the above at once. Yet I like to sit back and observe. I watch and take it all in. There are times when I make a comment on a subject that becomes un-nerving. Especially from people who do nothing more than have a superior ideal sense of self and it's them vs. the rest of they world. at large. I came across a little guys blog about some biullshit that is no sweat off my nuts, But I am going to set the fucking RECORD STRAIGHT.

Short whiney moaning Myrtle that is the the moniker of one supposed Drubskin or as I like to call him Ms. Tanner has a yeast infection about me stating the obvious "he suffers fools gladly" on a weekly basis , paycheck to paycheck. His response was a longwinded, prissy rant that was something straight from teen mom or My Super Sixteen. Off the mark and complete and utter Bullshit. You know what I am glad that guy is in his positon cause it has no fucking effect on me. Bitch is nothing more than a
weekend warriror playig at artist. He's compared me to Marie Antoinette and the misused "Let them eat cake" crap. Are you fucking kidding me. Listen up fucker. I put everything on the line to get where I am and so blessed to have. I busted my ass and it definately wasn't handed to me with a gilded spoom or a silver platter. As for your bourgeois stance =on working class Give me a fucking break and hey remind yourself that the next time your sitting in your post war home reading of all things fucking Wallpaper. You sound like this, "Bitch moan bullshit bullshit bitch moan bullshit bullshit.

Here is the shit nugget he then went on to bang on about.

"Having been searching for a different job for two years, a recession going on, 10% recorded employment in southern California with who knows how many people now unable to collect unemployment, and an absolute lack of creative jobs here in San Diego? Really? How do you respond to that in a “tweet”? I’ve been living my own personal hell because of these things I can’t control. I also found that he stopped following me promptly after this message was sent, so I just said with the choice between being employed and not, I’ll choose having a paycheck. Daddy has a mortgage and likes to eat.

I was going to let all this slide, but I got cold-cocked by two other people this week and I’ve kind of had it so I’ve decided to call people out on it. You know, I understand I was not happy in that moment and I’m sorry I ruined your day, but you could have just unfollowed me quietly, rolled your eyes, and then went back to being self-employed at your own tattoo shop. Not everyone has those same opportunities you have been blessed with and must work for others but this is clearly a case of Marie Antoinette not understanding that she holds cake in one hand and bread in the other. So much for retaining that working class outlook.

Or is this all because I didn’t follow you? Either way, it’s some petty shit, no matter how you slice it."

10% hookah pah-lease you don't exactly live in a third world country, and your so ready to seek blame out with the worst in your strange and archaic little head. Well what do you expect from someone whom plays dungeons and fucking dragons? I stopped following you on twitter cause your banter was neither funny, insightful, witty and rather stale other than you just moan about your fucking bullshit job. As business owner I take offense to shit like that cause you sit on your aging fat ass and do absolutely nothing about it, Oh but it's ok for your boss to think you sit holed up in your cubicle/office pretending to work. I know I would bet my left and right nut that he would rather have a appreciative employee who would be more than happy to slit your fucking throat for your job especially in this economy. I have followed your alleged career for what seems like forever and your no closer to doing what you truly love and still have absolutlely no fucking idea whom you really are. Sure you go through the fucking motions. Biut don't expect the world to raise your price when you don;t even really put yourself out there, Find a fucking direction and man up, grow and shit the fuck up. You have been dealt a hand you still have options how you choose to appraoch it is all up to you.

You make no direct attempt to resolve your situatiom when it is you who is the biggest problem of all. Here is a novel idea, how bout you grow some nuts and really talk to your boss about your situation. S'matter you afraid you might get the sack and your piece of shit job as a graphic designer is just as stale as the shit you try and hock. Try approaching your situation with e little dignity and accountablility? You might want to throw in ambitions while your at it or did you loose that along with a sense of decorum in dealing with people as your superior? Tow the fucking line and take fucking control you fucking pussy. Man there is nothing worse than a person who says they have no control over their choices and life. You have a choice. you just choise to blanket the shit your in with phantom excuses and self pity. Cause nothing is ever really YOUR FAULT. Your trivial attempt to ban people from your social web shere is moronic at best & pittiful to say the least. What have yiou really fucking done to desserve a position where you wish to be? What real efforts have you actually made and sacrificed? You don't need to answer me casue I don't fucking care. Makes no difference to me if you take a leak or shit. I am in a position to want for nothing and I am thankful for that, but again I didn't wait for this to fall in my lap cause my number came up. I went out and got it. It takes ambition, direction and fucking guts. You sound like your waiting for the right option to come along and then by divine intervention you will be free of what ever tedious drivel goes on in your life.
When I will say point blankly your resentful cause your feel you should be in better position and your not, your getting older and it's harder.

You're still drawing the same skinheads all with those barbed scowls and child like faces. as if thats something to be proud of. Fuck right off you sound like a fucking stilted adolescent whom never actually grew up and you come across like a caricature of your own silent undoing. Must be nice? I would rather play along with the game and change the rules once I am inside. Would I want to change places with you, in no fucking way ever. Yet I can say if I were in your position I would know what I needed to do to fix it, and it;s not by changing the fucking scenery. Still feel punk rock punk? That's all you are to me like those moron gutter punks resplendid with studs whom sit in camden bitching about the establishment but make no effort to change it themselves. It's not your fault it's out fault, it's the economy's fault, my daddy never loved me. Whaaa whaa whhaaa! Whats working class is to take account and say fuck this I am changing it and get on with it. Your no different when you bitched in Kansas and I paid you for work. You need people like me more than I need you, after all thats your fucking JOB! Like your lame ass Skinhead philosophy 101, it's outdated and no longer relevenrt and probably deleted.

You have options, you just to blind sided to fucking see the forest for the trees with resentment to see anything.. Here is a tip for you, instead of having your "fans" (a term I am using loosely) pay you with gifts of socks or having someone else make money off your work. How about you pay your own fucking mortgage and food bill with your work? I haven't got time for your pain cause I do not share it, and you might want to look up the work transference you pot bellied toxic harpie! Now if you'll excuse me I will return to wjat I worked my ass off for and go eat some cake or bread with the money I earned on my own resources. Jealous Much? Then ask your self this, how do you think I got it?