Monday, 15 October 2012

People I have Tattooed: Franko B

I met Franko B through fellow friend Suzie Krueger of Fist and Hardon clubs.  Years ago he asked me if I would barter for art and I would tattoo him.  I jumped at the chance and said yes.  Going to his studio I knew he did loads of blood paintings and I was more into his found objects and sculptures.  Franko was orphaned and raised by the Red Cross in Italy.  The Red Corss is something that features prominently in his early works.  I tattooed the forehead tattoo of the winged skull and the beloved across his lower back.

Upon arriving I was overwhelmed by all the works some finished and others not but i had my mark on one item.  A beaten rusted old black cab taxi door with a red heart on it.  i was refused and he opted for these two instead.  I have had them and are still in my collection.  I love them very much and made a sound investment of my time.  I do enjoy when fellow artists ask me for a trade.

Lips To Find Ya With

Her name Christina Amphlette and she has the best pout in rock.  Even had Courtney Love stealing her dresses.


BLOG IT GOOD LIKE AFRO SHEEN.  Things are in flux I have to go to court again and this time I am suing someone for being a fucking dip shit and try and get back the money I had paid them in good faith.  As my art career is taking a turn in the right direction.  I am prepping for my next project which will be a HUGE undertaking.  As I enter the forum of the high art world I am aware that there is a protocol and etiquette to how to present yourself and your work.

Over the weekend was the Frieze Art Fair, virtually London's answer to London Fashion Week where galleries sprawling the nations capitol looking for the next big thing or art superstar.  I attended to events over the course of the week.  I went to Fred Mann's grand opening of his new Soho gallery. The second even was the Plus Arts Project at The Mayors Parlour deep in the bitt crack of the east end.

Downing copious amounts of alcohol I was armed with cards and my network know how.  Yet I will worn you.  If you hand me a glass of battery acid with an umbrella and a pineapple wedge I would drink it.  However London Frieze is not that different that London Fashion Week.  Yes there are the parties, yes there are the groupies and those whom have talent.  And There is a lot of overpriced shit that I just don't get.  Making contacts was a plus and and saw some work that I liked.  But I do not go these things looking for inspiration.

Seing some familiar faces was nice and met a YBA who didn't disappoint me in the least. However they did a fellow artist at the show who built the kismet meeting up in their dream, only to be met by a drunk sloppy cunt with cheap jeans and a crooked smile.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Since my last post from a trip that was to be from Morocco via Edinburgh I have been busy.  I was tapped to work with J&B for Diageo in France and busted my ass to get the brief right.  But the French cock blocked me with every law and vague nuance they could come up with.  Working on getting my artwork ready for both Religionus Violenta Show and The SpareParts exhibition.  trying to get a refurb on and still do my customers, find time for poochie love, my partner and myself.

It has been a crazy few months, and let me just say this it has been anything but dull.
Dealing with corporate gigs is a little stressful cause it's a hurry up and wait thing.  Trying to speak copy to them is like learning a whole new language.  Still I tried my best.  i did the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention and seems like things just keep getting busier for me.  I must have a horse show lodged in the crack of my ass.  I turned 44 and in a few days time I am going to Paris to see a friend from Califormia. When I get back I have the refurb to finish and then the 10 year birthday party to do.  Hope you got you invite, cause this bitch needs a drink.

Remembering Three My Friend Paul Harmon

Yesterday was a fucking bitch, and not in a good way.  Seriously the last few weeks there have been tax lawyers, police,  cowboy rogue builders art shows and a blur of time has whipped my ass faster than a submissive at a Leather daddy convention.  Still I caught my breath.  Then it hit me this morning.  He was gone.  I met three Kenny Hash in the late eighties, who in turn introduced me to Three.  His name as he was a third of the family name.  Like me he was a cocky son of a bitch.  He funny, Texan swagger and was just an all around good guy.  We went to parties drank a lot and partied even harder.  Three and I became close and we worked together on a few low budget films.

He was very much into architecture, furniture and design.  He moved by way of San Francisco to LA when I met him.  we were young, fearless and in some instances really stupid.  But he had a laugh and there were times when I felt he had my back.  When LA started to loose it's shine Three moved to New Yourk City and I moved to London. it was harder to see him as I came on a whime with virtually just the clothes on my back and Orange County dreams to get the fuck out of dodge.  LA was stale, dull, complacent.  Sure there is lots to do, but it's a theme park now.
We tried to keep in contact and we would gossip.  One thing Three loved to do was gossip and I ever the willing ear, couldn't keep a secret.  I could spread shit about you faster than the internet and that wasn't even invented yet.  He used to say, "there is telephone, television, telegram, tell-a-henry!"  He wasn't lying.

I learned about fifties furniture through him and he was a high creative individual.  I introduced him to Kathy a friend I had just met.  On set he came up to me and said, "There is some big titted blonde outside in a BMW convertible thinking she is hot shit asking for you." They became close as well. Three was good with the one liners, quips, soundbites and bon motts.  I loved Three.  Three never judged me and he could tell me anything and I would judge him.  I felt like he was a true confidante.  As he was in New york we would touch base from time to time.  Yet as the years progressed and my business and career started to form i lost touch and I had a partner, a dog and new foreign address.

I found out that Three was diagnosed with cancer and quickly succumbed to it.  i found out through a mutual friend he used to date.  I was shocked but I didn't know how to process this.  He wasn't supposed to die.  We we're supposed to live forever.  I never got to say goodbye to him properly.
Three where ever you are, I just want you to know that there wasn't a day that I never had you on my mind.  You are and were an amazing friend, I am going to miss your calls to force me out to bars to meet guys. Your witty ways and your wicked sense of humour.  I will never forget you.  And I am sorry I wasn't there to encourage your in your time of need.  and I feel like I failed you as friend.
Please forgive me.  I can hear your laugh in my head and the way you call me bitch!

Takes on to know one.

Your presence in my life is made it that much fuller and richer having known you and always know that I love you.  I will miss the physical you but I will always have our memories and our time spent.
Love always your bastard bitch of a friend.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ms. Badu Vs. the Supposed Muslim Tattoo

I ahve said hand over heart that I am a fan of Erykah Badu. She is bad ass and her music is always a comfort to my ears and next to playing Fucked UP some of my hip hop clients like it. Recently iread a tibit that the country of Malaysia got their painties in a wad over the fact that Ms. Badu had body art of the word of Allah. I know some organized faith's tend to really kick up a fuss when dieties come into the role of tattoo or bady art. This epeisode forced Erykah to give a public appology and to cancel her concert to her Malaysian fans. I know that Malaysia is a predominately Muslim country. Really there has to be larger and more pressing issues at stake than throwing a hissy fit about a singer posing with the a sanskirt piece upon her body. I once tattooed a Buddha on to a womans thigh and I loved it cause it was really cool and she ran into some problems when she went on Holiday.
The issue was that the spiritual being was placed low on her body and was viewd as a sacrelige becasue the God was lower than her human head, Meaning she appeared more supurior than Buddha and that she was have to pay respect and asked to cover it up on the beach whe she was. I was surprised cause they sell those buddha things all over the place in small sizes and human heads are above them when viewing. It didn't make sense. Erykah Badu has used diffrent types of bady art in her appearance to further achieve a multi-cultural look and feel to accompany her music. The Texan born singer didn't meany any direspect intentionally, I believe. Still, the fact that something like a ltttle body mae up in a photo can cause such a storm in a tea cup is silly. Still miss Badu is a bad bicth in my book, and that is a good thing. She comes to London in June and can't wait to see her.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


We were supposed to go to Morocco for a small trip yet it turned out that some cunt whom worked for easy jet caused us to miss our flight and we were pissed. So on a whime we asked ourselves what we should do. Rather than sit home and sulk we hoped on a train and went to Edinburgh. This was my first time back in 10 years and my first trip with Bren. I had been a number of times and last went the summer before I met Bren and had the shop and spent a week up there contemplating what I should do. Funny is that I was now in a much different place in my life and I have a partner and a business. Before I just left my last tattoo shop and not really standing on any sold ground and was illegal with a expired visa.

I enjoyed my stay with Bren despite that fucking bitch causing us a headache. It's a very beautiful place and hope to return with the pooch in tow. Here a few snaps.


I have a fascination with witches. Brujas. Mystical beings that were both revered and loathed to some degrees. My family has a history of bruja's in their family tree. In fact my dad used to call my grandmother a Bruja. His labeling was more libelous than anything. I have been busy working on different piece and this is just one of them. I hope you like it. Prints will be available to the general public in limited numbers so be sure to pop in the shop and grab one before the sell out.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tattooed Artist

Banks Violette is someone whose work is quit serene and impressive in the volumes it can speak when you look at it. Sidebar, I'm knda feeling him as well in the hot sense. He works in a load of different mediums such as salt which to me was very impressive, casting everything from motorcycles to musical instaments and their amps and acoustic boards.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shop Till You Drop

Ink Whore (Front) Cotton Heather Grey and Navy Eco Friendly Inks comes in White T w/black ink

I have been hell a fucking busy here at Henry Hate Headquarters. Tattooing here, drawing there, firing people here and making merch there. Yes, Henry pie hands. As I swore to myself that I would start working on building the brand and taking it to the next level of my scheme. Sometimes I think I really should sit myself down and ply myself with some sort of mood stablizer that will allow me to relax. Any hoo boo for me, yay for you right? As there is alot of offer now at the Henry Hate Online Shop.

First Stage of Amy Portrait that I put on my twitter account.

Think of it as the universe telling you not to buy just more crap but beautiful crap! The t-shirts ave been doing well and I have already sold a few tote bags and prints. are you tired of the sily rock band shirt that makes you look like everyone else? Does you Walk Of Shame bag make you look a little to slutty or in dire need of a new haul? Is your house or flat begging to be adorned with new works of art that would make great conversation pieces at any cocktail party?

Fear not Henry Hate Onlie is here to help remove any of those pesky weighty questions with a new addition to your hoarding ways,

Stripped Away

I was going to blog about finally going to see Kevin Smith at the Prince Charles Cinema film one his shows for a dvd he was making. Sidebare, I took a dum in the Kevin smith Toilet. But I lost my 12(th) iphone and my 1st new Iphone 4s that had the pictures of the night on it. But I was busy with work and projects that are tucked firmly in my in box. I went alone to the Private view of Stripped at Orbital Comics alone as my part was and is still fighting this raving illness and didn't feel right dragging him to a show while he stood around and watch me get drunk. The work was impressive and it's always nice to catch up with a few friendly and familiar faces.

Talking to artist Mark Wigan who's pen and inks were quite impressive and he's taste on a certain collective sparked my interest.
It was a hodge podge of Gliterratti and Trash-ah-ratti (my favourote kind) were on hand for the opening. Artist Grande Dame art really pops and her colour pallete is someting that would look great in anyones living room. All releshing the art all based on the love of comics and the iconography, set the tone for the night. A huge thaks to Jason Atomic whom was the brain child of this event and it is showing til April 1. you can purchase a postcard for a paltry £20. Thats just pennies a day for a lovely piece of art

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mood Of the Day

The last week was kinda stressful and a little over whelming as I feel pulled in every direction. Today I realize what i have to do and when I saw this it both made my nipples hard and laugh. Well you can't keep a good whore down all the time. I am sure that if the dad wasn't sitting with his "child" it would have been a different story. But I have to give her props for not having the fear gene and going on public transport sand chonies.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dead Wieght

I have been thinking about addictions and the effects that they carry. I once spoke with Amy about addiction once and that although you loose site and focus of your addictions you are focused on the addiction. The elephant is in a room staring at the void. I am going to try something new for 21 days. By trying to reprogram my mind into a more productive functioning machine. Thinking about the people whom have died recently has made me realize that there is clock ticking and that our lives are quite precious. It was sad to see the passing of Whitney Houston and a shame she never recovered her diva stature in the way she probably wanted.

When Amy left i was gutted, caused I loved her, not just her music but her. She come into my life and I felt truly blessed. My partner is with me and I started to realize that certain behavior has affected him and I want to change all that. He is the sun to my moon and the ying to my yang. I want to be a better human and a better partner. When I was in rehab I thought that that would get rid of my demons and anger, but I was wrong. There is no way to truly get rid of addiction unless you truly get the the source of your pain. And I have had some, but the weight is just not worth the effort of lugging around shit that serves no purpose other than ruining my life.

I am amazed that people freely judge people with addictions with righteous indignation.
It's hard but you get to a point when you just want to be happy and start from scratch. Take better care of yourself and actually get to know the person who's skin your living in. Recently there has been some changes in the shop and it has been a bit stressful, as it comes with being a boss. Taxes and the economy create a huge amount of pressure to preform. Not to mention the loss of someone who i truly like but the efforts that I have put forth i felt were clearly a little uneven and unappreciated. So at the moment I am planning on smiling at people more. I am going to look at life with a different perspective. There are things that I enjoy that make me happy. Simple things.

1.) When my partner holds my hand in a theater and he smiles at me.
2.) The look Joleene gives me when she licks my head and holds me down with her paw.
3.) The sound of Bren's laughter and when he calls my name.
4.) When I achieve a goal and accomplish something I set out to do.
5.) Laughter

Sunday, 12 February 2012

What was The Question???

* What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
A gut reeling sense of FAILURE and the feeling of letting myself down and those whom I truly love.
* Where would you like to live?
Wherever my heart is and of course where the action is at. I'm a city boy
at heart.
* What is your idea of earthly happiness?
Good Food, Good Music, Good Friends and of course Love. Zero Rent.
* To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
The life of addicts whom never scratch the surface of their pain and do nothing about it.
* Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
I don't have heroes of fact or fantasy
* Who are your favorite characters in history?
Hmmm... Lizzy Borden?
* Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
Vivienne Westwood, cause she is crazy bat shit crazy and a genius.
* Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
I do not know. Maybe you?
* Your favorite painter?
Too numerous to mention
* Your favorite musician?
Too Numerous to list
* The quality you most admire in a man?
* The quality you most admire in a woman?
Manipulation, sorry ladies but you girls can work magic, it's amazing.
* Your favorite virtue?
* Your favorite occupation?
Creating things from my mind with my two hands and brain, and making them real.
* Who would you have liked to be?
I would like to be a little more forgiving of myself when I grow up.

Part 2
# Your most marked characteristic?

My determination, & gut instinct

# The quality you most like in a man?

A big penis

# The quality you most like in a woman?

Magnificent Chichi's

# What do you most value in your friends?

The truth, even when it's painful

# What is your principle defect?

I can be extremely self centered

# What is your favorite occupation?

Being an artist and making a living doing it. I can afford my vices and traveled the world on my own resources, which is pretty fucking cool.

# What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?

That I destroy everything in my life and not care, all done by my own doing.

# What would you like to be?


# What is your favorite color?

One that makes people take notice when entering a room and that is also slimming and flattering by light.

# What is your favorite flower?

I am torn between, roses, bird of paradise, or orchids

# What is your favorite bird?

The magpie looks like a pretty cool bird and I get excited when i see two of them together.

# Who are your favorite prose writers?

At the moment, Chuck D and Dorothy Parker
# Who are your favoite poets?

I'll get back to you on that one.

# What are your favorite names?

Brenry, Joleene, Carlotta Romero, Butch, and Miranda De La Cruz De la Hoya De Canenall

# What is it you most dislike?

Stupidity and bullshit.

# What historical figures do you most despise?

Ronald Regan and George BUSH

# What event in military history do you most admire?

The time I had sex with two marines and one army guy at once. Ice ice baby!

# What natural gift would you most like to possess?
To Charm everyone
# How would you like to die?

A fucking legend! and in my sleep of course.

# What is your present state of mind?

Annoyance at having to think about myself in order to answer these questions

# What is your motto?

At the mo- I will cut a bitch!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Henry Hate's mood of the day!

I love asses wigiggling and a tit's a jiggling. I love The Time. Put those two together and you get one of the greatest moments in celluloid history. Morris Day was robbed an Oscar for this role in Purple Jizz Stain Rain. BUt like all greats they seek perfection and I do as well. Jerome, I think I am gonn need a drink. Watch the video here.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ink Whore!

Copy Of Teen Angels Old issues are highly collectable and still have many of them that my dad gave me.

Slurs are dirty words and sometimes they tend to be embraced by the very people that they are supposed to target. I used the phrase of a ink whore to encompass many definitions across the board. I would use it to describe my ex-boyfriend Adam's boner for getting tattoo, which would lead to me being cut off from sex for at least a few hours. I would use it to describe girls witht he standard center split pin curls and the ever present red rose whom act like tattoo artists are just like designers, regardless if they were well known or not. The dude that just wants his full body done in a hurry. Or the Groupie whom fucks tattoo artists to get free work. I've met them all and I love the word.

So my new t-shirt design is being made as we speak and the cool dudes at Photo Fit whom do a few of my friends stuff do quality work. Long lasting durable and virtually have done all my stuff since I came to London in 1998. I am particular about t-shirts as I wear them till my pits are eaten away. and I love them even more. T-shirts are the new calling card for most people and it also gives people a small view into the fathoms of a person, simply by the shirt they wear. Not to mention it is great and free promotion.

So I did a Chicana peering through a keyhole inked and the slur Whore. This was done on the slight verge of Prison Peña Art. This is based on the chicano style of my uncles and cousins who've spent shit loads of time locked up and the art i grew up looking at. As my uncle Gilbert is locked away on the three strikes your out scheme.
He was always sending my dad stuff he drew and then there were the Teen Angels, to which I still own. There is a front design and there is a back design too. Stay tuned for the finished item. Bags will be done as well and will be purchased through the shop and or the digital online store. Keep an eye out.

Above is are standard linen handkerchiefs with bic biro pens that are sold sometimes in craft gatherings. Prisoners would make crafts in order to get money on their books in order to buy personal items from the prison canteen.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Every now and then I get asked to get involved with a group prokect and If it is up my alley I will jump at the chance. And recently
Jason Atomic kindly asked if I would be interested in joining in on the fun. Of course I accepted. Stripped is a group show that Jason is putting together at Orbital Comics in the West End. As I am gearing up for new stuff to present to both Art Republic and Pure Evil this would be a great chance to get a preview of works that are coming.

The Stripped Opening reception is on March 1st and is sure to gain a huge crowd and there will be a artist postcard lucky dip. conact Orbital Comics & Galllery for more info or drop Jason a lin on his blog.

Orbital is loacted at:
Orbital Comics
8 Great Newport Street
London WC2H 7JA

Monday, 9 January 2012

Brighton Tattoo Convention

At the moment I have been really busy with all sorts of stuff and I tend to cram all sorts of shit I need to do all at once. And I forgot to mention that I will be that Brighton Tattoo Convention this year. I have just two spaces available and if you would like to get some work from me by all means simply call the shop and I can arrange something for you. Or just swing by the booth and say hello. I am looking forward to it. See ya in church.

Climbing Mount Everett

Every so often I do tattoos that I truly want to do free of charge just to break up my game face and throw a spanner into my work schedule that will be a investment in the long run. So my Muse for this project was none other that Gentle Giant and truly nice guy Harley Everett. That dude makes me feel like a munchkin hit by a shrinking ray, as he is so tall. Well I act tall. A client had put him in contact with me and told him my plan and rather than stick any old thing on him he gave me brief. I went to the drawing table and tried to come up with a design that both he and I would love.

I am sure some of you have seen Harley in action and seen some of his films. He's developed a name for himself in the field of adult films, and most people get adult entertainers and performers all wrong. He is well spoken and a bit on the shy side, which is a relief. I was really taken aback by how free and honest he was in sharing his upbringing with me a testament to his true nature and character as a genuine person. So as you can see there will be a fair bit of wark to do on this project and I will keep you all posted on the progress as Harley stand around 6'4 and the design will virtually take his whole upper thigh to the knee.

We have started a 3 1/2 hours so far and have several sessions to go so stay tuned.

Songs Of the Moment

I have been listen to some music that I was never a real fan of first time around as Talking heads, Ok David Byrne used to annoy the shit out of me with all that Burning down the house crap. So I wrote them off. iIt wasnt till I watched a Midnight showing of Stop Making Sense that I got their sound. The Album Remain In Light that got me truly to the beauty of their music and the syncopation and composition. So I suggest you get to trying them on for size.


I listen to Spotify alot and I also pay for it's service as I think it's alot better than my Imatch. You can find my henry hate tag or my facebook id. But Girls On Top are a London garage band that are catchy, trashy and capture the essential sound of so many bands that I love. They also are very good at taking the piss out of themselves. They reminded me of a group we used to play with in early 2000 called The Dirty Byyrds While we were just Dirty Switches. It's defiantely one to place n your ipod or what ever. Crank it.