Monday, 15 October 2012

People I have Tattooed: Franko B

I met Franko B through fellow friend Suzie Krueger of Fist and Hardon clubs.  Years ago he asked me if I would barter for art and I would tattoo him.  I jumped at the chance and said yes.  Going to his studio I knew he did loads of blood paintings and I was more into his found objects and sculptures.  Franko was orphaned and raised by the Red Cross in Italy.  The Red Corss is something that features prominently in his early works.  I tattooed the forehead tattoo of the winged skull and the beloved across his lower back.

Upon arriving I was overwhelmed by all the works some finished and others not but i had my mark on one item.  A beaten rusted old black cab taxi door with a red heart on it.  i was refused and he opted for these two instead.  I have had them and are still in my collection.  I love them very much and made a sound investment of my time.  I do enjoy when fellow artists ask me for a trade.

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Dana Sebastian said...

Wow! I love tattoos..Me and Adam soon! ;)