Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tattooing for Japan!

Tattoo By Matteo Cecarrini

The planets must have made a major shft with the last shinning full moon cause I seem to be wanting to do nice things like stroke puppys and actually pay fat ugly babies compliments. With the devastation that stuck the people of Japan and the tragic aftermath of the earthquake and the tsunami leaving thousands in despair. I proposed that me and the gang at the studio do something really good to help. The goal is to unite tattooers globally to show their compassion and gratitude to a country and culture that has influenced most of us artistically and personally. All of us owe a large debt of gratitude to Japan for its contribution to tattooing and the trade we are all so passionate about.

So Prick is going to have a Tattoo Benefit on May 9th from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. where anybody can recieve a tattoo for the price ranges of £40.00, £50.00, £60.00 and £70.00 from designated flash in the shop. Kat will be baking her world famous cupcakes, sushi will be served and all kinds of goodies too. The shop will be donating all proceeds to the red cross via Tattooers For Japan and know that this will be a packed event where it is a first come first serve basis.. Maximum tattoo time is 45 minutes in the chair.

Being that wer are in a capacity to do something good the guys were in a agreement to pull together and make this a great day for everybody involved. So if you would like to know any more information call the shop. So mark it in your calendars boys and girls and come get a tattoo for a good cause.

0207 729 9545

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Him Vs. Me The I Vs. We

It don't matter, where you turn
Gonna survive, you live and learn.
I've been thinking about you, baby.

By the light of dawn,
And midnight blue ... day and night ... I've been missing you.
I've been thinking about you, baby.
Almost makes me crazy,
Come and live with me.

Either way, win or lose,
When you're born into trouble,
You live the blues,
I've been thinking about you, baby.
See: it almost makes me crazy.

Child, nothing's right if you ain't here
I'd give all that I have, just to keep you near
I wrote you a letter, and tried to make it clear,
But you just don't believe that I'm sincere.
I've been thinking about you, baby.

Plans and schemes, hopes and fears,
Dreams I've denied for all these years
I, I've been thinking about you, baby
Living with me, wow.

I've been thinking about you, baby
Makes me wanna
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Child, nothing's right, if you ain't here
I'd give all that I have, just to keep you near.
I wrote you a letter, darling, tried to make it clear,
But you just don't believe that I'm sincere.

I've been thinking about you, baby
I want you to live with me, wow
I've been thinking about you, baby
I want you to live with me.

Friday, 18 March 2011


Yeah even this broad warbling about is alot better than the christmas ham trumped up like a generic low rent cabaret grag queen.
But it did make me laugh/


Henry Does Good.

I am often teased by my assistant as being a coniving evil trickster. Toot toot hey beep beep! But every so often I actually do something nice. This shocks some people as they start to question the theory of relativity and try and remember if they took their daily medication. So yeah I can also be a do-gooder. Yet I am no tree hugging hippie who bathes in Patchouli & Sandlewood oils, and I am not about to bust out with male Ugg boots or Birkenstocks. So you can put your hippie strength mace away. I recently joined The People's Supermarket as a member and joined the Marketing commitee. As a business owner myself, I know what it like to struggle to make a business work and it takes blood, sweat and fucking tears.

The purpose of the The People's Supermarket is to promote fair trade to all and it's members providing locally sourced foods and vegetables as well as organic that are virtually at the threat of extinction due to supermarket chains. The Big chains have a strangle hold on the farmers whom provide most foods we eat in this country and virtually place them in threat of phasing them out of business. Flowers are sold that are not flown in from other countries and foods are delievered straight from the suppliers themselves. This Co-Op is a member run and feuled innitiative, for the people by the people. This is not a new appraoch to supermarket

Paying a small joining fee, you are the required to do four hours of work within the store a month and you recieve a 10% discount.
What I find really enjoyable is that the people are friendly and that you are apart of doing something positive and helping local and small buiness while sticking the finger to the big chain supermarkets. I have to say that the produce at the People's supermarket is very lovely and I actually enjoy cooking the food I purchase as does my partner. Although he is not a member he supports the ideology of the store. He just doesn't have four hours a month to volunteer his time.

There are big plans for the store and it's quickly approaching it's 1st year anniversary. You can visit the supermarket and buy products that spa high end, mid range to standard basic foods that most households have, In anycase it's worth a visit and be apart of something positive. productive and good. Everytime I buy something I honestly feel I have made the right choice. I am not only helping the environment, and the local farmer just trying to make a honest living, but getting involved with the people of London and that is absolutely priceless. The store is quite easy to get to and would encourage anyone who lives in London to give it a vistit.


No I still do not like this Tranny Caca Poopoo person and don't think I will change my mind anytime soon. Yet my old pal over in Los Angeles has come up with a stroke of Genius where he's place a spin on the "it Get's Better" campaign. Born This Way is a collection of 1st accounts of gay and lesiian people from all over the globe retelling their expieriences coming to terms with acceptance and all it encompases. In virtually three months it has become a runway success and gone viral. My favorites are the pictures as some of them are truly sweet, touching and very funny.

Paul has done a ace job and he should be praised as this now has become his main priority and it has pretty much taken over his days. You can donate to the cause to help teens understand and share your own stories too. I did so by donating $10.00 and to sweeting the pot you can read my bery own submission here. Check it out.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Je' Dor Paris. C'est Magnifique

Oscar Wilde's tomb, yes I kissed it.

I'm sorry what were we talking about.

Stopped by Maria Callas to sing a song, I was shushed in the moseleum. How rude.

Jim Morrison's grave in Pere La Chaise.

Bren commented that this statue had the perfect ass, I had to agree.

I wish I could have broght Joleene as the city is very dog friendly. and Pooch does have her passport.

Over Valentine's day me and Bren made our way to France and stayed at our favourite hotel in the Marias. Finally making or visit to the Centre Pompidou. OUr last time there Paris virtually went on strike, and those pesky french love them some strikes making most galleries closed through out the city. My very first trip to Paris back in 2000 was ok yet I was alone and didn't speak French and kind of wandered around aimlessly, not really knowing what to do with my self. This last trip was my favourite by far, as walking down The River Seine with the one you love is an amazing experience. We made our way through Pigalle, The Marias, Champs Elysees, and of course my visit to Laduree. I love love love their macaroons. Next time we may go to the South of France.

I love the way Bren looks when he walks and smokes. very Sexy.. Oh la la.

We finally got to see the Mona Lisa in the new wing of the Lourve. It's amazing that the changes in the museum have really made an impact. They virtually redesigned the galleries from the basement up. The results are more condusive to the works, yet I spent a lot of time taking pictures of Statue Peen and asses. My French is still no better yet I am more cliamatized to getting around more now with out getting lost. Enjoy

Neptune Clamant La Tempete Accompagne D Un Triton- My Fav piece I thought this was a beautiful piece. very exquisite.

Brighton Tattoo Convention

Kat thought she lucked butch niext to the other girls. At least she's not wearing flannel.

At the end of January was a busy month for us at the shop as we loaded a van and headed to the seaside city of Brighton for our third time at the 4th Annual Brighton Tattoo Convention. So yours truly Grouchy Groucherson, Pappy Happening (JImbo), A Train (Adam), Kat, Matteo and the apprentice Dan. We had a record turn out and really enjoyed the trip and the weekend. We pulled the shit together and we rocked the booth. I am really happy the guys got it together and we shined as a team.

Jimbo Is not amused.

Dan the apprentice working his very first attoo convention.

I ended up locked out of my hotel roon nude after a night drinking with the guys. Long Story don;t ask> But I and the gang will be back next year fro sure.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Capturing Old Hollywood!

It's been years since I have lived in Hollywood. 13 years in fact. Yet it's dead to me, Malls are up in it's place and there is a mega conglomerate effect that has taken the old sheen of Hollywood off and glazed it with something that is not Hollywood anymore. Coming across a photo of some old friends when I lived in Hollywood took me to a place that I remembered. The scuzzy bars, the doomed relationships and the hope of one day becoming a star or loosing your shine and fading away. It all seemed so romantic back them. Music was good, drugs were cleanier, rent control was in effect and people were alot less suspicious of each other. Los Angeles is a great city with plenty to do yet it is not home to me anymore. I left and kept the memory with me of my wild and crazy youth. Although I still have friends who love there I touch base with them from time to time.

But Geoff Cordner is a photographer whose capture some of that old Hollywood in his photos and they take me back to a wild and recklessness without that bullshit Taylor Momsen trying to shock us with her silly sunday school exploits. His photos are primarily black and white and show people as they were in the moment. They remind me of some of my favorite photographers Mary Ellen Mark and Dianne Arbus. If you get a chance swing by his website and have a look at soome of his other work. It is pretty special. I remeber Geoff being friends with my boyfriend at the time and he asked my to pose for him. Frank is now a designer and he's the crazy german comatose on dope in the photos below. I said sure, why the hell not and the photo ended up in a spanish fashion magazine. Me scratching my balls. All photos are copyrighted to Geoff Cordner. I thought that Concrete Blonde's Still In Hollywood was appropriate for this as it takes me back to a time and place. To Hollywood I still love you, but to love you again would mean to have my heart broken all over again. Our time in Eden was fun, enjoy


Fashion Designers Loose There Damn Minds Part Deux :I love jew, Galliano!

With the end of London Fashion Week and the start of Paris Fashion Week, The fall of the crown jewel of the Parisian fashion scene's maestro John Galliano is a shame and a bit blown out of proportion. As I have tweeted my opinion that I myself don't think he is an actual racial bigot but just a sloppy drunk who's able bodied to turn his "evil queen" to level 12. The baby has peed in the fashion week goodie bag and bitch has been fired from the roost of a failing house he help restore in his tenure at Dior. Shame as I think he has a great eye for theatre and that Galliano takes everyone to another world where creature and creation are not of the exisitence. In short as Praticia Field said best, he is theatre. Sure bitch should really watch his mojito intake.

Yet i had no idea that there is a zero tolerance for any and all anti-semetic crimes be it verbal or otherwise in France. Paris is a beautiful place where they retreated to the Nazi regime to protect the beauty of the city. Where as London is a different story and was bombed the shit out of. Yet placing my opinion on the subject has frightened people to villify the man who is in my book really not considered a racist nor a anti-semite. No Galliano hates women with no hair, cheap shoes and tacky tailoring. In short Style and fashion to him are his kife force. If anyone has been to the Marias in trnedy Paris you will know they got tacky ass shoe shops and and purse shops coming out of it's wahzoo. Sill it is unfortunate that some are making judgements on small snippet of phone filmed photoage taken out of context, to condemn a man.

I have been to the Museum Of Tolerance and the Anna Frank House in Amsterdamn and both are equally moving and upsetting to bare witness to. I can never really imagine what it would be truly like to actually endure a visit to the camps when they were in operation at the time. Yet as fivolous as fashion society is I thnk it's really unfortunate that a drunken man who is just being a dumb ass should be comdemned so erroneously. Yes I don't agree that anybody should just start saying shit cause they do not like Jews nor make light of a situation such as the holocaust, yet the guy is simply not in a straight fram of mind and is obviously sloshed.

If jewsish women were so fucked off with him, they should return the clothes they purchased that he created. Like the droves of collected shoes in the holocaust, an ugly reminder to all. But no such thing has happened other than his dismissal. When southern Americans took offence to the Dixie Chicks comments on George W. Bush, all hell broke loose. Protest of them burning there Cd's and merchandise. Yet to return a luxury item is a different story. I don't rub salt in a Jews face when I see one driving a Mercedes Benz or BMW. Yet it happens. I still feel that people are to PC for there own good and are simply to afraid to think for themselves. My friend in japan told me he was taught that Hitler is only looked at as a villian because he lost the war. Which in a sense in this current world is true. had he took over i am sure shit would get really real.

Do I think Galliano should be fired? No. do I think he commited a act of stupidity? Yes. Still what his personal and private beliefs are are his own, and I really hand over heart don't feel that he is what he's made out to be other than a sloppy eveil queen. When the Huffington Post translated there version of the supposed indident, I didn't feel any really crime was made other than a verbal conflict between two tables, which is quite common. Paris if full of pretentious cunts. Yet when I made ny opinion a few women took to state that I was wrong and quoting bullshit like some dime store theologian. Whatever, I made my mind up on my own rather than quote some bulshit rhetoric that is not my own.

If you ask me John Galliano should pull an Eminem and find a Jew equivalent to Elton John. Funny thing is John Galliano looks jewish or at least his nose does. This goes ou to you Monsieur Galliano. Enjoy.