Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Capturing Old Hollywood!

It's been years since I have lived in Hollywood. 13 years in fact. Yet it's dead to me, Malls are up in it's place and there is a mega conglomerate effect that has taken the old sheen of Hollywood off and glazed it with something that is not Hollywood anymore. Coming across a photo of some old friends when I lived in Hollywood took me to a place that I remembered. The scuzzy bars, the doomed relationships and the hope of one day becoming a star or loosing your shine and fading away. It all seemed so romantic back them. Music was good, drugs were cleanier, rent control was in effect and people were alot less suspicious of each other. Los Angeles is a great city with plenty to do yet it is not home to me anymore. I left and kept the memory with me of my wild and crazy youth. Although I still have friends who love there I touch base with them from time to time.

But Geoff Cordner is a photographer whose capture some of that old Hollywood in his photos and they take me back to a wild and recklessness without that bullshit Taylor Momsen trying to shock us with her silly sunday school exploits. His photos are primarily black and white and show people as they were in the moment. They remind me of some of my favorite photographers Mary Ellen Mark and Dianne Arbus. If you get a chance swing by his website and have a look at soome of his other work. It is pretty special. I remeber Geoff being friends with my boyfriend at the time and he asked my to pose for him. Frank is now a designer and he's the crazy german comatose on dope in the photos below. I said sure, why the hell not and the photo ended up in a spanish fashion magazine. Me scratching my balls. All photos are copyrighted to Geoff Cordner. I thought that Concrete Blonde's Still In Hollywood was appropriate for this as it takes me back to a time and place. To Hollywood I still love you, but to love you again would mean to have my heart broken all over again. Our time in Eden was fun, enjoy


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