Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fashion Designers Loose There Damn Minds Part Deux :I love jew, Galliano!

With the end of London Fashion Week and the start of Paris Fashion Week, The fall of the crown jewel of the Parisian fashion scene's maestro John Galliano is a shame and a bit blown out of proportion. As I have tweeted my opinion that I myself don't think he is an actual racial bigot but just a sloppy drunk who's able bodied to turn his "evil queen" to level 12. The baby has peed in the fashion week goodie bag and bitch has been fired from the roost of a failing house he help restore in his tenure at Dior. Shame as I think he has a great eye for theatre and that Galliano takes everyone to another world where creature and creation are not of the exisitence. In short as Praticia Field said best, he is theatre. Sure bitch should really watch his mojito intake.

Yet i had no idea that there is a zero tolerance for any and all anti-semetic crimes be it verbal or otherwise in France. Paris is a beautiful place where they retreated to the Nazi regime to protect the beauty of the city. Where as London is a different story and was bombed the shit out of. Yet placing my opinion on the subject has frightened people to villify the man who is in my book really not considered a racist nor a anti-semite. No Galliano hates women with no hair, cheap shoes and tacky tailoring. In short Style and fashion to him are his kife force. If anyone has been to the Marias in trnedy Paris you will know they got tacky ass shoe shops and and purse shops coming out of it's wahzoo. Sill it is unfortunate that some are making judgements on small snippet of phone filmed photoage taken out of context, to condemn a man.

I have been to the Museum Of Tolerance and the Anna Frank House in Amsterdamn and both are equally moving and upsetting to bare witness to. I can never really imagine what it would be truly like to actually endure a visit to the camps when they were in operation at the time. Yet as fivolous as fashion society is I thnk it's really unfortunate that a drunken man who is just being a dumb ass should be comdemned so erroneously. Yes I don't agree that anybody should just start saying shit cause they do not like Jews nor make light of a situation such as the holocaust, yet the guy is simply not in a straight fram of mind and is obviously sloshed.

If jewsish women were so fucked off with him, they should return the clothes they purchased that he created. Like the droves of collected shoes in the holocaust, an ugly reminder to all. But no such thing has happened other than his dismissal. When southern Americans took offence to the Dixie Chicks comments on George W. Bush, all hell broke loose. Protest of them burning there Cd's and merchandise. Yet to return a luxury item is a different story. I don't rub salt in a Jews face when I see one driving a Mercedes Benz or BMW. Yet it happens. I still feel that people are to PC for there own good and are simply to afraid to think for themselves. My friend in japan told me he was taught that Hitler is only looked at as a villian because he lost the war. Which in a sense in this current world is true. had he took over i am sure shit would get really real.

Do I think Galliano should be fired? No. do I think he commited a act of stupidity? Yes. Still what his personal and private beliefs are are his own, and I really hand over heart don't feel that he is what he's made out to be other than a sloppy eveil queen. When the Huffington Post translated there version of the supposed indident, I didn't feel any really crime was made other than a verbal conflict between two tables, which is quite common. Paris if full of pretentious cunts. Yet when I made ny opinion a few women took to state that I was wrong and quoting bullshit like some dime store theologian. Whatever, I made my mind up on my own rather than quote some bulshit rhetoric that is not my own.

If you ask me John Galliano should pull an Eminem and find a Jew equivalent to Elton John. Funny thing is John Galliano looks jewish or at least his nose does. This goes ou to you Monsieur Galliano. Enjoy.

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