Thursday, 24 February 2011

Four Of My Favorite Designers

Fashion week is upon us and nearly over and here are just a small sample of what I liked. As I get older I find it harder to like clothes from the high street or say camden and or portobello market, So I look at the trends and see what I can take and use for my own closet. So I bring you the fall winter lines summer 2011/2012 and Summer show by Rei Kawakubo Menswear is a trick market as men are hard buyers moreso than women. But I do love alot of the stuff here although you will never see me wearing the Commes Des Garcon skull skirt to work or anywhere else for that matter. I thik there is someting that makes people very nervous about fashion shows. Where I always take the clothing out of context of the show and see them seoerately and place them with things in my closet. Yet I would look plain silly walking up Shoreditch Hight street trying to emulate a Clondyke Prarrie Woodsmen or the skeletal dress and check print. However there is something very satisfying about wearing a garment that you love and that brings an extra element of confidence to you and your presence.

Yet I am not one that has to copy the image straight from the runway like some do. I prefer dressing my self in what I like and what my wallet can afford at the time. I do love those apron witcoats though... Hmm


Rick Ownes

The dude with the tattoos came into my shop to ask for a job... I don't hire him!

Comme Des Garcon Summer Collection

John Vavartos

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