Saturday, 19 February 2011

When Mugler

Nicola Formichetti left the streets of london to style and conceal Tranny Caca's tuck, and picked up the job of spearheading Theirry Mugler's Menswear Collection Artistic Director. The thing I liked is that he used Canadian tattoo enthusiast Rick Genest known to the world as "zombie boy" I am not a fan of tranny caca and her little dog and pony show mixed with those hideous get ups. But I did like the footage Nichola captured with Rick and the over all effect of the clothes. Being this is when London Fashion Week starts I will be at the Child Of A Jago/Vivienne Westwood show. So i knida thought this was fitting. As I actually like Ricks tattoos and the go with the collection. Good call nNchola.

Sorry as I couldn't bear to listen to tranny yodel so found a version of the film with Drowning pool wich I think works better.

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