Saturday, 19 February 2011

Smoke & Mirrors vs. Human Interatction

I ocasionally visit Ryan Sullivans's Island to view his video film montages and they get me thinking. One was on the subject of sex which I really really liked, and brought up a point when watching porn you can tell that something in the milk ain't clean. And brought up the subject of "Rhetoric of Sex" which in short is a craft to use language and or verse to sway a point. This can also come to the use of body language as the body speaks far more truths than words spoken ever can. In short the body does not lie.

But in porn does it matter? To a degree I say yes, casue It is something that people enjoy watching when knowing that the scene filmed is real. When I worked for several studios, it would enrage the director when the scene fell flat or the two or 9 willing parties were simply going through the motions and just fall silent. He would bellow, "this is a fucking sound picture people" even and could tell when a moan was either forced, fake or flat. He could just tell. Those were always the longest shoots and would be a sure indicator we were in for a long ass night. Yet I liked the points that were brought up in the film and believe most of them to be true.

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