Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tripping On Through

I have been keeping busy and it's been full on and with certain changes in the wake of the last several months I have steadily kept forward motion and wrapping up this year. I made my way to see some old friends and reconnect and showed my partner my hometown of Los Angeles and got to drive him around, which was kool and my favorite part of my trip cause I got to show him things and tell him the stories I knew about old Hollywood and the folklore.

The damaged an the beauty's faded on the sheen of Hollywood but I think thats part of it's mystique. She's like Ms. Havisham a bride in her dated wedding dress that was once beautiful but just a dusty shell. I made it to Australia and saw my friends wedding and got to see some olf friends and felt really fortunate that I got to hang with them and carry on from where we started. I even made some new friends and the memory has been a great cap to end the year.

In the past year I went to Paris, Los Angeles twice and Melbourne Australia. I am very lucky to have done these things in the course of 12 months and be able to do them on my own resources and time frame. Looking back I feel very fortunate that I have been able to do this especially in this economy. And I am even more happy to say that me and Bren are doign well. It's not been easy and there have been a few curve balls
but I am stoked and lookign forward to the next year.

A lot has happened in the last year with work and the shop and I was hired by another corporate company for a gig and this time they paid me what I wanted which was nice. and I still feel that there is forward motion. So before I forget I would like to say thank you to everyone who was involved in this year. It was a pretty good year with it's fair share of shake ups and lulls.

The London riots were a sad case as the rest of the 3rd world countries move to rallying for real democracy. Youngster were pillaging Jd Sports and Vodaphone for disposable crap in the name of what ever bullshit reason. What ever it was it wasn't a valid reason to destroy peoples lives and neighborhoods. Amy left and that same day a friend's mother had died virtually at the same time. And there we were back stage at a PJ Harvey/Portishead show in a green room balling our eyes out.

The last year was far better then the one previous and I am glad and thankful for that. I am looking forward to seeing you around.

All the best
All my love

Friday, 21 October 2011

The perfect Halloween Costume for tattooed People!

If you ever wanted to see what Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy aka Tranny Caca's only real street cred, you should check out his video. When I worked as a makeup artist The stuff was like spackle for builders and worked amazingly well. Drag queens swear by it. I am not trying to hock the product, but I thought the video was pretty cool. I do not care for the music though. I am starting to believe that our very own rob here has created something of his own 'Blue Steel' look. Enjoy.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Touching Base

Alot has gone on in the last couple of weeks and haveen been busy with all sorts of things. First I have been keeping my nose to the grind stone. and decided to seperate myslef forom a certain individual who is a rather half empty moaning Myrtle and emotional vortex. In truth I am very happy they are gone. A tattoo artist quit without giving a proper reason for them leaving other than they are not happy. Ok. Bye. Concerts and plays and trying to catch up on sleep and Bren's birthday was last week and had a rather successful soire. So it's not as if I have been ignoring anything I have been just keeping busy. At the moment Bren is also tending to our cat whom was hit by a car. So there are many plates to spin.

I am gearing up for a trip to Melbourne Australia to visit some friends and go to a wedding which hopefuly should be fun and then starts the holiday season. As this year has been a busy and very hard one, I am glad I have gone through it. Thrusday we went to see Margaret Cho do a few numbers from her stint at the Finge in Edinburgh Fest and the Album Cho dependent. She has a knack for having gay comics open for her that are NOT FUNNY! She was witty brash and in and I enjoyed myself. I am happy that she is able to broaden her fan spectrem from the show Drop Dead Diva. Yet I do feel she has treaded on this familiar ground time and time again. and she made the mistake of thinking gay marriage in the UK is not acceptable.

I laughed and enjoyed the show but i was starting to think there is only so far one can laugh at pussy and gay jokes where she then starts to parody her own mother by the double standard of accepted racism. I don't think it's right that she states racism but then falls on to the cheap stunt of stereotypifying her own mother. Honestly she hasn't covered any new ground from her repetoire and it sounds like a bashing, yet I I would love for her to really push the envelope than play it safe to to the gays. At the time she was quit a breath of fresh air and still think she is on it when she is sharp and witty. Other times I think she relies on the standard for the label gay audience.

She revealed that she got knocked up from one of the members of Siouxsie and The Banshees, and had to get an abortion which was an eye opener. If she

Maybe it's age speaking but that type of humour i loose interest in quit quickly. And she should find a really funny gay comic.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

To A Certian Someone, With Love Of Course.

This week has been tough as we as a group are left to clean up a mess that a certain individual left in his wake. Rather than just be hinest with me they decided to concoct a bullshit story yet booking appointments in advance when they knew they were going to go. So to the dishonest, no ball having son of a PUTANA. I would say that if you had a dick this is where you would have tell me to suck it, But like I said If! So I will leave by saying this:

Friday, 5 August 2011


I will be the first to admit that I make my own rules and I am no day at the beach. I have been called many things from asshole. slave drver, Prick, whore., Meanie, Satan.. Mr Hat, Hank- to which I hat. Sadistic Mother fucker and they have all been said in the theat of deep anger all aimed at me. Sometimes deservedly so when I was younger, drunk, high, or stupid and slutty and at other times I have been all of the above at once. Yet I like to sit back and observe. I watch and take it all in. There are times when I make a comment on a subject that becomes un-nerving. Especially from people who do nothing more than have a superior ideal sense of self and it's them vs. the rest of they world. at large. I came across a little guys blog about some biullshit that is no sweat off my nuts, But I am going to set the fucking RECORD STRAIGHT.

Short whiney moaning Myrtle that is the the moniker of one supposed Drubskin or as I like to call him Ms. Tanner has a yeast infection about me stating the obvious "he suffers fools gladly" on a weekly basis , paycheck to paycheck. His response was a longwinded, prissy rant that was something straight from teen mom or My Super Sixteen. Off the mark and complete and utter Bullshit. You know what I am glad that guy is in his positon cause it has no fucking effect on me. Bitch is nothing more than a
weekend warriror playig at artist. He's compared me to Marie Antoinette and the misused "Let them eat cake" crap. Are you fucking kidding me. Listen up fucker. I put everything on the line to get where I am and so blessed to have. I busted my ass and it definately wasn't handed to me with a gilded spoom or a silver platter. As for your bourgeois stance =on working class Give me a fucking break and hey remind yourself that the next time your sitting in your post war home reading of all things fucking Wallpaper. You sound like this, "Bitch moan bullshit bullshit bitch moan bullshit bullshit.

Here is the shit nugget he then went on to bang on about.

"Having been searching for a different job for two years, a recession going on, 10% recorded employment in southern California with who knows how many people now unable to collect unemployment, and an absolute lack of creative jobs here in San Diego? Really? How do you respond to that in a “tweet”? I’ve been living my own personal hell because of these things I can’t control. I also found that he stopped following me promptly after this message was sent, so I just said with the choice between being employed and not, I’ll choose having a paycheck. Daddy has a mortgage and likes to eat.

I was going to let all this slide, but I got cold-cocked by two other people this week and I’ve kind of had it so I’ve decided to call people out on it. You know, I understand I was not happy in that moment and I’m sorry I ruined your day, but you could have just unfollowed me quietly, rolled your eyes, and then went back to being self-employed at your own tattoo shop. Not everyone has those same opportunities you have been blessed with and must work for others but this is clearly a case of Marie Antoinette not understanding that she holds cake in one hand and bread in the other. So much for retaining that working class outlook.

Or is this all because I didn’t follow you? Either way, it’s some petty shit, no matter how you slice it."

10% hookah pah-lease you don't exactly live in a third world country, and your so ready to seek blame out with the worst in your strange and archaic little head. Well what do you expect from someone whom plays dungeons and fucking dragons? I stopped following you on twitter cause your banter was neither funny, insightful, witty and rather stale other than you just moan about your fucking bullshit job. As business owner I take offense to shit like that cause you sit on your aging fat ass and do absolutely nothing about it, Oh but it's ok for your boss to think you sit holed up in your cubicle/office pretending to work. I know I would bet my left and right nut that he would rather have a appreciative employee who would be more than happy to slit your fucking throat for your job especially in this economy. I have followed your alleged career for what seems like forever and your no closer to doing what you truly love and still have absolutlely no fucking idea whom you really are. Sure you go through the fucking motions. Biut don't expect the world to raise your price when you don;t even really put yourself out there, Find a fucking direction and man up, grow and shit the fuck up. You have been dealt a hand you still have options how you choose to appraoch it is all up to you.

You make no direct attempt to resolve your situatiom when it is you who is the biggest problem of all. Here is a novel idea, how bout you grow some nuts and really talk to your boss about your situation. S'matter you afraid you might get the sack and your piece of shit job as a graphic designer is just as stale as the shit you try and hock. Try approaching your situation with e little dignity and accountablility? You might want to throw in ambitions while your at it or did you loose that along with a sense of decorum in dealing with people as your superior? Tow the fucking line and take fucking control you fucking pussy. Man there is nothing worse than a person who says they have no control over their choices and life. You have a choice. you just choise to blanket the shit your in with phantom excuses and self pity. Cause nothing is ever really YOUR FAULT. Your trivial attempt to ban people from your social web shere is moronic at best & pittiful to say the least. What have yiou really fucking done to desserve a position where you wish to be? What real efforts have you actually made and sacrificed? You don't need to answer me casue I don't fucking care. Makes no difference to me if you take a leak or shit. I am in a position to want for nothing and I am thankful for that, but again I didn't wait for this to fall in my lap cause my number came up. I went out and got it. It takes ambition, direction and fucking guts. You sound like your waiting for the right option to come along and then by divine intervention you will be free of what ever tedious drivel goes on in your life.
When I will say point blankly your resentful cause your feel you should be in better position and your not, your getting older and it's harder.

You're still drawing the same skinheads all with those barbed scowls and child like faces. as if thats something to be proud of. Fuck right off you sound like a fucking stilted adolescent whom never actually grew up and you come across like a caricature of your own silent undoing. Must be nice? I would rather play along with the game and change the rules once I am inside. Would I want to change places with you, in no fucking way ever. Yet I can say if I were in your position I would know what I needed to do to fix it, and it;s not by changing the fucking scenery. Still feel punk rock punk? That's all you are to me like those moron gutter punks resplendid with studs whom sit in camden bitching about the establishment but make no effort to change it themselves. It's not your fault it's out fault, it's the economy's fault, my daddy never loved me. Whaaa whaa whhaaa! Whats working class is to take account and say fuck this I am changing it and get on with it. Your no different when you bitched in Kansas and I paid you for work. You need people like me more than I need you, after all thats your fucking JOB! Like your lame ass Skinhead philosophy 101, it's outdated and no longer relevenrt and probably deleted.

You have options, you just to blind sided to fucking see the forest for the trees with resentment to see anything.. Here is a tip for you, instead of having your "fans" (a term I am using loosely) pay you with gifts of socks or having someone else make money off your work. How about you pay your own fucking mortgage and food bill with your work? I haven't got time for your pain cause I do not share it, and you might want to look up the work transference you pot bellied toxic harpie! Now if you'll excuse me I will return to wjat I worked my ass off for and go eat some cake or bread with the money I earned on my own resources. Jealous Much? Then ask your self this, how do you think I got it?

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Does Goes Gay Music Suck?

I will admit that Elton John, Freddie Mercury and even Michael Stipe have made some shear genius tunes. Yet While I was in L.A. I came across some music that was a pain and a fucking chore to listen to. I don't get the whole dumbed down prissy Glamour of the Madame Lamberts or even the Disco Sheen of Cazwell or Colton Ford. If I were a tween tranny with a perpetual boner and a drug habit I might like it. At lest I could say the drugs make the shit sound better. Yet Even Euro pop of Azis and Kazaky are hard to swallow casue it just see,s like shiny drivel in Auto-Tune.

To Me Azis is just a chubbier version of Adam Lambert who's been at it longe and supposedly with a bigger dick. As Cazwell has been deemed by the gay press as their answer to Eminem, I was left with one question when I actually saw him live. Are you fucking kidding me with this bullshit. It sounded like a nursery rhyme for guys with hardon's and wanting to crunk. Yeah fucking right. Take away the lyrics and you have a song that would appeal to a 6 year old on morning television. So it makes me wonder about the mental state of some of it's actual listeners. I mean there is no craft of Bob Mould's magic of Husker Du. Most of the new acts seems to base their stuff on the pretention of glamourous sex, designer clothing, and high gloss. Not Very Rock and Roll. No I like my rock stars foaming at the mouth riddled with VD and drug addiction. Even The Sisscor Sisters are nothing more than Abba parading around as the Village People, only in brighter colours and silly get-ups.

I have never been a fan of pop perse as like Madonna or Kylie as I think they suck. Don't get me started on Lance Bass and Ricky Martin. It's just shit with glitter sprinkled on top and I don't buy it. But some Gay Music is just to juvenile for my tastes. I wih I could say that I like and want to but it doesn't speak to me and it doesn't move me. And like Shakespeere said, If you music be the language of love, PLAY ON! Just don't play that shit around me or it's going out the window. So does gay music suck...? I think the music that caters to the frivolious does most definately. Music that is more user friendly is just classic and you can hear the difference.

Songs that are just Brilliant
Husker Du


Queen- When I was a kid loved this song and I sang it at the top f my lungs on my bike.

The Germs

Judas Priest- I do love a good hair do band.

Block Party- Hey there Kele and Simon.. Been a while since I have seen you guys.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

To Square To Be HIP!

London has many membership bars all vying for the creme de la creme of the London Social Scene. I have been in several and my partner always thinks they are just a loads of bollocks as he says and never undersands the pretension of people paying money to be accepted. He has a point. Membership bars are not that hard to get into if you know the right people and the always seem to be the friends of friends that make the place cooler or dare i say it Hip. Bren told me i was an idiot if I paid for a membership to on of the bars which I seriously considered and had my name put forward by a friend. The places always seek the "creative types" but the seem to atract the pesky bullshit monkey suit with a bank account bigger than his dick. To me most of them are not "creatives and or artists" They're sales people who claim marketing is an art form not a pitch.

I've been to both Shoreditch House once when Amy was dj'ing had breakfast there with a client and watched a few celebrities get into drunken arguments with their dates in Soho House and Sketch. But I would never call these places cool. So It struck me funny when a suit took offence to his ass being barred by both clubs and sister watering holes for being told not to wear a suit. Ladies and gentlemen i give you ehibit A. Pudgy old fart whom conducts business at these places and took offence when he was 86'd for wearing his working clothes to the establishments. He was told he was to School for cool.

I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but I am going to say this fucker looks like he wouldn't be exactly cracking don P's at P Diddy's crib chillin any time soon. One lesson in cool if you paid to belong your not cool. They bar is celebrating your money as you are as well. Cool people just don't expect to pay for frivolious things like a £600 memebrship There are bars that will just hand you one if they like you or know you. What i find even more funny is this jerk went to the press to moan about it. No sympathy here. He used his money as a battery ram and felt that validated him as belonging, HIs walking papers were the official NO. A friend of mine had a dream once where she didn't make it passed the velvet rope, and she was told in her dream she wasn't cool enough and it upset her. Ok we were 24 and she just moved to LA. There are social graces those in the know must obtain to survive in the ever changing battle ground rules of perpetual cool. To quote Groacho Marx, I would beve want to belong to a club that would have me as a member.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

For Amy.

I have a hole in my life and in my heart. Five O' clock I got the call. I didn't believe it. Not her, not what i wanted to hear on what was supposed to be a great night out. For eight years a girl I personally knew came in and out of my life with a smile and a presence that I truly enjoyed. I met Amy just after the tail end of her first album of Frank. Which I was a fan of and she walked into my studio. Ripping pages out of a book making a pile and placing them on my desk. My very first words to her were, "Bitch, I know you are not fucking up my book have you lost your mind?" She had the exact same book I owned and she wanted a tattoo right then and there and I was closing in 20 minutes. I said yes cause I loved the first album and was a fan, I then made a friend.

I didn't know a volitle woman or a messy drunk, or even a tabloid celebrity. I got to know a very shy girl whom would come into my shop randomly just tp say hi, or ask to use the phone when she had no credit on her phone. She once asked to take my dog Joleene out for a walk the secong time she visited my shop. I let a total stranger walk my dog, famous or not and oddly Joleene went with her. That was a testiment of a good person, cause Joleene doesn't like to go for walks with just ANYONE and she casueally allowed Amy in. She once brought in a toy form Joleene and played with her for a half hour. Over the years i got to know her well enough and she would call me, and I never pried into her life but I watched it change upon the success of Back To Black. I had tattooed her boyfriend Alex a chef, whom I thought was dead sexy and she was still the same sensitive chain smoking girl whom was funny and polite and often asked about my partner Bren. When I told her we were getting married she offered to sing at my ceremony. That who she was. Extremely kind and i had not a bad thing to say about Amy.

She let me hear a rough mix when I did her Hello Sailor tattoo for Back to Black. She was the only client I ever let smoke in my shop cause I loved her. To me Amy was great and smart and very fucking sharp. I told her that she was very liked in the gay scene, and she replied, "probably cause I'm such a bitch". She wasn't though not to me anyways. she often reffered me to art jobs for her lable and projects. She didn't have to but she did and I was always greatful. When she come into the shop she stayed for more than she needed to and someimes just sit and talk and visit. She would leave things in the studio and pick them up later. She was talented and has it in spades. We talked on subjects ranging from Love to low we dealt with addiction. And I still say she was a clever girl. It got hard to watch the hangers on spend her money without her consent or watch people circle her as she became AMY WINEHOUSE. To that point I waited for her to come in when she was ready. Calls would come in and voice messages on my phone and her voice would ring with a slu "Hello Dahling or Hey Big Sexy!" I made a remark about a certain individual that I thought was her friend swingng by me shop looking for her, and she said flatly and frankly that they were in no way friends.

I got the honor to have her sing in my shop to me privately as she sang a improvised melody to Biggie Smalls "Big Poppa" and i was floored. It was a provate moment and for free. She was just a lovely girl who wanted love and extremely sensetive, She joked she wanted to movie to Miami and have big boobs and fuck a mob gangster, and I said me too, she laughed. She was engaging with fellow customers and often gave autographs and posed for pictures with customers in the shop. She was not the train wreck people pegged her to be. To me she was just Amy from Edmonton north London. When the press did a hatchet job on me on the back of her, she called me the day it happened from Saint Lucia o give support again she didn't need to or have to but she was that type of girl. Yes she was an addict and we talked about my and her troubles and the pressures she was under and how it all changed and that the simple things like riding the tube were no longer an option for her. Things she loved doing were taken from her because of the monster that was success and the scrutiny she was put under made it that more difficult The press relished a mess it sold papers and ,ade fucking pathetic chavs with bullshit, boring, hum drum lives to feel better about themselves. Seeling a clip a story or even a photo.. She didn't know whom to trust and I never tried to cash in on her or sell a story about her. What she told me was in the strictest of confidence and I am honoured to have those moments and memories of her.

I never knew an unflatering person but a genuine artcle and old soul with a heart of gold. amy was fucking cool. And I am touched that this young jewish girl liked me as I was and i loved her as she was. Amy wasn't perfect but she was bang on. I am going to truly miss her and I don't care what they say about Amy Winehouse the celebrity. Amy Winehouse the person was just an amazing girl who gave when she didn't need to and she was a friend to me. I find myself crying cause the last time I spoke to her she was in good spirits and on the mend. So it's hard to process her absence and her undoing. I'll miss her gentle hugs and when she would call me Big Sexy. I always loved coming home from work and tell Bren, "Amy came into the shop today and guess what happened?" That will not happen anymore. The stories, the visits, her smile and face. I once watched in awe as she gave a girl in the shop a makeover and the girl idley let her. Amy I know your pain is now gone and the suffering is over and I am sorry for the void you created for your friends and family we were loved by many that were close and by millions far and wide. You were loved loved by me. I want to thank you for the time you gave me and the memories we shared. I will never find another person like you and you will be missed. So I keep you in my good books as you have shown me nothing but kindness and love and most of all your warmth. Thank you so much.

I Love you always You are still a star!


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Bee In My Bonnet

Seeing that I just returned from my trip from LA and I got sun burned I am now officially a Londoner as my Mexican ass can no longer take the sun. The bean is burnt. Warpaint's Bee's has been a summary of my time in Los Angeles.
At the moment this song has been on my ipod on heavy rotation for some reason and I really love this song. I was thankful I got to see the band when they were on tour here in February. But I thought this song is appropriate for certain reasons in relation to my journey home. The words were quite fitting too. Not to mention that I do love playing with bees. Triple letter score, Sweet!

Your full moon taunts me

You put me, you put me on yourself
You've been at yourself
You woke me up last night
and my eyes lit up like lights
like a string of pearls
but you still did what you wanted

and all the time it took you to get your self straight
all that time it took you to get your self straight
all that time it took you to get yourself straight
was too late
so work harder for the things you made in me

And your full moon taunts me
And your thoughts they got me
(got me in
got me in)

and all the time it took you to get your self straight
all that time it took you to get your self straight
all that time it took you to get yourself straight
was too late
so work harder for the things you made in me

Did i reset what I started?
Did I resist what I wanted?
Do I think you've got my number?
I'm not the one to continue on.

all that time it took you to get yourself straight
was too late
so work harder for the things you made in me

The Real Reason Olive Oil Was Made For.

I am a huge fab of wrrestling, ever since I was a wee knibble piquito nino i loved wrestling. Yes, I am highly competitive and love a good ruck and did ok in learning grappling in the Army. Yet the art of turkisk oil wrestling is something to a whole new level that makes me more than stand up and pay attention. There's the guys, the oil, the nuclear wedgie in leather pants, and then there are the pants. Man, I got to get me a pair of those. I first came into contact with this sport when I was 17 from a photo essay and was taken by the men and the ritual that these communities take part it. Needless to say that I was hooked and loved it ever since.

There is something to be said about contact sports and the affiliation, more than just the display of hot, oiled, beefy Turkish men. When watching the matches it does apear to be a game of wit rather than of brawn to find the weakest points for a take down. Poppa;s got a brand new bag. Enjoy the show.

bustour#4 - gladyatörs from markus dassel on Vimeo.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Must You Suffer For Art?

Tracey Emin's Those Who Suffer for Love.

London is filled with Art Galleries some of the best in the world and I love that most are free. London encourages culture and believes that art should be viewed by most people to get them thinking and expose them to ideas through a visual. After all art galleries are the last vestige of salons where people talk about cultural ideas via works presented before them. I myself used to believe in the idea of the 'tortured artist' yet not so any more. I believe that utilising a visceral language to convey a idea or message does not take a rocket scientist, but to use it to great effect to get people thinking and stir up thoughts is a great thing. My professor in college said, "artists make the world a beautiful place. You are given a gift to make wonder." I do believe him be it in the creative forum covering books, music and crafted sculpture to art, and design.

That being said some artists are more apt and skilful than others. Yet with a new exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank I am left asking a question must we suffer for our art and if we do is it actually art? Is it easier to just label someone as a ill judged shit magnet. Yes Tracey Emin I am looking in your direction. Mrs. Emin was part of the burgoin Young British Artists of the mid 90's whom with the help of Charles Saatchi made media headlines with her behaviour and her labelling inadament objects art. This is a woman who has refered to her own rape as being 'Broken In", stated that she has had numerous abortions and doomed relationships with men and rumoured woman, etc etc. The there is the drinking and her typical sloppy drunk demeanoor served her ever present crooked smile. I do believe one she is an artist who has some good ideas but her life and her art have merged into one making her a tragic caricature of her own doing. I am left to ask does she seek this as a means to really create art or is it just a broken record stuck on the same track?

If I use Gilbert & George for instance, they remind me of the Pet Shop Boys, a few paintings look cool but then like the PSB the shit starts to sound the same. Tracey Emin's song is one of victim, tragedy and supposed superfulious self centeredness. Sterile, epmty and a body of work that really doesnt speak to me in volumes, but a self involved voice that is gin soaked and based on emotional stuntedness. Yeah I know I sound like a snob here but I am just basing my opinion on her work. I mean come on how and the fuck are you to respond to a woman putting a neon sign on a wall with the phrase " My Cunt Is Wet With Fear"? Now If I was in a satanic Texas whore house, sure i would have grounds for thought. My Neon Sign maker does Tracey's Neon signs as well, but I do not call my shop sign art.

When I first saw Emin's bed I thought eewe you rank bitch dirty chonies tren from left to right and she is this supposed world famous artist and she drinks absolute and chain smokes. Her life is been something of a marketing tool to which I say bravo as it has served her well, yet I do not find her work moving nor ground breaking. If her work evolved or truned a direction in which she conveyed growth I would take notice but that is still to be seen as she is continually askiing us for the answers as if she doesn;t know herself.

If you go to the 2;59 mark you can see a parody of Tracey in Beautiful People, which is very funny. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Tumbling Down

The say you should never give into peer presure.. So if you ask me if I would jump off a cliff cause everyone else was doing it I would first ask myself how are they jumping off a cliff and what options of protective gear am I allowed. So hell yeah I would probably do it. Yetas I take time out from applying deep heat to my aching muscled and grab my roid donut and pillow (cause I'm old) Myself and the shop now have Tumblr's. I am always amazed that kids can crasp this and I have a trouble dealing with my electric juicer.
The Shop Tumblr is all the little shinanigans that go in here and you can see what type of work that is going on here in progression. While my personal tumbler is a cheaper version of the blog. AND BASICALLY PEOPLE WERE TAKING MY ARTWORK AND POSTING IT ON THERE TUMBLR"S Wacky kids today.

Come join me

Bitch has got NO Game.

David who works here after me firiing his ass TWICE is back in the shop and showed me this little shit nugget. For my senses to be shocked, takes a hell of a lot and I will say I am fuckicng shocked and appaled. Here's whay. This bitch has the attitiude of a fucking PIMP. Yeah I said it nothing racist and certainly offensive yes. Cause he refers to the feild of tattooing a game. BNitch should be smacked like a 50 cent whore in church layte with the rent. To refer to your profession as a game and and you yourself are not actaully tattooed is nothing more than a cash cow. This bitch needs to step away from the bar-b-que pork and fucking recognize he will fool himself and others.

I wont know someone who is just trying to get by with honest intentioms but when you buy someone elses business your essentially buying their problems as well. Would I ever sell my shop. NO! Cause the name and Prick belong to me. Yet the videos here aren't great but he approach to the whole "game is lack luster and dumbed down.". Yeah I said it and will not appologize. Sure we have bad days and have down work we wish we could fixe but the owner's inflated bragging is hard to swallow let alone watch. I am sure some of the tattooists who work here may aspire to go onto better and greater work. Fingers crossed but the whole thing starts with the owner. Nuff said cause if you don't dedicate your life and body to the art craft you will not have shit to be proud of.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Life In Pictures.

Sometimes I take photos of random things and just let myself get absorbed in the images around me. I can't help it I am attracted to and look at weird and wonderful things. So I am always loose with a camera and snap away. Here are a few things I captured recently.
I had a swatch of hair growing out the back of my head that I wore like a china man and eventually thought I looked like I had a Merkin (a pubic wig) growing out the back of my head and I cut it off.

i thought this woman had Barney Rubbles feet from the Flintstone's

Shoreditch is filled with whacky hipsters who think they look cool and look about 30 years to late on the trend, That's my opinion and it stays. Put it this way it sucked then and I am almost sure it will suck now. Maybe even more so you can spare me the finding their self expression speech blah blah blah.

Pooch and Bren in Holland Park, she looks so proud.

Mini Cherry's

Morrocan Dinner along the Thames.

Life is a lot like chess

Time to Make Momma Pretty!

Momma's Pretty

Shock To The Heart and You're To Blame


My Current Mood!

This is pretty much it in a nut shell! Better Mother Fucking Recognize!

Michael Clark Rocks Hard!

I have been a fab of The Michael Clark Company for a few years and never thought I would enjoy the art form of modern dance. Mr Clark has chosen some serious tunes to work with. His previous work Come Gone Been utilising Bowie, Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop was music to my ears. Yet his latest preview of new work at the Tate Modern was something I could not miss. Front row centre I was there with the dance troupe gyrating to Bowie, Pulp and a moving and lovely piece provided by Funkadelic's 'Maggot Brain'. His troupe use all aspects of dance from ballet to simple mime stop motion. His basic approach is effective and once again the show stopper to Bowie's Jean Genie gets me every time. As this last show is a transitional piece I can not wait to see the finished work in its entirety.

Truly Faithfull!

A few weeks back I treated Bren to a night to the Barbican Hall to see Marianne Faithfull, whom he loves. Since I have been with Brennie pants I have come to love her music and her life is just awe inspiring and she has a tale or two to tell. She's been a Model, a Muse and Homeless Wreck and out Courtney Loved Courtney. She has lived an extraordinary life and her voice is the proof. Her whiskey soaked voice that was once the sweet chirp of a song bird is now that of a woman who's lived hard and in liquor, drugs and love. She did an amazing rendition of Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan's Gutter Twins All Misery/Flowers. Wayne Krammer of MC5 was at her side to play some of her best loved songs from Broken English which is her masterpiece.

Although she did not play my favourite song "Why'd Ya Do It", she played "Working Class Hero"
and "As Tears Go By" which Jagger and Keith wrote or as she put it "blah blah blah, yeah big deal". Her song she co wrote with Nick Cave 'There's A Ghost' Leaves an erie edge that works beautifully. You have to hand to her as she smoked through the whole set and did a Tom Waits cover she is even more astounding today than ever and earns the right to be called a legend in my book. The woman is very cool, understatedly so.

Monday, 6 June 2011


Recently I was contacted by designer Simon Preen to do a portrait of his boyfriend as a birthday gift. i posted phase one on my twitter account and somebody forwarded him the image and we hit a snag as I tapped into my artistic temperment when explaining my position. In fairness I appologoze to him as he got the fucking horns and theThe whip and the fire breathing dragon. I was on a drawing streak and nearing burn out when he along with a certain custome's friend decided to play art critic to unfinished work that they themselves were even having. Yet the end result was soemthing that his boyfriend loved and that was what I was aiming for. I am happy to say that the artwork is now hanging in their hall proudly.

I haven't drawn with a bic biro in ages since virtually a tennager as I was broke and thought I would give it ago. Your looking at Gouache. Biro and pencil on 11x15 450g watercolor paper. I may do more. and yep the cheque cleared. cha ching. If anyone is interested in having a portrait done please contact me through my website.
or email me at for proces and details.

Do's and Don't Mug Shot Hot or Not.

I will admit I am addicted to mug shots! I fucking dig them. there is something about looking at someone elses failure to make you feel better when your feeling a little in the dumps. Who needs Oprah when you have things like Florida's Criminal Database to make you feel a whole lot better. It's like a hug on a computer screen. Sometimes I weill sit with my assistant and look at them and decide wether they are hot or not. Yeah it's kinda sad while we do the Snog, Marry Date Rape Or Avoid. But there are moments when i resort to acting like a 13 year old kid with a permanent boner. I have always joked with clients that id they were to tattoo the word Hot Mess someone somewhere would be all over that shit harder than Tom Crusie going down at a glory hole at a whte Party Weekend. The Do's and Don'ts of Mug shots.

Ok I will say the sneer and the neck tattoos are pretty sexy..
Dunno bout the Emo Bieber sweep. Seing that his bail was at $750 i think his only crime here is being hot.
So I say Do. and Do hard,

Now If you gonna be bad ass and look like your about to cut a bitch you should do this by all means. Take your mugshot with actual blood on your clothing. Who knew that a self employed dancer could be so dangerous.Bitch looks crazed.

Don't cut a bitch unless all other resources have failed you.

Proof that Yeti/Sasquatch is out ther in the form of a hairy Rosie O'Donnel homegirl might want to up her dosage on the estrogen.
Don't and reach for a fucking razor or wax strip.


Some of you may know that I love love love my horror films. Frighteningly so, well at least to my former shrink who does not want to be in the same room with me without his supervisor present. Yeah like I'm going to bust out a chainsaw and start slicing the bitch. Anyhoo, I have been working with the fine writer and great friend Jimbo James Anthony over at Fuck Yeah Horror where i give my two cents and then some on my movie collection and opinions on the genre so dealy loved by many.

The site has gone through a reboot all while jimbo also doubles as a refferee to London'd Roller Derby. He's got alot on his plate and was impressed with the reboot and I am sure that there is plenty of ideas he's scoping out to give the site a grand push. Complete with pictures, previews and reviews from his stable staff writers including me, the site is still in ythe process of growing so make sure to check it out. as well as my review on Galaxy Of Terror and the notorius Maggot Rape Scene.

I do enjoy writing for him as he just lets me ramble and then edits what I put down for you all to enjoy. Plus that dude is always a blast to hang with and throw a few drinks back with. The can hold his own against me and that's really saying something.

Tsunami Benefit Pics.

The photos here were taken by Max Colson who takes some pretty impressive photos and whas kind enough to spend the day with us here and here are the results. all photos are teken by him so please do not reposit these as I have asked for permision first. I would like to say thank you from me and the staff here at Prick to the 16 genorous people who helped up raise £810.00 monday the 9th. We are greatfull as arethe people of Japan whom were effected by this horrible tragedy.

Box Codax

a while ago I was asked by the guys from Franz Ferdinand if I would help out Nick with his video shoot for his other band Box Codax.. My response was sure why the hell not. The single is I Wont Come Back and is available now. Although i forgot about this they came in to the studio the other day and gave me a heads up. So does this make me cool now? Not sure as I kinda dig the song where a mind reading cat controls a spazz of a dude as he walks around central London shaking a tail feather.

Colour Me Prick!

above is a entry from a handsome lil devil hailing from Ireland by the name of Brendan McCann, this guy offered to sleep with me to win and I just might take him up on his offer.

Great news people are still handing in their entries for the Prick Colour Contest and as promised I am uploading a few enrties. As this is a busy time of year here at Henry Hate Headquarters i thought it would be greatto hear your responses as to who should win so far. I haven't placed every one up yet but that would take all fucking day to do on top of the 960 gajillion other things I need to do. Beside scrutiny is so much more fun when your not under the microscope. So to get your creative juices flowing we have extended the contest to June 30th 2011 and will close at 7pm. Keep em coming.
It's amazing looking at some of the work presented and the creative minds out there.

Here we have a water colour on rag by some kid named David hailing all the way from Rome as in Italy.
I like the colour scheme and give him props for doing a hand wash.

Here we have John Bishop and his renition of blood thirsty cats. Computer generated and pretty cool. I really love the blood thirsty grin on this one. It's how I feel when I want to cut a bitch.

Next we have another Italian named Giovanni hailing here from London. he's gone all out and busted out the colour pencils.
Nice job. Sweet.

Is next we have Benedict Burns and his homage to textiles and is pretty cool twist of pop art and tattoos. I always believed that textiles make great designs for tattoos. I am impressed.

I leave with this entry from 23 year old Stewart O' Calaghan and his rendering of tattooed cats complete with hanya masks and wind bars. To me this is an homage to Sparks Kimono My House!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Henry Hate's Current Playlist

Sometimes I really wish I didn't have a fucking iPod, iPhone, iPad etc, etc. Fact. Reason is that sometimes I just use it like a god damn remote and just flick through my vast library of song that I have managed to put on my computer. At the moment only half of my actual music collection is on my computer. The rest is still waiting to be transferred to the digital grave yard that is Itunes. So I every so often play with my Spotify. And yes, I pay the £10 quid a month to use the service. As some of my friends dread its existence I and what they call an anomaly. So here is my Playlist of the Moment. Enjoy.

In No Particular Order:

The Redondo's- Gee Whiz. Doo Whop accapella group from California covering Carla Thomas original

Puscifer- Momma Sed. Love this song

Talking Head's - Slippery People I dig the bass line of this fucking song and play it at work alot

Suzy Quatro- She's In Love With You

The Delmonas- Peter Gunn Locomotion

Compulsive Gamblers- Sour And Vicious Man. I love this band.

Slayer- Beauty Through Order

Slayer - Beauty Through Order from Ladi-Boy on Vimeo.

Eagles Of Death Metal- I Love To Move It In The Night

X- Sugarlight Reminiscent of my days in Hollywood and the dwelling of Vaseline Alley in West Hollywood, I always loved the lyric "He's pasting cold leeches on my arm"

GrinderMan- No Pussy Blues Fucking Excellent song and typical of everyman in a loving relationship

Gang Of Four- What We All Want Driving fucking song as a great song to ride on my bike through central London.

Adam Ant- Lou This song is awesome and dig Jordan doing lead on this in homage to Lou Reed

Big Maybelle- Candy Fucking lovely and gets me all mushy

BobbyTeens- Hot City Boy

Nashville Pussy- Fried Chicken & Coffee

Tori Amos-God

Chet Baker- I Get along Without You Very Well

Aretha Franklin- Misty Just amazing

Chantelles- He's Gone

Sonic Youth- Jams Run Free Puts me in a good move

Jesus Lizard- The Art Of Self Defense Need I Say More

Big Sexy Noise- Your Love Don't Pay My Rent

Interpol- Obstacle 1

Chrome Cranks- Lost Time Blues

Selfish Cunt- England Made Me Everytime I see this band Martin get's better and better and if you ever get a chance to see their show's FUCKING GO! He is quite the showman.

The Go! Team- Grip Like a Vice Brighton's finest

ANd I will close with this as this song this pretty much sums up whats going on in my life
and I think it's a fitting close. All my love

Kate Bush- Love & Anger

For all You Terrorists

Joe and Barnzley over at Child Of A Jago were gracious enough to hand me a box of there new issue of The Daily Terror. For those in the know, The DT is a free mag that is a social commentary of opinions, ideas and some great fucking clothes collected together for you to read at your own leisure You can pick up a capy by swing by the shop on 10 Great Eastern Street or come into Prick and grab a copy for your self. Once they're gone they are gone.

Artcicles include topics such as:

How to fall in love with a conceptual artists
Lemmy Kilmister
When did the Gay Scene get so fucking Straight?
Andre J
Which Poses a bigger threat War or Wiki Leaks?
Adam Ants tales a look back on his art student past
and Much Much More.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Push Push In The Bush!

We had our Japan Tsunami Benefit on this past monday and we raised £810.00 simply doing tattoos from designated flash. It was a success and thanks to all those who turned up for cupcakes and goodie bags. So my charitable act is done for the month. As most of you know I used to work in porn and to some degrees it was expolitative and other productions were not. Yet one gentleman I did work for was very persuasive and could expoilt girls. One in particular, he never paid rationalizing that when her iron was hot she would have made more money 10 fold. Yet I came across a a topic of Eco porn when browing the net bored at my studio. You know what they say about Idle hands. Eco Porn is a subject that can usually get woman like Andrea Dworkin worked up and get their corduroy's all in a twist. So spare me the feminist banter and get your tits out for god sakes.
Porn is supposed to be about Sucking some strangers dick in the San Fernando Valley on a ugly couch,not for social and environmental reasons.

Fuck For Forest is a non profit entity that tries and utilize the aspect of "letting nature take it's course" to the wild of the forest. Push push in the biush. would ring true right about now. By being an activist and getting your freak on in the woods is all great but I dunno, I am all for flying your freak flag high. It kind alooks like Hippy Porn. Pass the patchouli cause I pass. You can make a video and or photographs even, pass on a rank ass pair of used underwear to help the trees. Admirable by all means it does not get me hot to think about hippy's getting buck wild in the sticks. Proceeds help plant trees and the like and several projects to preserve the rainforests and other endeavors by the activists. I do think that the idea fucking for the environment is a good way to help fellow man.

Check it out:

Another company making a difference is Natural High's Naked Continent Series where they take a porn actress to a andeginous region and let her get accquainted with the local peoples and talent. Covering areas like Papua, The Amazon, amnd Africa. The had been turned down by several charties and eventually found one that logic was a buck is a buck, and in this economy, who gives a fuck. Well eventually the Japanese porn company does. Ten ($10) of every dvd sale is donated to help areas of concern and actually give back to areas that could use the help. This plan of action has caused some moral outrage to the local biddies screaming that this is explotaion of all involved especially those whom are considred of a less civilised manner. Still I think that it's great that it has helped in a positive way.

Porn often skirts over things such as eco and social problems and is glossed over in the vain photoshop world with a girl who cares more about chipping a nail than the world concerns outside the sillicone induced porn valley. So I saY WHEN IN DOUBT WHIP THAT SHIT OUT. I think it's a great idea.

Hot Pink Plays With Balls

I came across this in my ipad and liked the concept of the guy juggling in hot pink shirts and balls. Dude looks reminiscent of Colby Keller. As it happens this was posted in his blog as well. I am not really a fan of Kanye West but I do dig this song and think this is him at his best as well has Ms.Nicki Minaj amd her mother fucking monster ass. There is something to be said for a guy who likes to play with balls. Enjoy.

Pink Shorts from Nate Sharpe on Vimeo.

Friday, 29 April 2011

The 50 Reasons I Call London Home Part 1

I moved to London in 1998 in Jluy of that year. I can't believe that was nearly 13 years ago when I dais so long to Los Angeles to friends and family. I am rooted here and this is the one city where I am still always fascinated by this great metropolitan. Sure like any city it has it's bad points too. Some friends have come to visit me here and you can not see all of London in a week or even 5 days. No. Although it is a quarter the size of Los Angeles a city with virtually 8 million people spanning to 13 million to its furthest regions I will always truly love London. They say that London is the centre of the universe, and when a man tires of London he tires of life. I do believe these two things and here is why.

50.) Brick Lane Biegel: By far the best east end biegel in the world. I have been here out after a night out on the piss and virtually at dawm for the market on Brick Lane. Legend has it that Mariah Carrey tried to cut in line early one morning and the cockney birds behind the counter were not having any of it and made her wait hr turn 25 minutes at it's busiest time. Mornings. Favorite; Hot salt beef with french mustard and pickle. Bren loves the cheese cakes and I love their brownies. Cheap as chips.

49.) Portobello Market: I have found some really cool stuff on the market . Everything from clown paintings, leather guido jackets for a fiver and antique scissors for my shop. Virtually two blocks from my door step. And I love to haglle and get me 15 sheckle's worth.

48.) Hampstead Heath: I love when the sun is out and going up to the heath for a picnic. And I kow you all heard about the sex that goes on up there, and it does. Yet I truly love going to Parliment hill and watching people fly kites and seeing the sprawling
view of London. It is just amazing. Joleene will runn her little legs off and I have fallen asleep under a tree with Bren at my side after a picnic, to make me forget I live in a busy city. Then off to the King William pub for some proper scrumpy on ice.

47.) The Traditonal pagentry that England has can be seen anywhere on the streets in central London. It really is quite spectacular and a reminder of it's pride and history.

46.) Brighton: Knowing that the sea is virtually about an hour and ten minutes on the train is a relief and kind of like having London by the sea. London is to Los Angeles what Brighton is to San Francisco. Very gay populated and the people here are more chill and you can see the victorian influence San Francisco got from this place. Plus one of my favorite clothing stores is here and I always check out what the have at Jump The Gun. A truly great sister city and a easy getaway.

45.) Black Cabs in London: A necessary evil in London in my opinion. I like to jump in and watch the city pass me by with my ipod on and think. Looking out and seeing the Embankment and the sights and people pass me by. I truly enjoy the solitude when I am alone in a cab.

44.) The birtish eccentircs: When I left Hollywood and Silver Lake I missed the weird and wonderful people of the streets and seen some crazy stuff. Nothing prepared me for the Britsh eccentric. Sharp, witty, ever so bitchy and if I may so so, very smart and can hold a conversation in 0-60. are they crazy or just plain nuts. no they are just English.
They don't give a fuck and go by there own rules. Proper.

43.) The Churches: Although I am not religious and don't believe in god, much to the chagrin of my family. That does not mean that I can not appreciate the architecture of some of the most amazing cathedrals and churches in the city. Breath taking but they can give Paris a run for there money in some respects.