Saturday, 14 May 2011

Push Push In The Bush!

We had our Japan Tsunami Benefit on this past monday and we raised £810.00 simply doing tattoos from designated flash. It was a success and thanks to all those who turned up for cupcakes and goodie bags. So my charitable act is done for the month. As most of you know I used to work in porn and to some degrees it was expolitative and other productions were not. Yet one gentleman I did work for was very persuasive and could expoilt girls. One in particular, he never paid rationalizing that when her iron was hot she would have made more money 10 fold. Yet I came across a a topic of Eco porn when browing the net bored at my studio. You know what they say about Idle hands. Eco Porn is a subject that can usually get woman like Andrea Dworkin worked up and get their corduroy's all in a twist. So spare me the feminist banter and get your tits out for god sakes.
Porn is supposed to be about Sucking some strangers dick in the San Fernando Valley on a ugly couch,not for social and environmental reasons.

Fuck For Forest is a non profit entity that tries and utilize the aspect of "letting nature take it's course" to the wild of the forest. Push push in the biush. would ring true right about now. By being an activist and getting your freak on in the woods is all great but I dunno, I am all for flying your freak flag high. It kind alooks like Hippy Porn. Pass the patchouli cause I pass. You can make a video and or photographs even, pass on a rank ass pair of used underwear to help the trees. Admirable by all means it does not get me hot to think about hippy's getting buck wild in the sticks. Proceeds help plant trees and the like and several projects to preserve the rainforests and other endeavors by the activists. I do think that the idea fucking for the environment is a good way to help fellow man.

Check it out:

Another company making a difference is Natural High's Naked Continent Series where they take a porn actress to a andeginous region and let her get accquainted with the local peoples and talent. Covering areas like Papua, The Amazon, amnd Africa. The had been turned down by several charties and eventually found one that logic was a buck is a buck, and in this economy, who gives a fuck. Well eventually the Japanese porn company does. Ten ($10) of every dvd sale is donated to help areas of concern and actually give back to areas that could use the help. This plan of action has caused some moral outrage to the local biddies screaming that this is explotaion of all involved especially those whom are considred of a less civilised manner. Still I think that it's great that it has helped in a positive way.

Porn often skirts over things such as eco and social problems and is glossed over in the vain photoshop world with a girl who cares more about chipping a nail than the world concerns outside the sillicone induced porn valley. So I saY WHEN IN DOUBT WHIP THAT SHIT OUT. I think it's a great idea.

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