Friday, 29 April 2011

The 50 Reasons I Call London Home Part 1

I moved to London in 1998 in Jluy of that year. I can't believe that was nearly 13 years ago when I dais so long to Los Angeles to friends and family. I am rooted here and this is the one city where I am still always fascinated by this great metropolitan. Sure like any city it has it's bad points too. Some friends have come to visit me here and you can not see all of London in a week or even 5 days. No. Although it is a quarter the size of Los Angeles a city with virtually 8 million people spanning to 13 million to its furthest regions I will always truly love London. They say that London is the centre of the universe, and when a man tires of London he tires of life. I do believe these two things and here is why.

50.) Brick Lane Biegel: By far the best east end biegel in the world. I have been here out after a night out on the piss and virtually at dawm for the market on Brick Lane. Legend has it that Mariah Carrey tried to cut in line early one morning and the cockney birds behind the counter were not having any of it and made her wait hr turn 25 minutes at it's busiest time. Mornings. Favorite; Hot salt beef with french mustard and pickle. Bren loves the cheese cakes and I love their brownies. Cheap as chips.

49.) Portobello Market: I have found some really cool stuff on the market . Everything from clown paintings, leather guido jackets for a fiver and antique scissors for my shop. Virtually two blocks from my door step. And I love to haglle and get me 15 sheckle's worth.

48.) Hampstead Heath: I love when the sun is out and going up to the heath for a picnic. And I kow you all heard about the sex that goes on up there, and it does. Yet I truly love going to Parliment hill and watching people fly kites and seeing the sprawling
view of London. It is just amazing. Joleene will runn her little legs off and I have fallen asleep under a tree with Bren at my side after a picnic, to make me forget I live in a busy city. Then off to the King William pub for some proper scrumpy on ice.

47.) The Traditonal pagentry that England has can be seen anywhere on the streets in central London. It really is quite spectacular and a reminder of it's pride and history.

46.) Brighton: Knowing that the sea is virtually about an hour and ten minutes on the train is a relief and kind of like having London by the sea. London is to Los Angeles what Brighton is to San Francisco. Very gay populated and the people here are more chill and you can see the victorian influence San Francisco got from this place. Plus one of my favorite clothing stores is here and I always check out what the have at Jump The Gun. A truly great sister city and a easy getaway.

45.) Black Cabs in London: A necessary evil in London in my opinion. I like to jump in and watch the city pass me by with my ipod on and think. Looking out and seeing the Embankment and the sights and people pass me by. I truly enjoy the solitude when I am alone in a cab.

44.) The birtish eccentircs: When I left Hollywood and Silver Lake I missed the weird and wonderful people of the streets and seen some crazy stuff. Nothing prepared me for the Britsh eccentric. Sharp, witty, ever so bitchy and if I may so so, very smart and can hold a conversation in 0-60. are they crazy or just plain nuts. no they are just English.
They don't give a fuck and go by there own rules. Proper.

43.) The Churches: Although I am not religious and don't believe in god, much to the chagrin of my family. That does not mean that I can not appreciate the architecture of some of the most amazing cathedrals and churches in the city. Breath taking but they can give Paris a run for there money in some respects.

Moments That Shaped Me.

There are certain songs that shape you while growing up and then take a sharp left and have a different significance when they bring an exact memory. Once when I was a make-up artist for most porn studios, I was doing make up for Jasmine St. Claire whom was under contract with John T. Bone was in the chair while I was doing her make up and discussing our upcoming trip to The CES show The Consumer Electronics annual show and the AVN Awards that I worked virtually every year. Friends were going to stay with me in my hotel room and that also meant bar happing and making the rounds to strip clubs. My straight friends to;d me I was going to get a lap dance there at Cheetah's while in town.

I told Jasmine that I never had a lap dance before and was pretty close with most of the girls I new at Jumbo's Clown Room in Hollywood and Cheetah's and spent loads at Crazy Girls.

So Jasmine said she always wanted to give me a lap dance and I said sure, why the hell not. Being that jasmine used to work as a dancer in clubs she had the routine down. She asked me if I wanted "Tits or Ass"? I requested both and she then took a out a cassette in her purse from one of her own shows and put it in my ghetto blaster. Sit down and Def Leopard "Photograph" began
playing. Jasmine started and whipping her hair and making her sultry face and she fucking worked me hit hey full body. The guys whom were in the next room came over and watched. I preferred tits over ass. hit just felt better in my opinion. Then Shyla Foxx gave me one right after Jasmine was done.
. It was pretty cool and now when I hear that song I always think of the time I got a lap dance for free and from two actual porn stars, FOR FREE. I did spend a hell of alot of time in strip bars when I was younger, I had more fun in them than i did gay bars as the people were just friendlier and there was no prentense and the drinks were always stronger. Ahh memories.

To Sleep With Anger

The past couple of months have been spent working and the subject of family and what happens now has kind of kept me with my hands full. Recently me and my partner have been talking about this and I have been riddled with how to approach this subject, and it has boiled down to my actual upbringing and nuclear family. Ain't that some shit. I will be honest my family drive me fucking crazy, crazy like this, see below.

Truth is I love them as I kind of have to as they are my family, at least that is what we are told when young. You MUST love your family as they are the basis for all relationships in your future. So I have not really made a profound connection with my parents the way, say oh some normal sane able bodied person who just so happens not to be mentally unstable. Then there is me. Fiercely independent which I inherited from them, that I am very grateful for. Yet upon making a son loving gesture and all hell broke loose where me and my father went at it and gauntlets were thrown and I finally told my partner that I thought my dad was a ignorant jerk. Actually I said I hated him and it was the first time I didn't praise him which was a first. As my mom is in a state of uncertainty with her stroke and needing constant care, my brother and her are very close. closer than me and her ever are.

Certain issues stemming from my family tree have cause me to embrace certain behaviours that serve me no purpose. My brother is a man child and my dad is a grumpy fuck whom thinks he knows better and plays the "dad' card. So I need to let it go, purge it out and make peace with my anger at them. Failure is my biggest fear, and my family resent the fact that I live so far away. I chose to do so and it was not easy and didn't happen over night. But I have been told to meditate and find a away to figure this out. So I have been given a life task and will find a result that would be a better solution to this problem.
Where that Swami guy when you need him to talk to me in bumper sticker?

Other wise I am going to turn inot these people and end up on youtube myself.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Japan Tsunami Relief Benefit May 9th 2011

There has been a number of enquiries about the japan Benefit and you can catch the posters at all cool hip and trendy places from Shoreditch/Brick Lane to Portobello. Cause in a way we kinda are sad and trendy which is better than being short and itchy. So if you let us know what your think here are just a few samples of what we will be offering up.

0207 729 9545

To receive a reminder email pleae send email to: Subject: Tattoo Benefit

you can pick designs from the flash sheets below and the others we will have in the shop that day.


Prick is taking bookings for May 9th and we are also allowing you to pick a design of your own if the design is easy and simple enough to do and a scale of 4cm x 4cm. Please email it to the shop for pre approval or advice to amend it if need be. Thanks for the overwhelming support and interest. YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET HERE EARLY AS WE MIGHT BE SLAMMED FULL ON AND THE FEW APPOINTMENTS WE ARE BOOKED ARE ALREADY TAKEN. CALL THE SHOP FOR MORE INFO.
0207 729 9545

Monday, 11 April 2011

Colour ME PRICK!

Can you cut a bitch? Elbow a bitch standing in your way? Now here’s your chance to show the world your talent.

Henry Hate and Prick are having a coloring contest to see your best art work! All you have to do is use your imagination. We are not looking for the best artist, and yes that is one factor, but we are looking for originality of someone who can think outside of their collective box. So everyone stands a fair chance of winning. Yes we accept bribes but that won't mean you’ll win. This is to thank you for 8 years of business and show our gratitude. Have that sleeve you always wanted to start? Have a tattoo that needs fixing? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend to cheap to show you they really love you by spending a few sheckle? Who says the best things in life aren’t free.

Are you the next Picasso, Modigliani, Damian Hirst or Banksy? Can you show Warhol how it’s done or give those pesky graffiti artists a run for their cans in Shoreditch. We want to see.

Download artwork with link:

Or visit Mayhem page and drag and drop the Artwork and print.

Crayons, Pens, Pencils, Photoshop whatever you get your hands on? The winners will receive glorious prizes. What that you say? These prizes are more coveted than a crack whore holding a Oscar Party Goodie Bag. They include the Following.

Grand Prize

* A Exclusive limited edition T-shirt

* 3 Henry Stickers in various prints

* 4 small badge pins to accentuate any wardrobe or leather jacket.

* 1 Henry Hate Greeting Card

*1 Tube of Bepanthen, for your future investment

* A Gift Certificate with a Value of £200.00 to be used for a tattoo and or piercings.

*A recyclable Carry Bag for all the crap

*Some Cd’s of some crappy bands you really need to listen to, or annoy your friends with.

**And to sweeten the pot a date, yes folks I said date. A cheap date with any of the Staff except Henry, as he is a married HO! So Adam, Kat, Matteo and Dan are up for grabs “Literally”. A £100 quid on me, for dinner & movie and a ho stroll through some dark dank alley. Maybe a few drinks in some hipster bar in Shoreditch with a few hours of uncomfortable silence or a hot and heavy make out session. We don’t care how ugly you are.

2nd Prize


* £60 Gift certificate for a tattoo and or piercing

* Stickers & Badges pack

* Cd’s

3rd Prize


* A email saying you didn’t come in 1st or 2nd.

THE PRIZES ARE NOT CASH TRANSFERABLE. Deadline for Entries is May 30th 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

you can email the design or send it to our snail mail address at the shop or drop your entry off at the store.

We will be posting the entries on Flickr for all you to see and enjoy.

One Entry per person please.

Email entry to: subject: Art Contest!

And finally, HAVE FUN!

Shop Address:

386 Old Street

London EC1V 9LT