Monday, 11 April 2011

Colour ME PRICK!

Can you cut a bitch? Elbow a bitch standing in your way? Now here’s your chance to show the world your talent.

Henry Hate and Prick are having a coloring contest to see your best art work! All you have to do is use your imagination. We are not looking for the best artist, and yes that is one factor, but we are looking for originality of someone who can think outside of their collective box. So everyone stands a fair chance of winning. Yes we accept bribes but that won't mean you’ll win. This is to thank you for 8 years of business and show our gratitude. Have that sleeve you always wanted to start? Have a tattoo that needs fixing? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend to cheap to show you they really love you by spending a few sheckle? Who says the best things in life aren’t free.

Are you the next Picasso, Modigliani, Damian Hirst or Banksy? Can you show Warhol how it’s done or give those pesky graffiti artists a run for their cans in Shoreditch. We want to see.

Download artwork with link:

Or visit Mayhem page and drag and drop the Artwork and print.

Crayons, Pens, Pencils, Photoshop whatever you get your hands on? The winners will receive glorious prizes. What that you say? These prizes are more coveted than a crack whore holding a Oscar Party Goodie Bag. They include the Following.

Grand Prize

* A Exclusive limited edition T-shirt

* 3 Henry Stickers in various prints

* 4 small badge pins to accentuate any wardrobe or leather jacket.

* 1 Henry Hate Greeting Card

*1 Tube of Bepanthen, for your future investment

* A Gift Certificate with a Value of £200.00 to be used for a tattoo and or piercings.

*A recyclable Carry Bag for all the crap

*Some Cd’s of some crappy bands you really need to listen to, or annoy your friends with.

**And to sweeten the pot a date, yes folks I said date. A cheap date with any of the Staff except Henry, as he is a married HO! So Adam, Kat, Matteo and Dan are up for grabs “Literally”. A £100 quid on me, for dinner & movie and a ho stroll through some dark dank alley. Maybe a few drinks in some hipster bar in Shoreditch with a few hours of uncomfortable silence or a hot and heavy make out session. We don’t care how ugly you are.

2nd Prize


* £60 Gift certificate for a tattoo and or piercing

* Stickers & Badges pack

* Cd’s

3rd Prize


* A email saying you didn’t come in 1st or 2nd.

THE PRIZES ARE NOT CASH TRANSFERABLE. Deadline for Entries is May 30th 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

you can email the design or send it to our snail mail address at the shop or drop your entry off at the store.

We will be posting the entries on Flickr for all you to see and enjoy.

One Entry per person please.

Email entry to: subject: Art Contest!

And finally, HAVE FUN!

Shop Address:

386 Old Street

London EC1V 9LT



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