Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Japan Tsunami Relief Benefit May 9th 2011

There has been a number of enquiries about the japan Benefit and you can catch the posters at all cool hip and trendy places from Shoreditch/Brick Lane to Portobello. Cause in a way we kinda are sad and trendy which is better than being short and itchy. So if you let us know what your think here are just a few samples of what we will be offering up.

0207 729 9545

To receive a reminder email pleae send email to: Subject: Tattoo Benefit

you can pick designs from the flash sheets below and the others we will have in the shop that day.


Prick is taking bookings for May 9th and we are also allowing you to pick a design of your own if the design is easy and simple enough to do and a scale of 4cm x 4cm. Please email it to the shop for pre approval or advice to amend it if need be. Thanks for the overwhelming support and interest. YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET HERE EARLY AS WE MIGHT BE SLAMMED FULL ON AND THE FEW APPOINTMENTS WE ARE BOOKED ARE ALREADY TAKEN. CALL THE SHOP FOR MORE INFO.
0207 729 9545

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