Thursday, 24 February 2011

Four Of My Favorite Designers

Fashion week is upon us and nearly over and here are just a small sample of what I liked. As I get older I find it harder to like clothes from the high street or say camden and or portobello market, So I look at the trends and see what I can take and use for my own closet. So I bring you the fall winter lines summer 2011/2012 and Summer show by Rei Kawakubo Menswear is a trick market as men are hard buyers moreso than women. But I do love alot of the stuff here although you will never see me wearing the Commes Des Garcon skull skirt to work or anywhere else for that matter. I thik there is someting that makes people very nervous about fashion shows. Where I always take the clothing out of context of the show and see them seoerately and place them with things in my closet. Yet I would look plain silly walking up Shoreditch Hight street trying to emulate a Clondyke Prarrie Woodsmen or the skeletal dress and check print. However there is something very satisfying about wearing a garment that you love and that brings an extra element of confidence to you and your presence.

Yet I am not one that has to copy the image straight from the runway like some do. I prefer dressing my self in what I like and what my wallet can afford at the time. I do love those apron witcoats though... Hmm


Rick Ownes

The dude with the tattoos came into my shop to ask for a job... I don't hire him!

Comme Des Garcon Summer Collection

John Vavartos

Corperate Gigs!

A while back I got an email from some lame ass guy telling me that I was a sell out. I was approached about rebranding a Vodka label for Red Wolf and it just didn;t work out and I withdrew from the project and cut my losses. Like with Nissan I learned the value of what I am worth and just how much the Henry Hate name is going for. I mean if your gonna go on the hoe stroll you might as well know what to charge for maximum effort, right? Well recently I was approached by another company to do some work for them and yes, it was a corporate gig. Doing Corporate gigs is interesting as the business perception of cool is based on a logic that is somewhat lopsided.. They want street cred and they want the elusive appeal of the ever changing fickle market of kids to use, buy and know their products. Yet they have no concept of what the real reality of these people are and is.

Having to deal with a "creative team" was and is always a strange concept as they are answering to other people based on the instruction they are given. Like tattooing, I am given an instruction of what a customer wants and I need to emulate that in a design. With Nissan they wanted Japanese and street, and they were pretty easy. Red Wolf didn't know what the hell he wantd because the owner is so out of touch with the exact market he is trying to apeall to. Yet he is hell bent on keeping a design that looks more like a energy drink. Hence his sales are suffering. That is not to say he has a lovely vodka, cause it is a nice vodka. One of the better ones infact. But I withdrew much to the chagrin of the CEO and kept my ideas and my artwark to myself. Yet to apeal to the psyche of the young is abit tricky, cause they know when they are being force fed someting and they will buck. Get it wrong and your like the ugly slut with Vd and you will be avoided.

But I am not the market for my last job. I was approached to come up with some tattoo designs for Yota. Yotal Love Post is a concept where you can share the experience of getting a tattoo with out actually getting it done on skin. A tattoo for the digital age. The concept takes you into a shop whew you virtually pick a tattoo design and the go through the process from start to finish without having a needle touch you. When I was told the concept I was a little skepticle and unsure as it just virtually fell in my lap. Yet I do like a challenge and the window was tight. Really really tight. So it meant late nights and virtually little sleep for a few days as I tried to give them my ideas based on the brief they gave me. Then the head of marketing changed her mind and wanted a different direction and design. Well to say I am a consumate professional, I lost my shit and bit the head off of one of the creative staff as I was being dicked with no lube and no dinner.

They heard my opinion and went back and we came to an arrangement that workd in the end. Contracts were signed and I was actually happy with the end result. Yet doing a corporate gig is no different than working for a brand new client other than the turnover time frame required. There are specifics you must adhere to to get the over all desired effect of what they wantm abd yes the money is nice. Over all I am pleased with my work and I like the footage that the guys at Tesh did for the campaign. It is pretty cool. Being that I don;t speak Sweedish nor Russian, I sat with a few meeting with a foriegn dialect spoken without even so mych as a clue as to what they were saying. However the end result is awesome and hope you guys like and you can share it with your loved ones on facebook or text message.

Growing Old!

The topic of growing older has seemed to fall in my path quite recently in a number of ways by fate trying to tell me something. Odd as it is I have taken this subject to heart to see where I am on the big scale of things. In short asking myself if I am on the right path and where I should be on the great astral psychic plane of life. Sure I know Henry Hate is a somewhat of a cartoon and really doesn't exist but to me, he has opened as many doors as many doors as he has closed. But some of my frinds and I are much older and no longer the raging young adult whom want to be angry at the world and fall in love. A quaint notion but eventually it gets old, tiresome and just plain fucking dumb. I mean I really don't want to be a dick head my whole life. Sure I can get my bitch on in 0-60 flat. I have had alot of practice, but still like everyone else I too have hope and dreams.

Wallowing in shit is just not one of them. Alot of my friends are now with kids and settled in with family life, my self included. Gone are the days of me hanging at Bob's Frolic at last call hammering shots spouting out the Jukebox Faves at the top of my lungs. No more scowering Hoist in leather looking for that ever hopeful hot guy to take me away from endless night of meaningless sex with guys I can't even remember most of their names. Now it's taking my dog to the Vet, making sure we have something to cook or thawed from the freezer, and the responsibilities to my better half, pooch and my career. Yup pretty soon like most it's all career, career career. as my Paartner has a shop of his own it takes up alot of time to make a functioning business work. The parallels for making a relationship work is staggering. Fisrt there needs to be a willingness.

As my friends have kids and responsibilities we see each other less and less, but when we do, we are pretty much the same people only different. I will never know what it's like to hear the laughter of a child that is all my own, or seeing them go to school, and I can make peae with that, yet as you get older you have to consider the trade off for your choices. These are the spanners that make getting older in the machinery of life kinda suck but, there the moment of reckoning when you realize you just really want the basic things in life that most people want. Shelter, love, acceptance, success be it however you measure it.
Most of my friends are pretty much very into keeping their identitiies of whom they are, and I like that. As opposed to my parents were by the ok this is what your supposed to do as they were told from their parents.

I do not wish to go through my twenties again as parts of it were really painful and hard and glad to say I came out of it ok, and can look back and smile. Most shit is rehashed anyways that it fucking sucks. There is no suck thing as Punk Rock anymore, I think of people looked at what is going on with North Africa and the revolutions taking place where people just said "Fuck This", and actually made a change, rather than the fucking suburban mall rat with the ever present scowl whose misunderstood cause he's fucking short on cash, friends and dates. Those are not real problems, but if the kid took action, he would make a difference with himself. Still I look forward to getting older and chasing kids away from my yard/ I do think its cool that kids come into the shop and want to get work from me and they think I am cool cause I'm older and done it all. Yet my partner's god sons' Gyro and Brendan like ,e to draw on them with fake tattoos. But now they think we're old and boring which is odd, casue they like playing my guitar and playing with our apple tv and films, not to mention playing with Joleene.

Ther is a documentary called The Other F Word which follows musicians in the punk scene who've essentially grown up. What happens when a generation's ultimate anti-authoritarians -- punk rockers -- become society's ultimate authorities -- dads? With a large chorus of Punk Rock's leading men - Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea, Rise Against's Tim McIlrath- The Other F Word follows, Jim Lindberg, 20-year veteran of skate punk band, Pennywise, on his hysterical and moving journey from belting his band's anthem, 'Fuck Authority', to embracing his ultimately pivotal authoritarian role in mid-life, fatherhood.

My friend Lina writes for the LAWeekly and has a child as she was one of the cool chicks everyone knew on the Hollywood scene wrote a blog article about wht cool parents could do with their kids as opposed to swimming in piss soaked pits filled with balls. Chek it out, In a unrelated topic I thought this fucking guy shouldn't have mouthed off to a Vietnam Vet.. But the dude got smaked like a whore in church three bucks short.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

When Mugler

Nicola Formichetti left the streets of london to style and conceal Tranny Caca's tuck, and picked up the job of spearheading Theirry Mugler's Menswear Collection Artistic Director. The thing I liked is that he used Canadian tattoo enthusiast Rick Genest known to the world as "zombie boy" I am not a fan of tranny caca and her little dog and pony show mixed with those hideous get ups. But I did like the footage Nichola captured with Rick and the over all effect of the clothes. Being this is when London Fashion Week starts I will be at the Child Of A Jago/Vivienne Westwood show. So i knida thought this was fitting. As I actually like Ricks tattoos and the go with the collection. Good call nNchola.

Sorry as I couldn't bear to listen to tranny yodel so found a version of the film with Drowning pool wich I think works better.

Smoke & Mirrors vs. Human Interatction

I ocasionally visit Ryan Sullivans's Island to view his video film montages and they get me thinking. One was on the subject of sex which I really really liked, and brought up a point when watching porn you can tell that something in the milk ain't clean. And brought up the subject of "Rhetoric of Sex" which in short is a craft to use language and or verse to sway a point. This can also come to the use of body language as the body speaks far more truths than words spoken ever can. In short the body does not lie.

But in porn does it matter? To a degree I say yes, casue It is something that people enjoy watching when knowing that the scene filmed is real. When I worked for several studios, it would enrage the director when the scene fell flat or the two or 9 willing parties were simply going through the motions and just fall silent. He would bellow, "this is a fucking sound picture people" even and could tell when a moan was either forced, fake or flat. He could just tell. Those were always the longest shoots and would be a sure indicator we were in for a long ass night. Yet I liked the points that were brought up in the film and believe most of them to be true.


I fucking love everything Beth Ditto dies and says, Having met her she has always struck me as simply a lovely girl. Although I am not really into the song I give her proos for shaking her shit like a momma with the due three months late. My friend the Kelly Affair is always lusting after her, and I have to say the girl's got something.


Beth Ditto - I Wrote The Book
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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Writer's Block!

Writing seems easy as words can come to me pretty easy and I can nevr shut up. Yet writing about yourself is alot harder to do. One it take courage & honesty and a alot of gumption. Yet I can say that I am enjoying this so far. It is work and that I am trying to figure out what to say and how to say it without it sounding like complete bullshit and me blowing smoke up my A-hole. Still I can say that it's a nice process to reflect on such things with a clear open head. In earnest I am just writing what I know and letting the process take hold in baby steps. It is a gradual process. Yes I have a fear that will anyone find this interesting but I will never know unless I actually find out. And if anything my life hasn't been boring. Stay tuuned.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

2010 is GONE

The Last uear that past has shown me alot. It was a bumpy ride some good and some bad and a huge eye opener for me. I am thankful that I learned alot about myself and that this year is new and so far so good. Here are a few of the things I learned in 2010.
1.) I truly love my partner and would try to do anything for him and my dog. Joleene. They are my family.
2.) I learned the value of my name Henry Hate. Nissan wanted my name and I learned what the price was for use of it. I learned that I am worth a alot more than that and that I should have the value to not just my name but to myslef aswell across the board.
3.) I have to be honest with myself and TAKE A DEEP FUCKING BREATH. The trick is to keep breathing and be still before any rash moves.
4.) Be Grateful for what I have. I pretty much have everything I need and want and want for nothing, and that is a nice feeling.
5.) That I am a pretty good business man and that I have plans that still need to be carried and can not rest to achieve what i need to do.
6.) Take better care of myself. Being a diabetic doesn't suck so bad. But I would kill for a chili cheese dog. Actaully, Joleene would kill for a chili cheese dog too.
7.) I need to be more open to Bren and Myself more than anything myself. I have chosen not to continue with my therapy and just delve into a creative process and work out my demons that way.
8.) Life is not all doom and gloom

Punk Trick Ass Bitches!

People if you ever try and approach something have a little style, flair. social grace and above all presence. Real actual human presence, not some cold calling/email approach. I rarely look for tattooists to do geust spots as I like people I know in my shop that I have some sort of history with and or am turned on to someone by the suggestion of someone else. So I always try and be pleasant when someone approaches me looking for a job. I recieved this in sequence from this asshole pictured below. Yes this is the stupid bitch's lame ass photo below.

Now I know your thinking Henry, how can you make such a harsh rash judgement? Well, this is how.

Recieved Yesterday and in sequence:

On 8 Feb 2011, at 16:47, Pig Vomit wrote:

Hey there,

My names Rhys Im an artist from New Zealand currently searching for work, so if there is any full or part time work please take a look at my portfolio on if you're interested please don't hesitate to contact me via email or on 01212ifuckpoo. Thanks for taking the time to have a look.

Warmest regards


I wrote back:

Subject: Re: possible work?
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 17:45:02 +0000

Hello ryhs

Have I spoken to you??? Have I met you before? My mind is at a stump.

Are you working and where, self taught, apprenticeship? How did yo0u hear of my shop?

Sir Henry Hate
Prick! Tattoos & Piercing
386 Old Street
London EC1v 9LT
0207 729 9545

Hey henry,

Thanks for the reply. No we haven't met before I think, I'm from New Zealand but moved to Australia and started tattooing 3 years ago. I never had an apprenticeship but started from home and ended up in a shitty bikey studio but learnt a lot from tattooing frequently. I'm looking for good gig over until october which is when my visa runs out. I found you guys on the internet and phoned hoping you may have an opening. If theres nothing going I'm gonna book a ticket back to Australia next week. Look foward to hearing from you mate


Subject: Re: possible work?
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 13:41:19 +0000

Hello Rhys

Unfortunately I do not hire home trained tattoo artists with minimal years behind them. or someone whom calls working in a shop a "gig". I am looking for someone with a few more years under their belt and suited for this shop.
Good luck.

Motherfucker wrote this:

Thanks Henry,

but I also don't work for big ego's that don't have the quality of work to back it up! and home trained or not its the work that counts. I do like however the title you have given yourself ' Henry Hate '! its funny in this industry how the ego's give themselves a nickname to standout because there portfolio don't say sweet fuck all. You could have learned a lot from me mate it's a pity your definitely in need.
Walk the walk before you talk the talk Mr Hate

Good luck to you too my friend

Sir Rhys taught myself

So if i am in such need to fucking learn from someone like him why in the fuck is this punk asking me for a job. I didn't state anything about his work, it was nice, I wasn't bold over, and the guy isn't exactly reforming the circle into something I have never seen. This bitch only confirmed why I will not hire self taught tattoo artists anymore. seriousl This is some bullshit. So fuckwadd if your reading this I am sure that the same people whom you approached were not exactly falling over themselves to have you in their shop. Why cause our attitude sucks. Especially since the bitch approaches tattooing from the aspet of what can I get out of this rather than the other way around. If you are looking for a job you take your lazy ass to the shops and hit the pavement. Seriously and looking at this guy he's not even remotely tattooed to where I feel he has commited himself to the craft. He has the attributes of one of those ungrateful slutty fat kids on MTV they make so many shows about.

I took offence to his use of the word 'gig" but then I wrote this and really thought up to this point I was being civil.
My replu:

Hey Asshole.

You don't fucking cold email people looking for a job or as you stated, gig. Ego or no ego where do you fucking get off. I am not the one whose out of a fucking job. as for my work, I am completely satisfied
with my work and my customers. But thanks for the compliment of me having a ego. Awe shucks. Your home trained approach is evident of why I don't hire home trained tattooists. I have learned from you and only
solidified my belief. You make personal attacks, and your lack of people skills and bullshit approach will only have you tattooing people in a home/house bedroom. So If you think my work is so shit WHY IN THE FUCK ARE YOU ASKING ME FOR A JOB SHITHEAD! BELIEVE IT OR NOT. I will post this in TCGB, See how fucking far you go. Again good luck. So if you excuse me I have to get back to my shitty tattoos and clientelle as you so think.

Now kindly go Fuck your Two cent food stamp whore of a mother.

Seriously I am proud of my ass busting and no fucking punk is going to stop me or my job. So when approaching me, proceed with caution. Cause i ain't the one.