Wednesday, 9 February 2011

2010 is GONE

The Last uear that past has shown me alot. It was a bumpy ride some good and some bad and a huge eye opener for me. I am thankful that I learned alot about myself and that this year is new and so far so good. Here are a few of the things I learned in 2010.
1.) I truly love my partner and would try to do anything for him and my dog. Joleene. They are my family.
2.) I learned the value of my name Henry Hate. Nissan wanted my name and I learned what the price was for use of it. I learned that I am worth a alot more than that and that I should have the value to not just my name but to myslef aswell across the board.
3.) I have to be honest with myself and TAKE A DEEP FUCKING BREATH. The trick is to keep breathing and be still before any rash moves.
4.) Be Grateful for what I have. I pretty much have everything I need and want and want for nothing, and that is a nice feeling.
5.) That I am a pretty good business man and that I have plans that still need to be carried and can not rest to achieve what i need to do.
6.) Take better care of myself. Being a diabetic doesn't suck so bad. But I would kill for a chili cheese dog. Actaully, Joleene would kill for a chili cheese dog too.
7.) I need to be more open to Bren and Myself more than anything myself. I have chosen not to continue with my therapy and just delve into a creative process and work out my demons that way.
8.) Life is not all doom and gloom

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