Thursday, 24 February 2011

Corperate Gigs!

A while back I got an email from some lame ass guy telling me that I was a sell out. I was approached about rebranding a Vodka label for Red Wolf and it just didn;t work out and I withdrew from the project and cut my losses. Like with Nissan I learned the value of what I am worth and just how much the Henry Hate name is going for. I mean if your gonna go on the hoe stroll you might as well know what to charge for maximum effort, right? Well recently I was approached by another company to do some work for them and yes, it was a corporate gig. Doing Corporate gigs is interesting as the business perception of cool is based on a logic that is somewhat lopsided.. They want street cred and they want the elusive appeal of the ever changing fickle market of kids to use, buy and know their products. Yet they have no concept of what the real reality of these people are and is.

Having to deal with a "creative team" was and is always a strange concept as they are answering to other people based on the instruction they are given. Like tattooing, I am given an instruction of what a customer wants and I need to emulate that in a design. With Nissan they wanted Japanese and street, and they were pretty easy. Red Wolf didn't know what the hell he wantd because the owner is so out of touch with the exact market he is trying to apeall to. Yet he is hell bent on keeping a design that looks more like a energy drink. Hence his sales are suffering. That is not to say he has a lovely vodka, cause it is a nice vodka. One of the better ones infact. But I withdrew much to the chagrin of the CEO and kept my ideas and my artwark to myself. Yet to apeal to the psyche of the young is abit tricky, cause they know when they are being force fed someting and they will buck. Get it wrong and your like the ugly slut with Vd and you will be avoided.

But I am not the market for my last job. I was approached to come up with some tattoo designs for Yota. Yotal Love Post is a concept where you can share the experience of getting a tattoo with out actually getting it done on skin. A tattoo for the digital age. The concept takes you into a shop whew you virtually pick a tattoo design and the go through the process from start to finish without having a needle touch you. When I was told the concept I was a little skepticle and unsure as it just virtually fell in my lap. Yet I do like a challenge and the window was tight. Really really tight. So it meant late nights and virtually little sleep for a few days as I tried to give them my ideas based on the brief they gave me. Then the head of marketing changed her mind and wanted a different direction and design. Well to say I am a consumate professional, I lost my shit and bit the head off of one of the creative staff as I was being dicked with no lube and no dinner.

They heard my opinion and went back and we came to an arrangement that workd in the end. Contracts were signed and I was actually happy with the end result. Yet doing a corporate gig is no different than working for a brand new client other than the turnover time frame required. There are specifics you must adhere to to get the over all desired effect of what they wantm abd yes the money is nice. Over all I am pleased with my work and I like the footage that the guys at Tesh did for the campaign. It is pretty cool. Being that I don;t speak Sweedish nor Russian, I sat with a few meeting with a foriegn dialect spoken without even so mych as a clue as to what they were saying. However the end result is awesome and hope you guys like and you can share it with your loved ones on facebook or text message.

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