Saturday, 27 June 2009

Oi Shop Girl!

Shopping in London can be both a pain and a lot of fun. As I am approaching the big 41 (Someone fetch me my tombstone), I find it sometime tough to find things I really dig style wise. Ok, when at work I try and wear the uniform of jeans and a t-shirt kind, followed by traditional Adidas (shell toe) or Converse Courts, and My standard Vato old school Vans. But when I go out when I do, I am known to present myself in my glad rags and splendour. I loath fashion but I dig style, and as I get older certain clothes shops just don't suit my style or closet. When I got hitched to Bren, Vivienne Westwood's Son's Line Terrorist was my first choice to wear. They made my waist coat using Viv's remnant tartan that I wore in Ted/Dandy style. Mucho props to Barnsley and the gang. It was the first and only one they made using that fabric.
So now they have released a new batch of t's that are really cool. Based on Jayne County and the Electric Chairs.. "Fuck Off" song, when I saw them I fell in love. Child of the Jago is a shop that sells suits and clothing for the guy whom still has that rebel streak in him. Paired up with A bowler and the Bamboo Cotton with Silk stitched applique, and some prison blue Dickies..SHARP! A Child Of The Jago is located at 10 Great Eastern Street. Down the road the lovely Pippa Brooks has rocked The Quentin Crisp T in Mauve.. selling on Hackney Road at Mr. Goldstein at 67 Hackney Road...

Friday, 26 June 2009

Cloaked and Daggers

Living in London I have come across loads of them, woman in burka's and head scarves. My dog once was frightened of one once and made a woman scream when Joleene approached a little boy and proceeded to eat his potato crisps. There is a woman whom lives in the vacinity, whom rocks the look rather quite fetchingly. Accessorized to the hilt, she is gilded up in bracelets, bangles and beads and huge Ghetto Loop earings. She struts, she saunters, and it's apparent from the expression on her face she is devout, but has an identity all her own. President Sarkozy's view of the full burka as a oppressive instrunment foisted upon Muslim woman by their male counter parts, would like to see it banned in France. This has come to a point of huge debate and to say some very heated discussions. What England lacks is the seperation of church and state, and some think a God fearing nation.
But come on, it would do a world of good.

Personally I think that some Muslim woman look like sad passive aggresive woman. Now I say this because the universal expression on some of them, that I have witnessed first hand. In truth I do believe the religion is far to oppressive to its woman followers, but that is my own opinion. The problem I have with it is that it does pose significant prefrental treatment to some whom choose to use this item as a battery ram to get certain benefits. Now if I do not choose to believe in a god or any sort of spirituality and claim aethiest, by law I have no religous rights. Yet this Burka has helped shield a suspected male bomber flee the country when he wore one through a international airport. I believe in the federal and public sector, for security it is crucial that your face needs to be exposed. Muslim teachers could still carry out their duties in a public school, but to wear the full shroud is a little silly on my opinion when working in the public service.

This is not to say that I believe that they would be barred from wearing it in mosques and other places that they choose to worship. But in places like banks, air ports, federal and local court houses, even public schools identity is key for all, where I feel religion is irrelevant and has NO Place. I don't think this is racial discrimination, just a neccessity for a greater good. because I am not claiming that their relgion is being hampered. When others visit Muslim counrites and ask to wear the head scarf, most comply with consideration when visiting in sacred places or in public. I learned this when I was visiting Turkey 20 years ago. But here most woman refuse to adapt citing religious prejudice. They refuse to adapt or comply with certain centements here. And this just does not seem right and those whom raise the flag would appear to be bullying these woan and men of the muslim faith. How do explain that a Muslim woman must walk behind her partner when walking down the street. It's crazy. I can understand why some of these woman pull the faces they do. But agin not all Muslim women.

A 19 year old Bushra Noah sued a London hair salon, because she claimed her religous head scarf posed a problem and had her feelings hurt. Now looking at the hair salon it was obvious this was a oil and water situation. She sued winning £4000.
Bullshit, and to me this was totally furhter fanning the flames of an already heated debate. She deliberately went to a hair salon where it was visited by both male and female clients of, shall we say the more alternative lifestyle kind. Dying hair pink, blue and whatever, on both male and female she would only be allowed to do females hair. And as the owner claimed it was imparitive that the stylist hair and dress be indicative of the work produced in the shop, seemed reasonable. Apparently not. I once dealt with a situation where my piercer took one of the area rugs from reception down to the basement in the middile of perfomring a piercing. Following him I asked what was up. Two Muslim girls deciding to have the piercings said they had to chant before they had this done. Ok first the piercer was male... Strike ONE, Two... my shop is a business, not a mosque.. too which woman are not allowed in the main hall and chant else where. ....Strike Two. And lastly when I objected to this they claimed that "I" was preventing them to express their religious freedom and how dare "I". I kindly said, "Look bitches, you are free to worship what ever you want and like. However just because I am gay doesn't give me the right to blow my partner in your living room just because I want express my sexual orientation and freedom. STRIKE THREE! Plus I pointed out because this was a all male staff isn't it against, muslim rule to have adornments administered by a male other than your husband.
They said nothing. Put they got the piercings.

I wasn't trying to stop them from expression but this is a place of public service and I didn't know how long they were going to be down there chanting and seriously thought this was just not the place for that. So for me woman can rock the burka if they choose to however, I do feel in certain places that it has no bearing for the safety of all involved. Can you imagine having to deal with a a doctor dressed in full burka when addressing a terminally ill relative or partner. The face is most communicative in dealing with people and expression to others is just as crucial a verba exchange and to me that is just universal. I do think some Muslin worshipers whom are most willing to embrace the more westernized culture as here are Muslim gays, even had a roommate that was Muslim once. I found this, and I was quit pleased to know that there are Muslim hoochie momma's in the world. Halal ass, God Love them or should I say Allah love them.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Your Son Sucks Cocks In HELL!

Watching this I didn't know weather to laugh, cry or grab some popcorn and wait for the gruttle voice overs to tell the minister what "it" really thought of him. I have always thought that exorcism's were a bit hokey and some footage down right frightening. Now when it comes to religion, especially any denomination of organised faith I stop listening to the preacing. Now to say preaching to the perverted is a bit ironic. And now I can officially say, "Now I Have Seen Everything!" And I thought seeing a the orthodox Hasidic Jew blowing a Muslim in full dasheeki garb, in a porno arcade in New York, took the cake but this beat it! (Long Story). It reminded me of a time about 15 years ago where a church performed an exorcism on a woman in a apartment near Garden Grove/Anahiem region and died. The shit hit the fan for the people involved. So it was no surprise to see this flock upset and refuse to talk about the supposed ritual involving a teenage boy.
The Manifested Glory Ministries Church of Bridgeport, Connecticut posted the 20-minute long video on YouTube, but as soon as it got the Striesand effect, they yanked that shit faster than a two dollar whore at a crack pipe gang bang. Phrases like, "Come on you homosexual demon", "Gay demon", and the big finnish, "I rip it from his throat, will now join my permanent library of bon mots.

I have been ordered around like that. Had commands tossed at me in the throws of a big porky cock and balls cast into my face. It's easy to mistake slobber and spittle, as vomit. Especially when on your knees and sheer horn dog mode kicks in and morals go out the window when your bone takes affect. Especially when it involves a dank dark alley and a willing partner. Ok I'll say it, sluts have no shame... Yay!

If they came at me, it would be a losing battle.. I have had sex with one priest and two pastors.. one cemetery and two churches. So Yeah, I am going to hell if there is such a place. I might see you there too. I am going to hell with the lid off, and have my basket all picked out too. I do feel sorry for the kid.. it always seems that the ones whom come across as the do gooders always have the biggest repressive secrets in their closets.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Butch Factor, Bitch PLease!

I came across a clip on a documentary called "The Butch Factor" and sparked interest in me to investigate a little further. This included me to toss a reflective gaze in to the pool of my own insight on how I felt about this subject. Well one I wouldn't call myself butch, but I don't sit and wondering if I am measured by gay standards on the levels of my "Butchness". My first role model and still one is my very own father. He was a wild reckless youth and I grew up looking to him for guidance and answers in my life. Still he was the first person I looked at on my formative years.
But this documentary clip does come across as a silly pretentious piece in where men aspire to have some sort of masculinity to confirm some sort of social validation. Bitch Please! The straight dudes I know don't go around questioning their butchness or masculinity. Most have a sense of humour that straights find themselves secure with themselves, so it isn't an issue. But why does the gay community have this need heightened to find this hyper trophy?
The problem I have with the clip is that the guys they show are the basic Bruce and Barry butch queers that look like your typical butch queen. No suprise. But it crossed my mind that the gay couple on the Sarah Silverman show appeared more normal than these guys seeking a level of conformity to fit in or become that much more desirable. Does it matter? No not really, but I don't give a shit about what others think of me and I certainly don't have anything to prove to anyone other than myself.

Apparently this film is popular with Bears... Searching for there macho factors or "growing up tough rough and rugged" Sounds like this fuckers parents were John Deer or Mack Truck! As fucking if. The film tells stories of men whom feel ostracized for loving sports and forsaking show tunes and often feeling the lone homo in a sea of butt pirates. Because this film is showcased to a bunch of bears further leaves me disinterested, I once went to a bear weekend at the insistence of a now former friend. A bunch of guys whom where lying around rubbing each other in the woods. I drank heavily that weekend. The only guy I was interested in had a jealous boyfriend who jock cock blocked me every time the dude came near. So I pulled a Tonya Harding and knee capped the bitch and put him in a broom closet while I took his boyfriend for a test ride out in the local cemetery. Ok yeah i am going to hell for that one, but hey I had fun.

The film looks like this dude just stayed in his own gay ghetto and didn't really throw his fishing net past a few gay bloggers and gay jocks and what not... I know gay guys who I even forget that are gay, but still it's not issue. This clip just comes off gay gayer and gayest. To me the importance of masculinity in gay culture is irrelevant, because most guys who think it's importance come across as silly and self indulgent cock suckers. Mary, if your on your knees with two hairy balls dangling from your chin and a dick tickling the back of your throat. Chances are most straight men would not find this a normal everyday occurrence for themselves unlike the gay guy whom does. To me what it means to be a man is to be myself and fuck what you think. To having a balance of humility, honesty and sense or humour, cause with those three will enable you to find and have strength. Finding myself on a baseball diamond or patch isn't going to make me any butcher. Same way a straight dude likes do what he does, simply cause he enjoys the activity. The best advice I was ever given was given to me by the biggest queen in history. I met him at a gallery show that I had to attend as he was giving a reading the same night. He approached me as it was very visible that I was upset and obviously been fighting back tears in a
crowded room. Rather than grabbing me and proclaiming to "Cry it out Girl", he simply said, "Be yourself on purpose! You won't be right you won't be wrong, you'll be correct!" That man was Quentin Crisp. Works for me..

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Why The Fuck Would You Do That To Yourself?

We've seen them. Made fun at them or even in a side parting glance cast judgement. But I am still on a fucking moan about that silly broad whom claimed to have fallen asleep while having her mug done. Stupid is as stupid does. So as a tattoo artist and honest person, yes I have my off days were nothing goes right. My tattoo machine fucking decides to work every which way but the way I tuned it. My concentration is off or I am over thinking a piece, this is where I get off and tell the customer, look, I am sorry. i tell them the truth and arrange another session to where I am not burned out or consumed with what ever is going on technically that I can't just ride the crest of making them happy and find my crative flow mojo. Although tattooing a piece you are really into is an enjoyable expierence, it' s still work.
So I come across time to time other tattoos that make me think, "step away from the crack pipe and fucking take a moment to capture your head guy". One dude even insinuated that I had called hime a cunt just becasue I said I would not be a part of this stupid choice. One, I never call a guy a cunt, and two I thought although I don't really know the person I just thought they should deserve a little more than what they were asking for. Some people just want stupid shit. And although I run a business I watch their body language and facial expressions to see just how they emote what they are saying and see if both body and speach line up. Most of the time it doesn't, some listen and others don't. But I saw this and thought ok this in theory doesn't make sense. Where do we draw a line for certain people when it comes to governing what we put on them as a permemnant tattoo? When that bullshit show Tattoo You airs most remember me for refusing that guy the tattoo of the word "cunt".

The truth I thought the guy was a dip and was manipulated by the production team and virtually put on the spot. Apparently this make more interesting veiwing. Trying to tell someone you have more optiona and choice than this a hard sell and like pulling teeth for some individuals. Titan Media have found themselves an new science project in the name of Titus. I would have though a porn name Cornilius McFucking Fugly would have worked alot better than Titus. Surpassing Francois Sagat's scalp tattoo, which I think is pretty cool but tattooing his mug with some bullshit black in the form of a gladiator mask, black band gauntlets and wonk tit stars. It's very distracting where all I think is WHY? This calls for a paper bag fuck session cause i think the paper bag over his head would work and make him alot hotter. Maybe Buttwiper beer case box...mmm most definately the box. As Fracois tattoo actually compliments his head, and his back ground it's an ingenious way to comabt male pattern baldness and having to got to the babers for that all important fade, high and tight.

Here are some other gems people have decided to place on their skin.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Beware of dumb broads seeking money!

Today scalling the papers I came across a story that I found utter bullshit. At first I thought Wow, how could this happen. Then it it hit me. I think there must be some baby pee in the bath water. Once again this bitch has succumbed to Stupid Bitch Disease. This story makes tattoo artists look like predatory heartless money grabbers and really pissed me off. Meet Kimberley. only a plucky 18 year old wanting her face (yes) tattooed with three stars on her upper brow. She claims to have fallen asleep and that the tattoo artist took it upon him self and the liberty to tattoo her with count em 56 stars expanding to the whole left part of her face. Sure the guy has facial tattoos, but he claims she asked for this procedure and paid and was fully aware of what was going on. The fact that he tattooed her face is one thing, but for £55.00 quid. Fuck thats cheap for a face tattoo. You could get a beauty mole and that would cost you £65.00 here in my shop. Again we have a policy of face and necks, so home girl would have been met with a firm no and left.

Now she claims to have fallen asleep while he tattooed her face. I have had my temporal lobes tattooed and there is no way that ANYONE could fall asleep. Why? Cause the shit hurts like a motherfucker that's why. She said she awoke to a nightmare but this sounds like an alibi that she spoon fed her family to get out of this stupid decision. Three stars should only take twenty minutes at most to do... but this looks as it were stenciled on but I can't imagine this tattoo artist free hand them on and again there is the nerves to the face that would make this highly uncomfortable to sit through, let alone relax.

It's obvious that you have two fuck wits and that spells a recipe for disaster, cause the guy should have known better. But I find that the media are that gullible and naive to think that this chicks story sticks. Bitch should have tattooed "Dumb Bitch!" on her fore head, cause that is what she is. An 18 year old girl asking for a face tattoo WTF! The nerve of that fucking broad. If this happened to me in my shop I would have fired his ass, but I have a beef with certain tatttoo artists whom have this hooker mentality with out any kind of ethics to their work.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Money In the Banksy!

Living in London I have come to see and have a portion of my studio spray painted by the ever elusive Banksy. I once wrote him a angry email. (Using RED BOLD LETTERS) in which his rat painting involved him breaking my fucking smoke drain on the chimney stack of my building. Suffice to say i am now owner of a Banksy. But the ever elusive artist may me going above ground. Having been to several of his shows in delapetaded warehouses and railway arches, this is a first, and in his home town of Bristol. What is even more shocking is that this is the first with the local council approval and involvement with the mysterious artist. So Bansky Vs. Bristol Museum shows till August 3st. Feautring his stencils and animatronics. The thing I love about the museums here is that all the good ones are Free!

Camp Cock or Camp Rock?

I read newspapers to keep my feeble mind current with the going on and current events in the world today. And I came across a story where a school auditorium in New York (via New York Post), planned to entertain the kids with a dvd screening of Jonas Brothers Camp rock. What the kids got was a preview of a 45 second clip of a woman supposedly preforming a sex act while topless. Cue frenzied angry parents whom don't even kiss in front of their children and cluesless and blameless teachers who demand to find the culprit. The audience contained views as young as five to fith grade children, as teachers "frantically told the kids to cover their eyes and not lok at the explicit images. The hapless school prnciple says the media player was moved from his office before the screening, making accessible to all and sundry.

Now I am not for showing kids images that are intended for adults and feel porn has it's place in society. Porn and kids are like oil and water they don't mix. Children don't undestand it and I feel that that is a parents job to explain what's what, when old enough. To be fair a 45 second clip of some broad slapping her minge and what not, while jiggling her tits, is far less distressing than a 90 minute piece a shit featuring the Jonas Brothers. The parents are outraged, I would too, if the school showed my kid a film with the Jonas Brothers. Claims that the kids are upset, well perhaps the young ones, but fith graders? Hardly. As for the Dvd, it is now on a loop playing in the teachers lounge.

According to the Journal of Sociology, research found that 38% of boys and 2% of girls deliberately accessed porn on the net. Stating that two features mirrored the patterns of adults. Still I am sure this whole kafuffle will give the kids something to talk about in the school yard for the next couple of days. i was seven when my dad caught me watching his super 8 porno film in our rec room. He had it on a film projector propped on our pool table in the game room, I was simply told that wasn't for me and when I was old enough I could look at it, and that was that. I remember feeling scared when he caught me cause I hid under the pool table, yet he didn't shame me or tell me off. He just said no and didn't make a fuss about it. Which ito me is a little more healthier way than making porn more taboo. Kids always want to see or do what told not to, plain and simple.

When i was young I remember my parents taking me to the drive-in to see Fritz The Cat, although I enjoyed the cartoon, I do remember my mother covering my eyes and my struggling and wrestling her to see the cartoon. My moher was the family censor, at 14 I asked if I could go to a midnight showing of Tommy and she said "NO", I still went. Why cause she said the movie was about sex, drugs and rock music not pinball and was to young to watch it. Sex, drugs, rick music, pinnball I was fucking sold.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Place your Milk puns here

Oscar winning screen play writer Dustin Lance Black has cum up the latest in the throws of the ever present must have celebrity trend. The sex tape leaked photos scandal. What I find surprising is that this batch of photo's contained one of two men barebacking, and the condom police are all up in arms. I saw Milk and was unimpressed, uninspired and ultimately unentertained. But these shots did entertain me. Real or not.. Have a sneaky peak. Especially taboo for the practices of a guy born into a Mormon family, who decides to engage in practices from the slut side. So before the condom police get all Norma Rae and start fucking throwing rocks from their own glass houses, No one knows the real story here. Yes a picture is worth a thousand words and these speak shit loads. But only the real truth lies with the two whom are in the photo. And the truth rarely requires a thousand words. I have been at the center of a scandal with a national newspaper and other bloggers due to this celebrity craze and it's no fun to be judged when people don't have the whole story. These photos don't show me a guy behaving irresponsibly, but a guy whom has a healthy sex life and enjoying his youth and I leave it there. Why cause he is entitled to do what he fucking wants to, thats why. But I do like looking at people fucking. I wouldn't care if it were Rosanne Barr being spit roasted by Jabba The Hutt and Dick Cheney, yeah i would wanna see that. Like all car crashes you wanna take a peak if for only morbid curiousity. Enjoy, wonder if the guy got Milked!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

For instant ass kicking glamour!

Represent Bitches and step off my mother fucking patch! Home girl instructs all those seeking that must have glamour to those wanting to embrace their inner chola, or inner fat slut. Here's what you need.

1.) hyber morbid obesity ...Cause if you can't fight at least you can sit on them!
2.) a sharpie, mang I thought you knew!
3.) your inner fat bitch! See number one and some wet dog hair or at least a really bad perm.
4.) ability to speak spanglish, or use of bad grammer. Aye!
5.) Cheap make up any thing from the Woolies beauty bar will do.
6.) And the piece au resistance 666 Wet and Wild Lip Liner...
7.) Your piece, quete, rod, gun.

Madame Boozehound needs to take note! Who needs that natural look when this is all day make up is great for office, and evenings mad dogging with your 40 ounce out with your vato.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Since I read that the red hair gene is becoming more and more obsolete. I notice more red heads about. I think it's unfair that the red heads(gingers) are given a bum wrap. I had an ex whom was a natural red, and was fancied by most of my gay friends. So there you have it. I love red..

For A Love Of The Game...

It's a tough game and man's sport. No padding, no huge shoulder panels, or helmets. Full body contact. When I first say it I have to say I was speachless. because it was raw, primal and very aggresive game. Passion and fighting played the field and I was sold. Rubg by is a game I love and never actually get bored of watching. Aussie Rules is alot of fun to watch, but fuck me the dudes are hot, even the ones that have a face of a Babboon's ass. Hot! Still this game catures my attention and my crotch. Unlike American football these guys play hard and on sight the conviction the display to take some one down or attempt to is riviting. Yes, I like when the brawls break out and punches and headbutt's are doled out to the playes and referee's, but the physicality of it all.. I can smell it. Unlike Ultimate Fighting Championships.. any brawny shit kicker can choke hold a moron til he taps out, or grapple him and drop kick his ass. This is different.

It takes skill percision, stamina and a tactic usually reserved for military combat. Jesus just typing this and thinking about it makes my dick hard. But the contact and the tackle seem overtly erotic without the campness of a Liza Minelli show. I have played Rugby twice and I loved it. My position was a hooker, (smiles) where I was in center of the scrum and attemt to hook the ball with my cloven hooves. The last time was i was a loose head.. Becasue I am so damn competitive I tend to go over board and like in Rugbt I lost my shit and kicked up. Still I had fun. I don't wear my Rugby suit anymore. But I had one and wore it to a themed Rugby night at a bar. I tell you that suit along with my tattoos fucking worked on my favor. There is a mystique about Rugby that really gets most men I think. You have the field and the opposing team as obstacles. Like in life you win soe you loose some, and no matter how hard the son of a bitch takes you down, you get back up again. Carry on and not dwell on it, forward motion, onward ho. There is just a full on force to this game, one that can not be played half heartedly. My favorite is the mud, the sludge and the muck make an exciting watch. To me this is better than actaul porn in some senses, becasue it sparks my imagination into over drive. I once made a firend watch for twenty minutes the RAF forces playing rugby in the mud when we came upon them in the park.

Becasue the game is not overtly sexual and is devoid of the glitz of American Hyper Sports, it excells in testosterone. And that is where I am forever a fan and follower to this flock. Then ther are the thighs..... umm, I have to go................ but check this machine out! Damn!

Shit Stain Of The Month!

It's official, Adam Lambert is nothing more than a shit stain on the under wear of life. I ought to know I sniff em. This mother fucker lapping it up with that fucking retarded (sorry people with learning dissabilities) pose and lack luster interview. Nothing shocking, and apparently way cooler to wait for Rolling Stone to make your official debitante announcement. Yeah fucking right! It's no fucking suprise, Ray Charles can see that that mother fucker is as gay as pink suede, and he's dead and blind. Making cock eyes at Kris Allen's crotch. Pot smoking, fungul mushrooms and deep revelations at Burning Man, and the big finnish with Idol being the quickest way to be taken seriously. Hmm. In Hollywood the quickest way to be taken seriously, is to blow a fat line of coke off a record exec balls and let him seriously take you from behind.

There really anything that made me want to like the guy, ok, so I rarely like anybody and am hard to please. But I thought I would give the guy a chanve and hear him out. that's £4.00 quid and twnety minutes I wo'nt get back.
Lambert states that he's "an entertainer", annoyingly so. But if you ask me this all reeks of Clay Aiken ass fist juice. both will end up as theatre cronies. Not a bad gig but they are made for that. I don't see him really breaking any ground. If anything some poor kid will think it cool to over accessorise and wear eyeliner some where like Lincoln Nebraska, ahh bless. But if Lambert had balls he would shut his fucking trap and keep his ass in the air while he is upon the wave crest of 18 months of fame. And fuck as many has beens and famous people and wait a few years, then write his memoirs from his motel room. I am sure tweens and queers with musical taste of a six year old girl will buy his cd. But eventually, they too grow up sand the gays with six year old musical taste.

When I was a kid I read Cream, Circus and Rolling Stone, and moved onto Flipside and Fizz. When music was still fucking good, all before shit like this asshole. But as Rolling Stone pretends to be a rock n roll magazine, it is anything but a thinly veiled disguise for middle of the road, right wing white wash sentiment and drivel crap. Not Cool.

I am not a fan of Daughtry either., that guys music sounds like shit that Fire Fighters and Cops like as they hang out at Buck's Bar B Que Grill and Bar. Sensitive pony tail guy rock out music. I think guys want to see the liberation of Adam's dick rather than hear that shrill voice scream.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Food For The Soul!

i complain! I bitch, I moan and constantly grip about the injustice that seems prevelant in Mary Ol England. However, I can say that since living here I have become very acustomed to broadingin my palete. Yes, I can tell the difference between crap
Champagne, Cavier and Lumpfish Caviar, the difference between French Brioche and standard Brioche. So don't even get me started on Liqour and the Finest of the Brown Ales. Whiskey... The one grip and thing I miss most is Mexican food here in this country. Luckily I live two blocks from Ye Portobello Road and there are two Spanish Deli's that when I enter them I automatically go into cholo mode and start rolling my R's when ordering Chorizo Dulce Picante or whatever for fear that they might give me a diiferent cut ,even less customer service. Since I can make most of my favorite dishes it takes fucking time.

Since being with my Bren has come to love Mexican food. His Favorite, Chicken Mole.. and my recipe will go to my death bed. His Seconf fave that I make is Carnita's ala Cerdo de la fruta cĂ­trica. Now mexican cooking is similar to that of Indian cooking which I have become very fond of. That said Curry is the nations favorite here, Mexican would be a shoe in for a close second. But sadly not. True Mexican takes time effort and you have to stand at the stove with a watchful eye to make the best dishes.

Over the weekend we went to Wahacca in White City. Owned by Tomasina Meyers of 2005 master chef fame. Well it's a step above Taco Bell but not by much. The tortilla chips are rock hard and although supposed to be organic corn used I started to think this bitch must have added abit of concrete to the recipe cause the cut quite tough. The Salsa Verde is crap and bland. visions of my grandmother kicking her ass over this recipe would be a hardy welcome. The hot sauce is mild to behonest and the only real big shame is her gaucamole is weak, limp an bland. For all this woman's study of the street foods in the regions of Mexico, she left out the one vital ingredient to make this recipe work. The culture is missing from the food, no passion or fiestiness. No chile no tamales,nothing. I seemed to piss off two chefs at another Mexican Restuarant called Taqueria on Westborne Grove when I hand my dog a corn tortilla they had just made. She spit it out, as I countered, "My dog wont even it it, so what makes you think i would?" No real smell of home cooking and thats what kinda suck about Wahacca. Especially since the waiters mispronounce some of the dishes. Anytime some dippy posh broad thinks she's cutting edge with an accolade such as a Materchef credit to her belt, trying to make authentic mexican street food, well she's not. I don't care how many sangrita's I have downed with tequilla.. It's not the real deal. Most of thse whom grew up with hoe cooking can tell straight away true mexican food. As with curry houses you can smell the food from the kitchen. An element that Wahacca lacks.. I get the feeling this broad spent her time at resorts in Cancun and Azatlan and never really went near a taco stand let alone a ramshackle mexican restuarant. She gets an A for effort, and a C- for food.

Although Nineteen do some killer burrito's that remind me of the ones I used to by on Hollywood and Vermont at the Car Wash. Cheap and cheerfull. As Wahacca passes Mexican off more like tapas, Meztizzo in Camden do a far better job and a
familiar scent comes from the kitchen and fills the main dinning room. To me always a good sign and alot more intimate than Wahacca. So armed with my recipes & kitchen cullinary skills I head to the kitchen to make my guy a pretty impressive Mexican meal. I do love cooking for him. He'll have to wait for my corn tamales till christmas.... Those take a day to make.

Friday, 5 June 2009

MIlking It!

As the group show for Jason Atomic's currated show at Ressitance Gallery I scour my studio for supplies and inspiration and influence. I have to figure out what I want to say with this little doo dads. So I have concocted a theme of the Bruja (Bru-Ha) which means witch in spanish. So as I was coming over the net looking for reference for my studies. I came across a artists work whom made me stop and look. Named Milk based in Tucson Arizona I was impressed by the works she did. Her work is varied from painting to graphic illustration. BUt while her work did capture me my pieces will not reflect her work.

At present I am lawyered up ,(count em 3, Property, Civil and Immigration) and seeking intelectual property and copyright of some work I did, so to stop some assholes from trying top make money on work I have created. I can appreciate other peoples work without ripping someone off and trying to make a quick buck and claim it as my own. Yet there is a serene quality to Milks work that truly speaks for its' self. Check it out