Friday, 26 June 2009

Cloaked and Daggers

Living in London I have come across loads of them, woman in burka's and head scarves. My dog once was frightened of one once and made a woman scream when Joleene approached a little boy and proceeded to eat his potato crisps. There is a woman whom lives in the vacinity, whom rocks the look rather quite fetchingly. Accessorized to the hilt, she is gilded up in bracelets, bangles and beads and huge Ghetto Loop earings. She struts, she saunters, and it's apparent from the expression on her face she is devout, but has an identity all her own. President Sarkozy's view of the full burka as a oppressive instrunment foisted upon Muslim woman by their male counter parts, would like to see it banned in France. This has come to a point of huge debate and to say some very heated discussions. What England lacks is the seperation of church and state, and some think a God fearing nation.
But come on, it would do a world of good.

Personally I think that some Muslim woman look like sad passive aggresive woman. Now I say this because the universal expression on some of them, that I have witnessed first hand. In truth I do believe the religion is far to oppressive to its woman followers, but that is my own opinion. The problem I have with it is that it does pose significant prefrental treatment to some whom choose to use this item as a battery ram to get certain benefits. Now if I do not choose to believe in a god or any sort of spirituality and claim aethiest, by law I have no religous rights. Yet this Burka has helped shield a suspected male bomber flee the country when he wore one through a international airport. I believe in the federal and public sector, for security it is crucial that your face needs to be exposed. Muslim teachers could still carry out their duties in a public school, but to wear the full shroud is a little silly on my opinion when working in the public service.

This is not to say that I believe that they would be barred from wearing it in mosques and other places that they choose to worship. But in places like banks, air ports, federal and local court houses, even public schools identity is key for all, where I feel religion is irrelevant and has NO Place. I don't think this is racial discrimination, just a neccessity for a greater good. because I am not claiming that their relgion is being hampered. When others visit Muslim counrites and ask to wear the head scarf, most comply with consideration when visiting in sacred places or in public. I learned this when I was visiting Turkey 20 years ago. But here most woman refuse to adapt citing religious prejudice. They refuse to adapt or comply with certain centements here. And this just does not seem right and those whom raise the flag would appear to be bullying these woan and men of the muslim faith. How do explain that a Muslim woman must walk behind her partner when walking down the street. It's crazy. I can understand why some of these woman pull the faces they do. But agin not all Muslim women.

A 19 year old Bushra Noah sued a London hair salon, because she claimed her religous head scarf posed a problem and had her feelings hurt. Now looking at the hair salon it was obvious this was a oil and water situation. She sued winning £4000.
Bullshit, and to me this was totally furhter fanning the flames of an already heated debate. She deliberately went to a hair salon where it was visited by both male and female clients of, shall we say the more alternative lifestyle kind. Dying hair pink, blue and whatever, on both male and female she would only be allowed to do females hair. And as the owner claimed it was imparitive that the stylist hair and dress be indicative of the work produced in the shop, seemed reasonable. Apparently not. I once dealt with a situation where my piercer took one of the area rugs from reception down to the basement in the middile of perfomring a piercing. Following him I asked what was up. Two Muslim girls deciding to have the piercings said they had to chant before they had this done. Ok first the piercer was male... Strike ONE, Two... my shop is a business, not a mosque.. too which woman are not allowed in the main hall and chant else where. ....Strike Two. And lastly when I objected to this they claimed that "I" was preventing them to express their religious freedom and how dare "I". I kindly said, "Look bitches, you are free to worship what ever you want and like. However just because I am gay doesn't give me the right to blow my partner in your living room just because I want express my sexual orientation and freedom. STRIKE THREE! Plus I pointed out because this was a all male staff isn't it against, muslim rule to have adornments administered by a male other than your husband.
They said nothing. Put they got the piercings.

I wasn't trying to stop them from expression but this is a place of public service and I didn't know how long they were going to be down there chanting and seriously thought this was just not the place for that. So for me woman can rock the burka if they choose to however, I do feel in certain places that it has no bearing for the safety of all involved. Can you imagine having to deal with a a doctor dressed in full burka when addressing a terminally ill relative or partner. The face is most communicative in dealing with people and expression to others is just as crucial a verba exchange and to me that is just universal. I do think some Muslin worshipers whom are most willing to embrace the more westernized culture as here are Muslim gays, even had a roommate that was Muslim once. I found this, and I was quit pleased to know that there are Muslim hoochie momma's in the world. Halal ass, God Love them or should I say Allah love them.

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