Saturday, 13 June 2009

Place your Milk puns here

Oscar winning screen play writer Dustin Lance Black has cum up the latest in the throws of the ever present must have celebrity trend. The sex tape leaked photos scandal. What I find surprising is that this batch of photo's contained one of two men barebacking, and the condom police are all up in arms. I saw Milk and was unimpressed, uninspired and ultimately unentertained. But these shots did entertain me. Real or not.. Have a sneaky peak. Especially taboo for the practices of a guy born into a Mormon family, who decides to engage in practices from the slut side. So before the condom police get all Norma Rae and start fucking throwing rocks from their own glass houses, No one knows the real story here. Yes a picture is worth a thousand words and these speak shit loads. But only the real truth lies with the two whom are in the photo. And the truth rarely requires a thousand words. I have been at the center of a scandal with a national newspaper and other bloggers due to this celebrity craze and it's no fun to be judged when people don't have the whole story. These photos don't show me a guy behaving irresponsibly, but a guy whom has a healthy sex life and enjoying his youth and I leave it there. Why cause he is entitled to do what he fucking wants to, thats why. But I do like looking at people fucking. I wouldn't care if it were Rosanne Barr being spit roasted by Jabba The Hutt and Dick Cheney, yeah i would wanna see that. Like all car crashes you wanna take a peak if for only morbid curiousity. Enjoy, wonder if the guy got Milked!

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