Monday, 15 June 2009

Money In the Banksy!

Living in London I have come to see and have a portion of my studio spray painted by the ever elusive Banksy. I once wrote him a angry email. (Using RED BOLD LETTERS) in which his rat painting involved him breaking my fucking smoke drain on the chimney stack of my building. Suffice to say i am now owner of a Banksy. But the ever elusive artist may me going above ground. Having been to several of his shows in delapetaded warehouses and railway arches, this is a first, and in his home town of Bristol. What is even more shocking is that this is the first with the local council approval and involvement with the mysterious artist. So Bansky Vs. Bristol Museum shows till August 3st. Feautring his stencils and animatronics. The thing I love about the museums here is that all the good ones are Free!

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