Thursday, 11 June 2009

For instant ass kicking glamour!

Represent Bitches and step off my mother fucking patch! Home girl instructs all those seeking that must have glamour to those wanting to embrace their inner chola, or inner fat slut. Here's what you need.

1.) hyber morbid obesity ...Cause if you can't fight at least you can sit on them!
2.) a sharpie, mang I thought you knew!
3.) your inner fat bitch! See number one and some wet dog hair or at least a really bad perm.
4.) ability to speak spanglish, or use of bad grammer. Aye!
5.) Cheap make up any thing from the Woolies beauty bar will do.
6.) And the piece au resistance 666 Wet and Wild Lip Liner...
7.) Your piece, quete, rod, gun.

Madame Boozehound needs to take note! Who needs that natural look when this is all day make up is great for office, and evenings mad dogging with your 40 ounce out with your vato.

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