Saturday, 27 November 2010

In To Me See

The other day i was really at a lull and I smashed a phone in a fit of rage. Yes, it felt great to break something and vent my anger, but i was saddened by the fact that my therapist and I had a discussion where we were on the topic of intamcy. Apparently what i define as intamacy is differen than what some people would define it as. I actually fet dumb, but then I thought I have had intimate moments but I would not define that as true intimacy. To me people misconstrued intimacy and empathy as the same. like truth and honesty, all though similar they are very different. Parallel but with the capacity to cross over into each other from time to time, but I would not say that they are the same. I have had empathy and i have been intimate, but i have has sex with no strings and no attachment. I have loved someone without being in love with them and vise versa, yet I was so fucking riddled with guilt that I felt worthless and defective.

Down in a hole and I got drunk and had a time out. I had my ipod on and when I was thinking and clearing out my head I normally look out a black cab and stare out and watch the traffic go. Wednesday was that day. I broke down infront of Bren and confessed that I don't give myself enough credit when it comes to us. I am my own worst enemy. The funk is starting to lift and I have to have a word with that fucking therapist and set the bitch straight. Stay tuned!
So I decided to play these two songs in leiu of my wednesday, as they were relevent on the day and where my mind was. Enjoy

NIgg**H Please!

Here at Henry Hate Headquarters we have had a good throwdown in a while. I have been a little under the grey cloud trying to figure stuff out in my head. Yet it's the trhill of music that always gets me in a bettre mood. We haven't had any good wigs or double knit pant suits in a while. So I thought I would put this little crowd pleaser on as it always put me in a party mood. What better way to enjoy Ol' Dirty Bastard "Baby Got Yer Money" and the blaxploitation calssic Dolemite. Enjoy!

Friday, 26 November 2010

To Hell With Black Friday!

The world is full of crap, useless crap and the need to obtain. Bren always says that you should buy things for people that they can use and have an actual need for. No point in having something that will just collect dust and sit in a corner. I believe that to be true. Still today is Black Friday where people oll over the US by ungratefull children shit they don't need nor can truly afford. I think that Shopping for christmas should be about giving something to those you love and tell them so, all while eating loads of good food and get fat in front of the television. Not buy them an ugly ass Chia Pet and slipper socks. Shopocalypse is upon us and think that retailer even in this country are after the all mighty dollar/pound/yen/sheckle, to further pollute the landfills with smello perfume lotion kits and gift boxes.

Yes I know I am selling a goodie bag but I am semi eco-friendly and everything I am selling will last a lifetime abd id ultimately bio-degradable. I.E. you and your tattoo, well when you die it will be. So In a few days I will post what I would like for christmas, what I need for christmas, and finally what Slutty Henry would like to do at christmas, or as I like to call it, the Never Gonna Happen LIst! Occasionally I read others lists every year and it interesting to read with people want and what people need cause it is always a different list altogether. Or you can join the ranks of Buy Nothing Day here.

Brighton Tattoo Convention

Prick will be manning a booth this year at the Brighton Tattoo Convention, This will be our third time at the show and is always a success and a nice break from getting to be by the sea. I prefer Brighton Over London Tattoo Convention as it's easy going and more stuff for me to do. If you wish to book an appointment with myslef, Adam or Matteo please get in contact with us here at the shop. You can make a deposit payment through Paypal to secure a appointment otherwise it is first come first serve. Hope to see you there should be fun.

For the Pooks.

I keep in contact with most of my ex boyfirends and am particularly in contact from time to time to one ex, whom I always call Pooks. Adam is a food stylist who was recently pulled off a flight en route to a job when someone took issue with his knuckle tattoos. His nickname as a kid, "Atom Bomb" so que person with a mighty stick up their ass to complain and pull the poor guy off the flight. When I read his tweet, I asked him why he fly's delta as they are so shit to begin with. His choice. But I thought about it that even I find myself dressing down when I go through a airport, to avoid any extra attention to the already furry of paranoia that is so prevelant in the Air Industry. I have a fear of crashing do I need the added pressure of being mistaken as a terrorist. Now I can role with sexual terrorist, but a bomber. Please.

Adam is a lovely guy and am happy to say that I have kept him in my ring of people that i have known and loved. He is hardly the bombing type, But I have to say from what I remember his farts were always murder. I think people are to damn governed by terror and to virtually PC for their own good. I mean really knuckles. adam thought that if the person at hand had an issue they could have easlily splapped abd put them on another flight. Here's how I woudl have handled the situation.

Marks & Stencils!

There seems to be a furor over a painting that will go on display next week titled "Age Of Shiva", which is a meant to represent the question of faith during such such episodes as the 7/7 bomb attacks here in London. The painting was done by Mark Sinclair and chosen by renegade Bansky to exhibited during the Marks & Stencils. I really don't see what the fuss is all about, as the only people whom would take offense are those whom actually lost someone during the London bombings. A total of 57 people were killed in the attacks that affected the Edgeware Road and Kings Cross tube stations. The painting it's self is a representation of the number 30 bus with cherubs and a raphelite sky.

However sad the attacks were I don't see the painting itself being disrespectful to anyone in particular. The work is quit striking and the painting has acheived that. The works are on dipsay till December 22nd at 1 Berwick Street in Soho.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Rose Is Still A Rose, Stanks Rose!

England's scabbiest rose has had an epiphany. She has forsaken pressing her tits in all our faces to persue a career as a "Tattoo Artist". Along with you I will be betting the likely hood of her becoming a bonafide tattoo artist, as much as the likely hood of me doing the Yubangey Stomp in front of the Klu Klux Klan. Jodie Marsh has take to the telly (of course) to show just how serious she is about becoming a glorified tattoo artist. I mean it can't be that hard since they make Kat Von VD look like she can draw up a sleeve and tattoo it in virtually minutes. So watching these promo's of her supposed Tv Show, I was a number of things and alittle more than just annoyed.
A few things stiked me about this. this bitch has a few things against her and not counting her supposed FAME! I'll be kind and state that her age and her position are a big hurdle. Not Like say Madison whom worked in porn and actually became a tattoo artist in her own right, yet she had tattoos and peircing in her own right way before Janine Lindemulder started to become the porn tattoo momma du jour that she is today. Jodie's reluctance and her sense of entiitlement have to be her biggest problems. Her grasp and her ultimatelty willingness to virtually do anything for a foot in the door are not there. Her stance on needing to be taught reminds me of a certain whiney bitch whom no longer works for me.

Set in her ways, she lacks the ability to be mallable. Like said whiney bitch it comes at a time when they are presented with the worst fear factor life issues us all. Age and time. Thirty year old glamour models and fame hungry dj's boardering on Forty aren't exactly cracking Don P's while stashing their benji's at Coutts. If Ms. Marsh were actually serious about this she would keep her tits covered and yap closed and get on with what she is suypposedly so serious about? Like said whiney bitch, he always stated i needed to show him, stuff. A person who needs to do stuff is the person needing to want to learn. By placing their every living effort in trying to learn to tattoo and invest their time by gaining the trust of a mentor.

That's why I believe Ben will never be a great Tattoo artist, nor will Mrs. Fame Hungry"look how big my mutilated tits are" Marsh. These two bitches are two peas in a stank pod. First and formemost you need a bit of humility in your effort and appoach to tattooing. And starting at the bottom. and work your way up. I was reaked over the coals some days when I was an appentice and felt there were days where i did nothing right. I preservered and am standing here today, cause i truly wanted to be a tattoo artist. not some part time makeshift wannabe when it served to stroke my ego, Food for thought to those thinking of approaching a shop with regards to learing the art of tattooing. I am sure in a few years time Ben and Ms. Marsh will be out on the Hoe stroll on the very same corner. Yeah, the corner of Tired and Tacky! I have to go now my appointment is here. Touche!

Henry Hate Goodies!

Christmas is that time of year where someones house always burns down (sorry Kat Von VD) and the few people whom are over come with christmas cheer reach for the razor blade and quit a bitch faster than I can down a bottle of Peptol Bismol. People get depressed and sad and feel lonely, where as I start to feel a tingle from the inside of my chest and start doing something my face is never really used to, Crack a smile. So here at the shop to thank all those whom have supported me in the years here in the Mary Ol London I am selling Henry Hate Goodie Bags.

What that you say? These bags are more coveted than a crack whore holding a Oscar Party Goodie Bag. The include the Following.
* A Exclusive limited edition T-shirt
* 3 Henry Stickers in various prints
* 4 small badge pins to accentuate any wordwrobe or leather jacket.
* 1 Henry Hate Greeting Card
* 1 Tube of Bepanthen, for your future investement
* A Gift Certificate witha Value of £85.00 to be used for a tattoo
* A recyclable Carry Bag for all the crap

Wow! A steal, A bargain, going for a song. Areal treasure trove of love from this little hot head.
If you act now I will even throw in a Surprise Extra Half Hour, Yes a full 30 minutes with Me.. Now now
don't worry it's just a tattoo date that you can use toward your tattoo purchase.

Call the shop for more details Limited bags are left till the 30th of Decmber.

Now wat I am I selling this bag of love for, well at a value with the 30 extra minutes taking a whopping value of
£185 for just a few sheckle at the rock bottom price of £100.00 .

You Heard Right A measley £100.00 Quid so act now!
Thats more fun than a crack whore at a gangbang.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Moments That Shaped Me Number: 122

I was really young when I came to really start to appreciate art. I responded visually to things early on. It was at around the age of 14 obsessed with Andy Warhol and the whole Factory clique. It was the summer of 1982 when I ame across the book EDIE: An American Biography. This was when I was seduced into the world of art, sex drugs rock and roll. They all looked so fucking cool, the parties, the lifestyle seemed like a total unreal fantasy. They seemed to be people I could relate to, misfits doing their own thing. It was all there the music, the art it had every element that I wanted and was drawn to Dark sexy and really fucked up. It was only years later that I realized it wasn't as galmourous as I perceived it Still this is my lead into art and the cultivation that learning that music was an integral part to the visual. To a 14 year old kid from Orange County it seem all so very alluring. It was also the moment when I thought Orange County Sucked , the world was beckoning me to discover the places that I dreamed about. I wanted to be part of the action, i wanted to encountr what they did even if I knew it was fucked and oh so wrong. I would figure out my lesson when I made the mistake. Next stop,Hollywood!

Reading about Warhol bordered on hero worship, but my own ego wouldn't alow it to go to that level. The movement the spawned my interest in the Beat Generation writers it all had an effect on how I dressed and what I listened to. Warhol encompassed everything and the logic was intoxicating still I have a deep profound respect for ANdy Warhol and my parnter is mystified by my general knowledge of him. With the whole Warhol clique I learned that you could start a revolution of your own if you had a vision. Make my own rules and really find a path to create something that was all our own. For that I am thankful. If you don;t like it EAT ME!

The New Tattooed Dandy

I have tattooed a few fashion designers and although few have kicked me down duds to wear, yet I am not a huge of fashion perse as a coveted item. No I prefer style. I appreciate style because style trumps fashion but I de love a sharp dressed man! So I present three men whom have it down pat, They work in fashion and just so happen to have tattoos. The all share something in common. Beards, Tattoos, and Style. personifying true style that is to be acknowledged. They each have a sex appeal that is of a quiet magnitude that I think amplifies there style too. So "Hot" is the new black! So I say Ice Ice Baby!

First Up, my favorite Nick Wooster: of Needless Markup (whoops) Nieman Marcus Director Of Mens Fashion. Suave and sleeved.

Second, Reminds me of an ex whom now works at Barney's New York, Jewelry Designer Philip Crangi
Of the Philip Crangi Jewelry Line. Post Victorian Bead and an affinity for sparrows. Bring it!

And Finally but not least Head Of Fashion House Yves St. Laurent Designer Stefano Pilati

Speaking of beards it seems appropriate that I chose this for these guys I dedicate from the hot rocking ZZ TOP.. Crank this shit!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Man Enough To Be A Woman!

There seems to be the question of what is normal? Does anyone really know. Normal is defined by ones own definition of norm based on their own reality. So say crazy cat lady down the road whom is screaming to be the next house guest on Hoarders, her norm is different than mine. Her normality is to be surrounded by crap and 653 cats, ok, not so normal for me. In fact that is some crazy ass "fetch the Percacet and a straght jacket" shit, but again that is her life and she is snug as a smushed cat somewhere in her crazy 79 rugs. Gays have some problems with gender, especially some men. Calling themselves Androphillia's and that they only sleep with men, and don;t accept the gay role laid out before them. So that means a Kylie free, Madonna zero diet and no gay whistle or resplendid booty bump at the disco. That's kool, but dude you spend way to much fucking time thinking about that shit to realize at the end of the day, it doesn't fucking matter. Cause as long as you find a erect penis in your face (Granted Willingly), on your knees, someone is going to call you a faggot or a micing moe. Like it or not. It is the truth.

I read a story about a woman whom let her little boy go to scool dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo. I thought it was sweet cause in my mind she did the correct thing as a mother. She took on the supposed Christian Mothers ideals and turned the tables
on what is supposed to be normal. When in fact when I was a 6 year old boy I made my G.I. Joes hump all the time. I never wore a dress and didn't feel the need to but I was obssessed with some serious G.I. Joe action. But My brother used to put on my moms Carmen Miranda Costume and preform infront of me and make me laugh. My Brother loves perfumes, Vivienne Westwood, jewellery, heels and make up. I like guys, I haven't worn deoderant in 18 years, I love tattooing, whisky, leather and rock and roll.
Just because my brother loves the new fall line of the Spring Summer Collection Of Galliano, doesn't make him less of a man. Infact it gives him balls. SOme dudes are so hung up on hyper masculanity that they look like fucking caricatures. Stright men whom are comfortable with themselves have no qualms about putting a dress on. It doesn;t make them less masculine. Why cause they dont give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks. My Friends Brother Liability Eden can pull off wearing womens lingerie, and I don't doubt the dude loves pussy. Some gay dudes really pull out all the stops to try and emulate their straight idealised counterpart and look a fucking joke. So if a little boy wants to put on a dress and be creative, he shouldn't be stopped. Smae applies for a girl whom like rolling in the mud after a ball. These are their formative years. If you stand around thinking about what the fucking neighbours think and so desperately want to look like a back dancer of the fucking village people by all means dress like this moron below with the Nasty Pig tie.

Belo Liability Eden having some fun

A mother wrote a book about her rasiong a boy whom liked to dress as a princess and found it quite touching. There was no campness about the boy and infact didn't even seem gay. Yet she raised the child to flourish his creative side and it's anyones guess if he even may decide to retire his favorite yellow dress. I watched a documentary sometime ago about a woman whose little boy wanted to dress as Pocohantes from the Disney Cartoon and she vetoed that shit like a christian right wing senator. So come Halloween pageant day the little boy dressed as an indian chief proudly sttod before the student body and parents announcing that his costume was in fact Pocahontes, lovingly stroking his feather head dress as if were hair. My point being that a childs mind is far more progressive than an adults. Children aren;t fussed about the regulations placed upon them that supposed civilized grown ups place on people. Why, cause children see it as fun and imaginary. Remember that? Imaginary was something that your created out of thin air but you knew it was fake but you let go and had fun anyways doing.

Some of my closest friends are straight and they aren;t hung up on gender, and they roll with their inner campness from time to time without so much as a second thought. Some people worry way to much about what others think, and it;s none of their damn business. I believe you send out a far worse message to your child by saying he's defective by wanting to tap into his creativity. It might just be a phase, it may not but they'll have the love and support that is vital in nurturing relationships and have a better self worth. My myself I don't buy into the gaydom shit as I am not a retarded tween wanting to be Parasite Hilton"s BFF. I love my brother justthe way he is, so much so when a girl talked shit about him once to my I fuckingi snatched her wig off stamped on it and then proceeded to piss on it. My Brother will back this story up. She never talked shit again nor came near me for that matter. So to those mothers raising Daphne loving boys, and young Princess Boys. I salute you.

Plato once said if the world were mad at the right person, for the right reason, at the right time the world would be a better place. There are much bigger issues than kicking up a fuss because a girl wants to take another girl to her spring formal. Certainly subjects much more harrowing than a little boy wanting to bake cookies on Barbie Bake House Oven, like war, world hunger, Malaria. I do believe the world is to fucking PC for it's own good. It takes balls and courage to dress up and face an advesary, certainly for a 5 year old. Yet I think these mothers should certainly be commended for their own bravery. It;s hard enough rasing a child, it's even harder rasing a child when other adults try and micro manage your own efforts by what they percieve as normal. So I say Fuck THEM!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Punked By The BBC

I was played a practical joke a while back during the summer when I was asked to be interviewed by the BBC for a new chat show. Here is what happened. I was cool about it.

Doggy Chow!

It's a known fact that I think Rugby Players are hot, not just hot fucking Scorching hot. So hot I would elbow an elderly bitch to get at the front of the line. Joel Monahhan has been caught with is pants down and his dick in the peanut butter jar. This is someting that is kinda wrong on so many levels. I mean come on now. I am all for flying the freak flag sky high and getting your hoe stroll on, but with a dog. Really. I mean this is a kinda bad and I feel for the guy when getting his nut sack polished, but make sure your poor judgement if with a human being. It's obvious in the phot he's into the whole teabag dipped in peanut butter. I mean the guy is pretty rugged and hot> Jesus, if he wanted to have his balls licked he could have simply asked me. I would have been there with ESPN Pizza and beer. Fuck Twiiter. I mean anything to keep a party going.

I could never imagin doing this with my own dog or any dog for that matter. I will admit i have slept with a few fucking dogs in my days, but they were human and I too blamed alcohol. Yet would never alllow myself to be plastered on the internet let alon twitteer unless it was consenual and I wanted to really do it. And if I ever admitted to having my balls licked by a dog I would make sure that shit was taken to my death bed. BUt what really anoys me to no end is that I wanted to see Rugby cock. Where the peen I mean i feel cheated to say the least that the words of Rugby Playe, Sex Scandal and Sex act ever gave me hope of seeing some real fucking hot shit. But this left me a little flat, considering most of the sex acts with animals that are on the net.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Vincenzo's Leg

Meet Vincenzo, he's a italian hairdresser here in London hailing from Naples or should I say Napoli. His leg has been a while in the works and he's a pretty easy going guy whom asked me to do a japanese style on him and I am not known for japanese work but I thought why the hell not, and I gave it a go. We have one more session to go before he moves on to a Sleeve, which I am stoked about. Here's a pic pf the progress so far.

Monday, 1 November 2010


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Yeah, well not today! I came across this little butt nugget, when someome sent a email saying I neede to look at this. I was livid, and for all the right reasons. My former assistant is taking to tattooing at home and the photos show. He's pissed away a golden oppurtunity to learn a career but, he spends his nights in gay bars. So when I saw this low rent attempt to reproduce a tattoo i did on someone else, I was taken aback, but speachless I was not. It's not the issue of him choosing to copy something i did. It's the issue that there is no actual artistry and or any sort of pride in his own work. He was always saying he was a "professional graphic designer", yes I am smirking as I type this.

So he's attemptiing to do shit with virtually little and no consideration for his technical limits. That was the problem with Ben. Ben acts like a petualent brat whom has a sweet tooth. Is there is no accounting for taste? Probably not, as he find what I can only describe guys he finds attractive as fat hairy bags of water. Still there is the issue of cross contamination and technical points of learning bad habits. So Seeing this I am very embarressed and regret that I ever took a chance on him. Hand over heart, I wish I never met this piece of shit. He will learn no discipline nor any kind of pride in his work. If this sounds like I am sticking it to him between the eyes. I am pissed solely cause he was lazy, arrogant and fucking spoiled. Luckily that is not anything I have to deal with anymore. But my actual critique on the Benji's work, lack luster, wobbly, crooked, and downright uninspired and the big finish not very original. Yeah bitch, who's the artist now?

Yet the guy will still learn bad habits on limited education, and I really dislike that. Ben wants to work when Beb wants to. Not everyone can live Fat Lard Ass Land to the sound of drum and electro bass. I could let go him trying to poach certain clients with the intention of trying to finnish my work on them As fucking if, he should stick to what he does best play records and get drunk in bars. Yeah cause that is a sure shot to infamy. I should have taken it as a warning when he told me he was bank rolliing on tattooing Ian Mckellen. Seriously this bitch need to stop and get a fucking clue.

Sex For Sale!

As a little boy I used to think prostitutes were ultra glamourous, I mean after all they never dressed like my mother and they were always so shiny and sparkling all the fucking time. You have to remember this was ages before the crack whore come into the picture and bucked the bitch off her patch to a different block. Growing up and looking at window mannequins, I always found a similar resemblance to the hustlers and prossies of Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd. They were a lure into a fantasy. Stiff, Hard and Perfect. They both contained some element of danger and morbid fascination.there were always thee urban legends of certian deaths on the boulevards, and I imagined they were then transformed into some sort of mannequin. So I started looking at mannequins and taking there photos much to the chagrin of shop keepers who tend to shoo me away, but the results to me are worth it.

There is a uneasy silence and somewhat morbid glare as if corpse like. I have started to get a pretty impressive collection so far. As if these were real sex creatures hired to cater to your inner most fantasy.
So on my travels I have started taking pictures with everything to my iphone to my actual camera. Here is just a small sample of the ones I have I am considering selling them as photgraphic prints. in my store.
I took to naming the after supposed hooker names too. Enjoy.