Monday, 8 November 2010

Man Enough To Be A Woman!

There seems to be the question of what is normal? Does anyone really know. Normal is defined by ones own definition of norm based on their own reality. So say crazy cat lady down the road whom is screaming to be the next house guest on Hoarders, her norm is different than mine. Her normality is to be surrounded by crap and 653 cats, ok, not so normal for me. In fact that is some crazy ass "fetch the Percacet and a straght jacket" shit, but again that is her life and she is snug as a smushed cat somewhere in her crazy 79 rugs. Gays have some problems with gender, especially some men. Calling themselves Androphillia's and that they only sleep with men, and don;t accept the gay role laid out before them. So that means a Kylie free, Madonna zero diet and no gay whistle or resplendid booty bump at the disco. That's kool, but dude you spend way to much fucking time thinking about that shit to realize at the end of the day, it doesn't fucking matter. Cause as long as you find a erect penis in your face (Granted Willingly), on your knees, someone is going to call you a faggot or a micing moe. Like it or not. It is the truth.

I read a story about a woman whom let her little boy go to scool dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo. I thought it was sweet cause in my mind she did the correct thing as a mother. She took on the supposed Christian Mothers ideals and turned the tables
on what is supposed to be normal. When in fact when I was a 6 year old boy I made my G.I. Joes hump all the time. I never wore a dress and didn't feel the need to but I was obssessed with some serious G.I. Joe action. But My brother used to put on my moms Carmen Miranda Costume and preform infront of me and make me laugh. My Brother loves perfumes, Vivienne Westwood, jewellery, heels and make up. I like guys, I haven't worn deoderant in 18 years, I love tattooing, whisky, leather and rock and roll.
Just because my brother loves the new fall line of the Spring Summer Collection Of Galliano, doesn't make him less of a man. Infact it gives him balls. SOme dudes are so hung up on hyper masculanity that they look like fucking caricatures. Stright men whom are comfortable with themselves have no qualms about putting a dress on. It doesn;t make them less masculine. Why cause they dont give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks. My Friends Brother Liability Eden can pull off wearing womens lingerie, and I don't doubt the dude loves pussy. Some gay dudes really pull out all the stops to try and emulate their straight idealised counterpart and look a fucking joke. So if a little boy wants to put on a dress and be creative, he shouldn't be stopped. Smae applies for a girl whom like rolling in the mud after a ball. These are their formative years. If you stand around thinking about what the fucking neighbours think and so desperately want to look like a back dancer of the fucking village people by all means dress like this moron below with the Nasty Pig tie.

Belo Liability Eden having some fun

A mother wrote a book about her rasiong a boy whom liked to dress as a princess and found it quite touching. There was no campness about the boy and infact didn't even seem gay. Yet she raised the child to flourish his creative side and it's anyones guess if he even may decide to retire his favorite yellow dress. I watched a documentary sometime ago about a woman whose little boy wanted to dress as Pocohantes from the Disney Cartoon and she vetoed that shit like a christian right wing senator. So come Halloween pageant day the little boy dressed as an indian chief proudly sttod before the student body and parents announcing that his costume was in fact Pocahontes, lovingly stroking his feather head dress as if were hair. My point being that a childs mind is far more progressive than an adults. Children aren;t fussed about the regulations placed upon them that supposed civilized grown ups place on people. Why, cause children see it as fun and imaginary. Remember that? Imaginary was something that your created out of thin air but you knew it was fake but you let go and had fun anyways doing.

Some of my closest friends are straight and they aren;t hung up on gender, and they roll with their inner campness from time to time without so much as a second thought. Some people worry way to much about what others think, and it;s none of their damn business. I believe you send out a far worse message to your child by saying he's defective by wanting to tap into his creativity. It might just be a phase, it may not but they'll have the love and support that is vital in nurturing relationships and have a better self worth. My myself I don't buy into the gaydom shit as I am not a retarded tween wanting to be Parasite Hilton"s BFF. I love my brother justthe way he is, so much so when a girl talked shit about him once to my I fuckingi snatched her wig off stamped on it and then proceeded to piss on it. My Brother will back this story up. She never talked shit again nor came near me for that matter. So to those mothers raising Daphne loving boys, and young Princess Boys. I salute you.

Plato once said if the world were mad at the right person, for the right reason, at the right time the world would be a better place. There are much bigger issues than kicking up a fuss because a girl wants to take another girl to her spring formal. Certainly subjects much more harrowing than a little boy wanting to bake cookies on Barbie Bake House Oven, like war, world hunger, Malaria. I do believe the world is to fucking PC for it's own good. It takes balls and courage to dress up and face an advesary, certainly for a 5 year old. Yet I think these mothers should certainly be commended for their own bravery. It;s hard enough rasing a child, it's even harder rasing a child when other adults try and micro manage your own efforts by what they percieve as normal. So I say Fuck THEM!

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liability said...

a massively fine piece of sense,
(i also liked the fox in the pink bra)
top marks, gold stars & big ticks in red pen.

xxx Eden