Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Rose Is Still A Rose, Stanks Rose!

England's scabbiest rose has had an epiphany. She has forsaken pressing her tits in all our faces to persue a career as a "Tattoo Artist". Along with you I will be betting the likely hood of her becoming a bonafide tattoo artist, as much as the likely hood of me doing the Yubangey Stomp in front of the Klu Klux Klan. Jodie Marsh has take to the telly (of course) to show just how serious she is about becoming a glorified tattoo artist. I mean it can't be that hard since they make Kat Von VD look like she can draw up a sleeve and tattoo it in virtually minutes. So watching these promo's of her supposed Tv Show, I was a number of things and alittle more than just annoyed.
A few things stiked me about this. this bitch has a few things against her and not counting her supposed FAME! I'll be kind and state that her age and her position are a big hurdle. Not Like say Madison whom worked in porn and actually became a tattoo artist in her own right, yet she had tattoos and peircing in her own right way before Janine Lindemulder started to become the porn tattoo momma du jour that she is today. Jodie's reluctance and her sense of entiitlement have to be her biggest problems. Her grasp and her ultimatelty willingness to virtually do anything for a foot in the door are not there. Her stance on needing to be taught reminds me of a certain whiney bitch whom no longer works for me.

Set in her ways, she lacks the ability to be mallable. Like said whiney bitch it comes at a time when they are presented with the worst fear factor life issues us all. Age and time. Thirty year old glamour models and fame hungry dj's boardering on Forty aren't exactly cracking Don P's while stashing their benji's at Coutts. If Ms. Marsh were actually serious about this she would keep her tits covered and yap closed and get on with what she is suypposedly so serious about? Like said whiney bitch, he always stated i needed to show him, stuff. A person who needs to do stuff is the person needing to want to learn. By placing their every living effort in trying to learn to tattoo and invest their time by gaining the trust of a mentor.

That's why I believe Ben will never be a great Tattoo artist, nor will Mrs. Fame Hungry"look how big my mutilated tits are" Marsh. These two bitches are two peas in a stank pod. First and formemost you need a bit of humility in your effort and appoach to tattooing. And starting at the bottom. and work your way up. I was reaked over the coals some days when I was an appentice and felt there were days where i did nothing right. I preservered and am standing here today, cause i truly wanted to be a tattoo artist. not some part time makeshift wannabe when it served to stroke my ego, Food for thought to those thinking of approaching a shop with regards to learing the art of tattooing. I am sure in a few years time Ben and Ms. Marsh will be out on the Hoe stroll on the very same corner. Yeah, the corner of Tired and Tacky! I have to go now my appointment is here. Touche!

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