Friday, 26 November 2010

For the Pooks.

I keep in contact with most of my ex boyfirends and am particularly in contact from time to time to one ex, whom I always call Pooks. Adam is a food stylist who was recently pulled off a flight en route to a job when someone took issue with his knuckle tattoos. His nickname as a kid, "Atom Bomb" so que person with a mighty stick up their ass to complain and pull the poor guy off the flight. When I read his tweet, I asked him why he fly's delta as they are so shit to begin with. His choice. But I thought about it that even I find myself dressing down when I go through a airport, to avoid any extra attention to the already furry of paranoia that is so prevelant in the Air Industry. I have a fear of crashing do I need the added pressure of being mistaken as a terrorist. Now I can role with sexual terrorist, but a bomber. Please.

Adam is a lovely guy and am happy to say that I have kept him in my ring of people that i have known and loved. He is hardly the bombing type, But I have to say from what I remember his farts were always murder. I think people are to damn governed by terror and to virtually PC for their own good. I mean really knuckles. adam thought that if the person at hand had an issue they could have easlily splapped abd put them on another flight. Here's how I woudl have handled the situation.

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