Monday, 1 November 2010

Sex For Sale!

As a little boy I used to think prostitutes were ultra glamourous, I mean after all they never dressed like my mother and they were always so shiny and sparkling all the fucking time. You have to remember this was ages before the crack whore come into the picture and bucked the bitch off her patch to a different block. Growing up and looking at window mannequins, I always found a similar resemblance to the hustlers and prossies of Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd. They were a lure into a fantasy. Stiff, Hard and Perfect. They both contained some element of danger and morbid fascination.there were always thee urban legends of certian deaths on the boulevards, and I imagined they were then transformed into some sort of mannequin. So I started looking at mannequins and taking there photos much to the chagrin of shop keepers who tend to shoo me away, but the results to me are worth it.

There is a uneasy silence and somewhat morbid glare as if corpse like. I have started to get a pretty impressive collection so far. As if these were real sex creatures hired to cater to your inner most fantasy.
So on my travels I have started taking pictures with everything to my iphone to my actual camera. Here is just a small sample of the ones I have I am considering selling them as photgraphic prints. in my store.
I took to naming the after supposed hooker names too. Enjoy.

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