Friday, 5 November 2010

Doggy Chow!

It's a known fact that I think Rugby Players are hot, not just hot fucking Scorching hot. So hot I would elbow an elderly bitch to get at the front of the line. Joel Monahhan has been caught with is pants down and his dick in the peanut butter jar. This is someting that is kinda wrong on so many levels. I mean come on now. I am all for flying the freak flag sky high and getting your hoe stroll on, but with a dog. Really. I mean this is a kinda bad and I feel for the guy when getting his nut sack polished, but make sure your poor judgement if with a human being. It's obvious in the phot he's into the whole teabag dipped in peanut butter. I mean the guy is pretty rugged and hot> Jesus, if he wanted to have his balls licked he could have simply asked me. I would have been there with ESPN Pizza and beer. Fuck Twiiter. I mean anything to keep a party going.

I could never imagin doing this with my own dog or any dog for that matter. I will admit i have slept with a few fucking dogs in my days, but they were human and I too blamed alcohol. Yet would never alllow myself to be plastered on the internet let alon twitteer unless it was consenual and I wanted to really do it. And if I ever admitted to having my balls licked by a dog I would make sure that shit was taken to my death bed. BUt what really anoys me to no end is that I wanted to see Rugby cock. Where the peen I mean i feel cheated to say the least that the words of Rugby Playe, Sex Scandal and Sex act ever gave me hope of seeing some real fucking hot shit. But this left me a little flat, considering most of the sex acts with animals that are on the net.

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