Friday, 26 November 2010

To Hell With Black Friday!

The world is full of crap, useless crap and the need to obtain. Bren always says that you should buy things for people that they can use and have an actual need for. No point in having something that will just collect dust and sit in a corner. I believe that to be true. Still today is Black Friday where people oll over the US by ungratefull children shit they don't need nor can truly afford. I think that Shopping for christmas should be about giving something to those you love and tell them so, all while eating loads of good food and get fat in front of the television. Not buy them an ugly ass Chia Pet and slipper socks. Shopocalypse is upon us and think that retailer even in this country are after the all mighty dollar/pound/yen/sheckle, to further pollute the landfills with smello perfume lotion kits and gift boxes.

Yes I know I am selling a goodie bag but I am semi eco-friendly and everything I am selling will last a lifetime abd id ultimately bio-degradable. I.E. you and your tattoo, well when you die it will be. So In a few days I will post what I would like for christmas, what I need for christmas, and finally what Slutty Henry would like to do at christmas, or as I like to call it, the Never Gonna Happen LIst! Occasionally I read others lists every year and it interesting to read with people want and what people need cause it is always a different list altogether. Or you can join the ranks of Buy Nothing Day here.

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