Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Henry Hate Goodies!

Christmas is that time of year where someones house always burns down (sorry Kat Von VD) and the few people whom are over come with christmas cheer reach for the razor blade and quit a bitch faster than I can down a bottle of Peptol Bismol. People get depressed and sad and feel lonely, where as I start to feel a tingle from the inside of my chest and start doing something my face is never really used to, Crack a smile. So here at the shop to thank all those whom have supported me in the years here in the Mary Ol London I am selling Henry Hate Goodie Bags.

What that you say? These bags are more coveted than a crack whore holding a Oscar Party Goodie Bag. The include the Following.
* A Exclusive limited edition T-shirt
* 3 Henry Hate.com Stickers in various prints
* 4 small badge pins to accentuate any wordwrobe or leather jacket.
* 1 Henry Hate Greeting Card
* 1 Tube of Bepanthen, for your future investement
* A Gift Certificate witha Value of £85.00 to be used for a tattoo
* A recyclable Carry Bag for all the crap

Wow! A steal, A bargain, going for a song. Areal treasure trove of love from this little hot head.
If you act now I will even throw in a Surprise Extra Half Hour, Yes a full 30 minutes with Me.. Now now
don't worry it's just a tattoo date that you can use toward your tattoo purchase.

Call the shop for more details Limited bags are left till the 30th of Decmber.

Now wat I am I selling this bag of love for, well at a value with the 30 extra minutes taking a whopping value of
£185 for just a few sheckle at the rock bottom price of £100.00 .

You Heard Right A measley £100.00 Quid so act now!
Thats more fun than a crack whore at a gangbang.

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