Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The New Tattooed Dandy

I have tattooed a few fashion designers and although few have kicked me down duds to wear, yet I am not a huge of fashion perse as a coveted item. No I prefer style. I appreciate style because style trumps fashion but I de love a sharp dressed man! So I present three men whom have it down pat, They work in fashion and just so happen to have tattoos. The all share something in common. Beards, Tattoos, and Style. personifying true style that is to be acknowledged. They each have a sex appeal that is of a quiet magnitude that I think amplifies there style too. So "Hot" is the new black! So I say Ice Ice Baby!

First Up, my favorite Nick Wooster: of Needless Markup (whoops) Nieman Marcus Director Of Mens Fashion. Suave and sleeved.

Second, Reminds me of an ex whom now works at Barney's New York, Jewelry Designer Philip Crangi
Of the Philip Crangi Jewelry Line. Post Victorian Bead and an affinity for sparrows. Bring it!

And Finally but not least Head Of Fashion House Yves St. Laurent Designer Stefano Pilati

Speaking of beards it seems appropriate that I chose this for these guys I dedicate from the hot rocking ZZ TOP.. Crank this shit!

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