Monday, 1 November 2010


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Yeah, well not today! I came across this little butt nugget, when someome sent a email saying I neede to look at this. I was livid, and for all the right reasons. My former assistant is taking to tattooing at home and the photos show. He's pissed away a golden oppurtunity to learn a career but, he spends his nights in gay bars. So when I saw this low rent attempt to reproduce a tattoo i did on someone else, I was taken aback, but speachless I was not. It's not the issue of him choosing to copy something i did. It's the issue that there is no actual artistry and or any sort of pride in his own work. He was always saying he was a "professional graphic designer", yes I am smirking as I type this.

So he's attemptiing to do shit with virtually little and no consideration for his technical limits. That was the problem with Ben. Ben acts like a petualent brat whom has a sweet tooth. Is there is no accounting for taste? Probably not, as he find what I can only describe guys he finds attractive as fat hairy bags of water. Still there is the issue of cross contamination and technical points of learning bad habits. So Seeing this I am very embarressed and regret that I ever took a chance on him. Hand over heart, I wish I never met this piece of shit. He will learn no discipline nor any kind of pride in his work. If this sounds like I am sticking it to him between the eyes. I am pissed solely cause he was lazy, arrogant and fucking spoiled. Luckily that is not anything I have to deal with anymore. But my actual critique on the Benji's work, lack luster, wobbly, crooked, and downright uninspired and the big finish not very original. Yeah bitch, who's the artist now?

Yet the guy will still learn bad habits on limited education, and I really dislike that. Ben wants to work when Beb wants to. Not everyone can live Fat Lard Ass Land to the sound of drum and electro bass. I could let go him trying to poach certain clients with the intention of trying to finnish my work on them As fucking if, he should stick to what he does best play records and get drunk in bars. Yeah cause that is a sure shot to infamy. I should have taken it as a warning when he told me he was bank rolliing on tattooing Ian Mckellen. Seriously this bitch need to stop and get a fucking clue.

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