Saturday, 25 June 2011

Must You Suffer For Art?

Tracey Emin's Those Who Suffer for Love.

London is filled with Art Galleries some of the best in the world and I love that most are free. London encourages culture and believes that art should be viewed by most people to get them thinking and expose them to ideas through a visual. After all art galleries are the last vestige of salons where people talk about cultural ideas via works presented before them. I myself used to believe in the idea of the 'tortured artist' yet not so any more. I believe that utilising a visceral language to convey a idea or message does not take a rocket scientist, but to use it to great effect to get people thinking and stir up thoughts is a great thing. My professor in college said, "artists make the world a beautiful place. You are given a gift to make wonder." I do believe him be it in the creative forum covering books, music and crafted sculpture to art, and design.

That being said some artists are more apt and skilful than others. Yet with a new exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank I am left asking a question must we suffer for our art and if we do is it actually art? Is it easier to just label someone as a ill judged shit magnet. Yes Tracey Emin I am looking in your direction. Mrs. Emin was part of the burgoin Young British Artists of the mid 90's whom with the help of Charles Saatchi made media headlines with her behaviour and her labelling inadament objects art. This is a woman who has refered to her own rape as being 'Broken In", stated that she has had numerous abortions and doomed relationships with men and rumoured woman, etc etc. The there is the drinking and her typical sloppy drunk demeanoor served her ever present crooked smile. I do believe one she is an artist who has some good ideas but her life and her art have merged into one making her a tragic caricature of her own doing. I am left to ask does she seek this as a means to really create art or is it just a broken record stuck on the same track?

If I use Gilbert & George for instance, they remind me of the Pet Shop Boys, a few paintings look cool but then like the PSB the shit starts to sound the same. Tracey Emin's song is one of victim, tragedy and supposed superfulious self centeredness. Sterile, epmty and a body of work that really doesnt speak to me in volumes, but a self involved voice that is gin soaked and based on emotional stuntedness. Yeah I know I sound like a snob here but I am just basing my opinion on her work. I mean come on how and the fuck are you to respond to a woman putting a neon sign on a wall with the phrase " My Cunt Is Wet With Fear"? Now If I was in a satanic Texas whore house, sure i would have grounds for thought. My Neon Sign maker does Tracey's Neon signs as well, but I do not call my shop sign art.

When I first saw Emin's bed I thought eewe you rank bitch dirty chonies tren from left to right and she is this supposed world famous artist and she drinks absolute and chain smokes. Her life is been something of a marketing tool to which I say bravo as it has served her well, yet I do not find her work moving nor ground breaking. If her work evolved or truned a direction in which she conveyed growth I would take notice but that is still to be seen as she is continually askiing us for the answers as if she doesn;t know herself.

If you go to the 2;59 mark you can see a parody of Tracey in Beautiful People, which is very funny. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Tumbling Down

The say you should never give into peer presure.. So if you ask me if I would jump off a cliff cause everyone else was doing it I would first ask myself how are they jumping off a cliff and what options of protective gear am I allowed. So hell yeah I would probably do it. Yetas I take time out from applying deep heat to my aching muscled and grab my roid donut and pillow (cause I'm old) Myself and the shop now have Tumblr's. I am always amazed that kids can crasp this and I have a trouble dealing with my electric juicer.
The Shop Tumblr is all the little shinanigans that go in here and you can see what type of work that is going on here in progression. While my personal tumbler is a cheaper version of the blog. AND BASICALLY PEOPLE WERE TAKING MY ARTWORK AND POSTING IT ON THERE TUMBLR"S Wacky kids today.

Come join me

Bitch has got NO Game.

David who works here after me firiing his ass TWICE is back in the shop and showed me this little shit nugget. For my senses to be shocked, takes a hell of a lot and I will say I am fuckicng shocked and appaled. Here's whay. This bitch has the attitiude of a fucking PIMP. Yeah I said it nothing racist and certainly offensive yes. Cause he refers to the feild of tattooing a game. BNitch should be smacked like a 50 cent whore in church layte with the rent. To refer to your profession as a game and and you yourself are not actaully tattooed is nothing more than a cash cow. This bitch needs to step away from the bar-b-que pork and fucking recognize he will fool himself and others.

I wont know someone who is just trying to get by with honest intentioms but when you buy someone elses business your essentially buying their problems as well. Would I ever sell my shop. NO! Cause the name and Prick belong to me. Yet the videos here aren't great but he approach to the whole "game is lack luster and dumbed down.". Yeah I said it and will not appologize. Sure we have bad days and have down work we wish we could fixe but the owner's inflated bragging is hard to swallow let alone watch. I am sure some of the tattooists who work here may aspire to go onto better and greater work. Fingers crossed but the whole thing starts with the owner. Nuff said cause if you don't dedicate your life and body to the art craft you will not have shit to be proud of.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Life In Pictures.

Sometimes I take photos of random things and just let myself get absorbed in the images around me. I can't help it I am attracted to and look at weird and wonderful things. So I am always loose with a camera and snap away. Here are a few things I captured recently.
I had a swatch of hair growing out the back of my head that I wore like a china man and eventually thought I looked like I had a Merkin (a pubic wig) growing out the back of my head and I cut it off.

i thought this woman had Barney Rubbles feet from the Flintstone's

Shoreditch is filled with whacky hipsters who think they look cool and look about 30 years to late on the trend, That's my opinion and it stays. Put it this way it sucked then and I am almost sure it will suck now. Maybe even more so you can spare me the finding their self expression speech blah blah blah.

Pooch and Bren in Holland Park, she looks so proud.

Mini Cherry's

Morrocan Dinner along the Thames.

Life is a lot like chess

Time to Make Momma Pretty!

Momma's Pretty

Shock To The Heart and You're To Blame


My Current Mood!

This is pretty much it in a nut shell! Better Mother Fucking Recognize!

Michael Clark Rocks Hard!

I have been a fab of The Michael Clark Company for a few years and never thought I would enjoy the art form of modern dance. Mr Clark has chosen some serious tunes to work with. His previous work Come Gone Been utilising Bowie, Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop was music to my ears. Yet his latest preview of new work at the Tate Modern was something I could not miss. Front row centre I was there with the dance troupe gyrating to Bowie, Pulp and a moving and lovely piece provided by Funkadelic's 'Maggot Brain'. His troupe use all aspects of dance from ballet to simple mime stop motion. His basic approach is effective and once again the show stopper to Bowie's Jean Genie gets me every time. As this last show is a transitional piece I can not wait to see the finished work in its entirety.

Truly Faithfull!

A few weeks back I treated Bren to a night to the Barbican Hall to see Marianne Faithfull, whom he loves. Since I have been with Brennie pants I have come to love her music and her life is just awe inspiring and she has a tale or two to tell. She's been a Model, a Muse and Homeless Wreck and out Courtney Loved Courtney. She has lived an extraordinary life and her voice is the proof. Her whiskey soaked voice that was once the sweet chirp of a song bird is now that of a woman who's lived hard and in liquor, drugs and love. She did an amazing rendition of Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan's Gutter Twins All Misery/Flowers. Wayne Krammer of MC5 was at her side to play some of her best loved songs from Broken English which is her masterpiece.

Although she did not play my favourite song "Why'd Ya Do It", she played "Working Class Hero"
and "As Tears Go By" which Jagger and Keith wrote or as she put it "blah blah blah, yeah big deal". Her song she co wrote with Nick Cave 'There's A Ghost' Leaves an erie edge that works beautifully. You have to hand to her as she smoked through the whole set and did a Tom Waits cover she is even more astounding today than ever and earns the right to be called a legend in my book. The woman is very cool, understatedly so.

Monday, 6 June 2011


Recently I was contacted by designer Simon Preen to do a portrait of his boyfriend as a birthday gift. i posted phase one on my twitter account and somebody forwarded him the image and we hit a snag as I tapped into my artistic temperment when explaining my position. In fairness I appologoze to him as he got the fucking horns and theThe whip and the fire breathing dragon. I was on a drawing streak and nearing burn out when he along with a certain custome's friend decided to play art critic to unfinished work that they themselves were even having. Yet the end result was soemthing that his boyfriend loved and that was what I was aiming for. I am happy to say that the artwork is now hanging in their hall proudly.

I haven't drawn with a bic biro in ages since virtually a tennager as I was broke and thought I would give it ago. Your looking at Gouache. Biro and pencil on 11x15 450g watercolor paper. I may do more. and yep the cheque cleared. cha ching. If anyone is interested in having a portrait done please contact me through my website.
or email me at for proces and details.

Do's and Don't Mug Shot Hot or Not.

I will admit I am addicted to mug shots! I fucking dig them. there is something about looking at someone elses failure to make you feel better when your feeling a little in the dumps. Who needs Oprah when you have things like Florida's Criminal Database to make you feel a whole lot better. It's like a hug on a computer screen. Sometimes I weill sit with my assistant and look at them and decide wether they are hot or not. Yeah it's kinda sad while we do the Snog, Marry Date Rape Or Avoid. But there are moments when i resort to acting like a 13 year old kid with a permanent boner. I have always joked with clients that id they were to tattoo the word Hot Mess someone somewhere would be all over that shit harder than Tom Crusie going down at a glory hole at a whte Party Weekend. The Do's and Don'ts of Mug shots.

Ok I will say the sneer and the neck tattoos are pretty sexy..
Dunno bout the Emo Bieber sweep. Seing that his bail was at $750 i think his only crime here is being hot.
So I say Do. and Do hard,

Now If you gonna be bad ass and look like your about to cut a bitch you should do this by all means. Take your mugshot with actual blood on your clothing. Who knew that a self employed dancer could be so dangerous.Bitch looks crazed.

Don't cut a bitch unless all other resources have failed you.

Proof that Yeti/Sasquatch is out ther in the form of a hairy Rosie O'Donnel homegirl might want to up her dosage on the estrogen.
Don't and reach for a fucking razor or wax strip.


Some of you may know that I love love love my horror films. Frighteningly so, well at least to my former shrink who does not want to be in the same room with me without his supervisor present. Yeah like I'm going to bust out a chainsaw and start slicing the bitch. Anyhoo, I have been working with the fine writer and great friend Jimbo James Anthony over at Fuck Yeah Horror where i give my two cents and then some on my movie collection and opinions on the genre so dealy loved by many.

The site has gone through a reboot all while jimbo also doubles as a refferee to London'd Roller Derby. He's got alot on his plate and was impressed with the reboot and I am sure that there is plenty of ideas he's scoping out to give the site a grand push. Complete with pictures, previews and reviews from his stable staff writers including me, the site is still in ythe process of growing so make sure to check it out. as well as my review on Galaxy Of Terror and the notorius Maggot Rape Scene.

I do enjoy writing for him as he just lets me ramble and then edits what I put down for you all to enjoy. Plus that dude is always a blast to hang with and throw a few drinks back with. The can hold his own against me and that's really saying something.

Tsunami Benefit Pics.

The photos here were taken by Max Colson who takes some pretty impressive photos and whas kind enough to spend the day with us here and here are the results. all photos are teken by him so please do not reposit these as I have asked for permision first. I would like to say thank you from me and the staff here at Prick to the 16 genorous people who helped up raise £810.00 monday the 9th. We are greatfull as arethe people of Japan whom were effected by this horrible tragedy.

Box Codax

a while ago I was asked by the guys from Franz Ferdinand if I would help out Nick with his video shoot for his other band Box Codax.. My response was sure why the hell not. The single is I Wont Come Back and is available now. Although i forgot about this they came in to the studio the other day and gave me a heads up. So does this make me cool now? Not sure as I kinda dig the song where a mind reading cat controls a spazz of a dude as he walks around central London shaking a tail feather.

Colour Me Prick!

above is a entry from a handsome lil devil hailing from Ireland by the name of Brendan McCann, this guy offered to sleep with me to win and I just might take him up on his offer.

Great news people are still handing in their entries for the Prick Colour Contest and as promised I am uploading a few enrties. As this is a busy time of year here at Henry Hate Headquarters i thought it would be greatto hear your responses as to who should win so far. I haven't placed every one up yet but that would take all fucking day to do on top of the 960 gajillion other things I need to do. Beside scrutiny is so much more fun when your not under the microscope. So to get your creative juices flowing we have extended the contest to June 30th 2011 and will close at 7pm. Keep em coming.
It's amazing looking at some of the work presented and the creative minds out there.

Here we have a water colour on rag by some kid named David hailing all the way from Rome as in Italy.
I like the colour scheme and give him props for doing a hand wash.

Here we have John Bishop and his renition of blood thirsty cats. Computer generated and pretty cool. I really love the blood thirsty grin on this one. It's how I feel when I want to cut a bitch.

Next we have another Italian named Giovanni hailing here from London. he's gone all out and busted out the colour pencils.
Nice job. Sweet.

Is next we have Benedict Burns and his homage to textiles and is pretty cool twist of pop art and tattoos. I always believed that textiles make great designs for tattoos. I am impressed.

I leave with this entry from 23 year old Stewart O' Calaghan and his rendering of tattooed cats complete with hanya masks and wind bars. To me this is an homage to Sparks Kimono My House!