Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bitch has got NO Game.

David who works here after me firiing his ass TWICE is back in the shop and showed me this little shit nugget. For my senses to be shocked, takes a hell of a lot and I will say I am fuckicng shocked and appaled. Here's whay. This bitch has the attitiude of a fucking PIMP. Yeah I said it nothing racist and certainly offensive yes. Cause he refers to the feild of tattooing a game. BNitch should be smacked like a 50 cent whore in church layte with the rent. To refer to your profession as a game and and you yourself are not actaully tattooed is nothing more than a cash cow. This bitch needs to step away from the bar-b-que pork and fucking recognize he will fool himself and others.

I wont know someone who is just trying to get by with honest intentioms but when you buy someone elses business your essentially buying their problems as well. Would I ever sell my shop. NO! Cause the name and Prick belong to me. Yet the videos here aren't great but he approach to the whole "game is lack luster and dumbed down.". Yeah I said it and will not appologize. Sure we have bad days and have down work we wish we could fixe but the owner's inflated bragging is hard to swallow let alone watch. I am sure some of the tattooists who work here may aspire to go onto better and greater work. Fingers crossed but the whole thing starts with the owner. Nuff said cause if you don't dedicate your life and body to the art craft you will not have shit to be proud of.

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