Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Life In Pictures.

Sometimes I take photos of random things and just let myself get absorbed in the images around me. I can't help it I am attracted to and look at weird and wonderful things. So I am always loose with a camera and snap away. Here are a few things I captured recently.
I had a swatch of hair growing out the back of my head that I wore like a china man and eventually thought I looked like I had a Merkin (a pubic wig) growing out the back of my head and I cut it off.

i thought this woman had Barney Rubbles feet from the Flintstone's

Shoreditch is filled with whacky hipsters who think they look cool and look about 30 years to late on the trend, That's my opinion and it stays. Put it this way it sucked then and I am almost sure it will suck now. Maybe even more so you can spare me the finding their self expression speech blah blah blah.

Pooch and Bren in Holland Park, she looks so proud.

Mini Cherry's

Morrocan Dinner along the Thames.

Life is a lot like chess

Time to Make Momma Pretty!

Momma's Pretty

Shock To The Heart and You're To Blame


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