Monday, 6 June 2011


Recently I was contacted by designer Simon Preen to do a portrait of his boyfriend as a birthday gift. i posted phase one on my twitter account and somebody forwarded him the image and we hit a snag as I tapped into my artistic temperment when explaining my position. In fairness I appologoze to him as he got the fucking horns and theThe whip and the fire breathing dragon. I was on a drawing streak and nearing burn out when he along with a certain custome's friend decided to play art critic to unfinished work that they themselves were even having. Yet the end result was soemthing that his boyfriend loved and that was what I was aiming for. I am happy to say that the artwork is now hanging in their hall proudly.

I haven't drawn with a bic biro in ages since virtually a tennager as I was broke and thought I would give it ago. Your looking at Gouache. Biro and pencil on 11x15 450g watercolor paper. I may do more. and yep the cheque cleared. cha ching. If anyone is interested in having a portrait done please contact me through my website.
or email me at for proces and details.

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