Monday, 6 June 2011

Colour Me Prick!

above is a entry from a handsome lil devil hailing from Ireland by the name of Brendan McCann, this guy offered to sleep with me to win and I just might take him up on his offer.

Great news people are still handing in their entries for the Prick Colour Contest and as promised I am uploading a few enrties. As this is a busy time of year here at Henry Hate Headquarters i thought it would be greatto hear your responses as to who should win so far. I haven't placed every one up yet but that would take all fucking day to do on top of the 960 gajillion other things I need to do. Beside scrutiny is so much more fun when your not under the microscope. So to get your creative juices flowing we have extended the contest to June 30th 2011 and will close at 7pm. Keep em coming.
It's amazing looking at some of the work presented and the creative minds out there.

Here we have a water colour on rag by some kid named David hailing all the way from Rome as in Italy.
I like the colour scheme and give him props for doing a hand wash.

Here we have John Bishop and his renition of blood thirsty cats. Computer generated and pretty cool. I really love the blood thirsty grin on this one. It's how I feel when I want to cut a bitch.

Next we have another Italian named Giovanni hailing here from London. he's gone all out and busted out the colour pencils.
Nice job. Sweet.

Is next we have Benedict Burns and his homage to textiles and is pretty cool twist of pop art and tattoos. I always believed that textiles make great designs for tattoos. I am impressed.

I leave with this entry from 23 year old Stewart O' Calaghan and his rendering of tattooed cats complete with hanya masks and wind bars. To me this is an homage to Sparks Kimono My House!

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