Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Tumbling Down

The say you should never give into peer presure.. So if you ask me if I would jump off a cliff cause everyone else was doing it I would first ask myself how are they jumping off a cliff and what options of protective gear am I allowed. So hell yeah I would probably do it. Yetas I take time out from applying deep heat to my aching muscled and grab my roid donut and pillow (cause I'm old) Myself and the shop now have Tumblr's. I am always amazed that kids can crasp this and I have a trouble dealing with my electric juicer.
The Shop Tumblr is all the little shinanigans that go in here and you can see what type of work that is going on here in progression. While my personal tumbler is a cheaper version of the blog. AND BASICALLY PEOPLE WERE TAKING MY ARTWORK AND POSTING IT ON THERE TUMBLR"S Wacky kids today.

Come join me

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