Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ink Whore!

Copy Of Teen Angels Old issues are highly collectable and still have many of them that my dad gave me.

Slurs are dirty words and sometimes they tend to be embraced by the very people that they are supposed to target. I used the phrase of a ink whore to encompass many definitions across the board. I would use it to describe my ex-boyfriend Adam's boner for getting tattoo, which would lead to me being cut off from sex for at least a few hours. I would use it to describe girls witht he standard center split pin curls and the ever present red rose whom act like tattoo artists are just like designers, regardless if they were well known or not. The dude that just wants his full body done in a hurry. Or the Groupie whom fucks tattoo artists to get free work. I've met them all and I love the word.

So my new t-shirt design is being made as we speak and the cool dudes at Photo Fit whom do a few of my friends stuff do quality work. Long lasting durable and virtually have done all my stuff since I came to London in 1998. I am particular about t-shirts as I wear them till my pits are eaten away. and I love them even more. T-shirts are the new calling card for most people and it also gives people a small view into the fathoms of a person, simply by the shirt they wear. Not to mention it is great and free promotion.

So I did a Chicana peering through a keyhole inked and the slur Whore. This was done on the slight verge of Prison Peña Art. This is based on the chicano style of my uncles and cousins who've spent shit loads of time locked up and the art i grew up looking at. As my uncle Gilbert is locked away on the three strikes your out scheme.
He was always sending my dad stuff he drew and then there were the Teen Angels, to which I still own. There is a front design and there is a back design too. Stay tuned for the finished item. Bags will be done as well and will be purchased through the shop and or the digital online store. Keep an eye out.

Above is are standard linen handkerchiefs with bic biro pens that are sold sometimes in craft gatherings. Prisoners would make crafts in order to get money on their books in order to buy personal items from the prison canteen.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Every now and then I get asked to get involved with a group prokect and If it is up my alley I will jump at the chance. And recently
Jason Atomic kindly asked if I would be interested in joining in on the fun. Of course I accepted. Stripped is a group show that Jason is putting together at Orbital Comics in the West End. As I am gearing up for new stuff to present to both Art Republic and Pure Evil this would be a great chance to get a preview of works that are coming.

The Stripped Opening reception is on March 1st and is sure to gain a huge crowd and there will be a artist postcard lucky dip. conact Orbital Comics & Galllery for more info or drop Jason a lin on his blog.

Orbital is loacted at:
Orbital Comics
8 Great Newport Street
London WC2H 7JA

Monday, 9 January 2012

Brighton Tattoo Convention

At the moment I have been really busy with all sorts of stuff and I tend to cram all sorts of shit I need to do all at once. And I forgot to mention that I will be that Brighton Tattoo Convention this year. I have just two spaces available and if you would like to get some work from me by all means simply call the shop and I can arrange something for you. Or just swing by the booth and say hello. I am looking forward to it. See ya in church.

Climbing Mount Everett

Every so often I do tattoos that I truly want to do free of charge just to break up my game face and throw a spanner into my work schedule that will be a investment in the long run. So my Muse for this project was none other that Gentle Giant and truly nice guy Harley Everett. That dude makes me feel like a munchkin hit by a shrinking ray, as he is so tall. Well I act tall. A client had put him in contact with me and told him my plan and rather than stick any old thing on him he gave me brief. I went to the drawing table and tried to come up with a design that both he and I would love.

I am sure some of you have seen Harley in action and seen some of his films. He's developed a name for himself in the field of adult films, and most people get adult entertainers and performers all wrong. He is well spoken and a bit on the shy side, which is a relief. I was really taken aback by how free and honest he was in sharing his upbringing with me a testament to his true nature and character as a genuine person. So as you can see there will be a fair bit of wark to do on this project and I will keep you all posted on the progress as Harley stand around 6'4 and the design will virtually take his whole upper thigh to the knee.

We have started a 3 1/2 hours so far and have several sessions to go so stay tuned.

Songs Of the Moment

I have been listen to some music that I was never a real fan of first time around as Talking heads, Ok David Byrne used to annoy the shit out of me with all that Burning down the house crap. So I wrote them off. iIt wasnt till I watched a Midnight showing of Stop Making Sense that I got their sound. The Album Remain In Light that got me truly to the beauty of their music and the syncopation and composition. So I suggest you get to trying them on for size.


I listen to Spotify alot and I also pay for it's service as I think it's alot better than my Imatch. You can find my henry hate tag or my facebook id. But Girls On Top are a London garage band that are catchy, trashy and capture the essential sound of so many bands that I love. They also are very good at taking the piss out of themselves. They reminded me of a group we used to play with in early 2000 called The Dirty Byyrds While we were just Dirty Switches. It's defiantely one to place n your ipod or what ever. Crank it.